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Your love for Tomclay (and jamclom... and jamclay) gives me life. Thank you. Hope you feel better after today :)

listen!!! everyone in this band is so shippable, but those three are just…they’re so real. there’s so much. i’m so!!! i love them all so much, wow. I’m glad someone enjoys watching me flail over these nerds :D

and thank you!! i appreciate that. today was just a rough day and it was out of my realm of control, so i’m just gonna sit and be let myself be upset for a bit and hope things are different tomorrow. there’s not much else i can do, y’know?

(i’m publishing this so i can keep it in my love notes tags, but if you don’t want it published let me know?)

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Top 5 animals? Top 5 countries/place you want to visit? Top 5 celebs (excluding SK)? Top 5 movies? Top 5 songs at the moment? Hope that's not too much :P

Top 5 animals: 1. owls, 2. pandas, 3. cats, 4. monkeys, 5. bunnies ♥

Top 5 countries/places you want to visit: 1. UK, 2. USA, 3. Germany, 4. Netherlands, 5. Italy ♥

Top 5 celebs (excluding SK): 1. Demi Lovato, 2. Emblem3, 3. Ben Haenow, 4. Ella Henderson, 5. James Arthur ♥

Top 5 movies: 1. HP series, 2. THG trilogy, 3. What’s your number?, 4. The perks of being a wallflower, 5. if i stay ♥

Top 5 songs at the moment: 1. Ghost- Ella Henderson, 2. Sledgehammer- Fifth Harmony, 3. Don’t Know Her Name- Emblem3, 4. How to Save a Life (cover) - Kieran Eldridge, 5. Bang Bang- Jessie J.

That was amazing, thaaaank you for asking!!! :DDD


said: I am so nervous!! I hope I ll like them… anyways what matters is that he does but I’m still really scared.

I knooow like i have no idea what should we expect? is it something small or something big? all of them are on his arm or somewhere else??? i want to see them, graham!

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Top 5 contestants/acts on any singing shows? Top 5 celebrities (excluding SK and 5SoS boys)? Top 5 movies? Top 5 countries you want to visit? Was I supposed to only ask one? oops XD

Top 5 contestants (I’m purposely not saying Stereo Kicks because that’s obvious):

1 - Ella Henderson
2 - JLS
3 - Paul Potts (Britain’s Got Talent… amazing)
4 - Jahmene Douglas
5 - Leona Lewis

Top 5 celebs:

1 - River Phoenix (I know he’s dead but I love him)
2 - Taylor Swift
3 - Beyonce
4 - Audrey Hepburn
5 - Princess Diana

Top 5 movies:

1 - Stand By Me
2 - To Kill A Mockingbird
3 - Face/Off
4 - Dirty Dancing
5 - Scream

Top 5 countries I want to visit:

1 - Italy
2 - France
3 - America (Vegas to be specific… I’ve already been but I have family there so I want to go back!)
4 - Egypt
5 - Australia

that was fun ^_^