John Watson’s note to Sherlock at the end of The Six Thatchers is simply the word “Katherine”.

John Watson has always been a mirror for Jennifer Wilson, the lady in pink with the stillborn daughter from Episode one. They even both have daughters with the same initials. But Rachel was stillborn while Rosamund was not – or so we’re lead to believe. 

By now it’s probable some, if not most, of The Six Thatchers has been altered by Sherlock as an unreliable narrator – just how much and for what reasons are still being worked out. So I’m going to make another outrageous claim: Sherlock has been inserting John into scenes he was never in because John has been keeping his distance from Sherlock since the end of The Abominable Bride. Like Jennifer Wilson, John is being held captive by a dying killer under Moriarty’s sponsorship. He knows he is going to his death so he left his heart (phone) on the killer to lead the authorities directly to the crime scene. Mary has John on a leash and all John can do is follow along at this point (don’t worry, BAMF John is coming). John’s hand are tied as he waits for the next chess move he already knows is coming – Mary sacrificing herself “for love” and driving a wrench between the two men. Like Jennifer he’s in deep and must play along, in order to save more lives.  

Didn’t it feel weird seeing Sherlock on his phone solving cases during really important moments for the Watson family? Didn’t it feel weird knowing John’s flat grew a front door in the middle of nowhere? This is because Sherlock, who’s telling the story, has never been to John’s flat and this is how he envisions it. Also meaning Sherlock isn’t at the baby shower and working on his phone instead – it means he wasn’t invited in the first place. He’s at Baker Street solving those crimes, waiting by his phone for someone to invite him into the family. Work is the best antidote to sorrow, after all. 

But the Christening?? Nope. Sherlock wasn’t invited there either. He inserted himself as a third godparent. Wishful thinking. Sherlock didn’t even find out the baby’s name from John – Molly had to be the one to tell him. “Didn’t you get John’s text?” – No, Sherlock didn’t get John’s text. Because John didn’t text him. Sherlock deflected, saying he deletes John’s texts and any that start “Hi”, but we know Sherlock prefers to text and delete the ones Mycroft sends him. He doesn’t want Molly to know what’s actually happening: Sherlock is glued to that phone and John is ignoring him. John and Mary don’t sit at Baker Street while Sherlock ignores them to solve crimes on his phone – Hopkins and the other officer sit at Baker Street while Sherlock ignores them to reach out to the Watsons on the phone. Sherlock never meets Rosie in person, hence him having a photo on his phone. They sent it to him. “But Sherlock sees Rosie a bunch, that’s not possible! He probably just loves taking pictures of that baby!” Yeah. Okay. Very in character. Keep reading and hear me out.

Sherlock and John were not out solving crimes and ignoring Mary’s calls – John was driving Mary to the hospital and ignoring Sherlock’s calls. Sherlock imagines John is always with him, that has been happening in every episode so far, except in The Six Thatchers we see Sherlock doing this constantly. Sherlock tells John to come over, that Mary says it’s okay. But John doesn’t come, Sherlock imagines he does. Sherlock got a dumb balloon and left it in Baker Street the entire episode to make himself feel better. Sherlock imagines John compares life with a baby to life with Sherlock – messy, thankless, grueling. Probably why John doesn’t want to see him. The truth is John is not free

Sherlock, being snubbed by his best friend, reaches out in another way – through Mary. He texts her and they meet with Toby, Sherlock expecting John to be there too. But John is not there, John is with Rosie at home. Sherlock validates this by thinking to himself “She made John stay at home with the baby, that’s okay Mary is a better sleuth anyways”. Sherlock conjures John in his mind as a tagalong. John doesn’t go to Morocco either – Sherlock imagines him there when he tracks down Mary. John stays with Rosie. Sherlock even imagines John is tired of being with Mary romantically. This is probably because he thinks John is having an affair. You know what tipped him off even though he’s barely talked to John this whole episode? That text John sent to E – He sent it to Sherlock by mistake. The “I’m not free, it was nice getting to know you a little” which was more than likely the only thing he text that woman after the “hey” text was sent but Sherlock got the “break it off” text and he filled in the gaps erroneously. Sherlock’s the one texting him all the time, his name is at the top of John’s inbox. Simple mistake. But Sherlock thinks John’s a cheater because of this. He even has a reoccurring dream about it. Sherlock’s biggest fear: John Watson always finding pleasure in another woman and not him.

Sherlock does meet with John, though. At the aquarium. John hasn’t seen Sherlock in months, keep in mind. Sherlock imagines John shows up later than Mary because someone had to stay with the baby. No, no. John comes later because that was part of the plan – Mary’s plan that John had to accept. Mary is a dead woman walking, just like the bride in TAB. Also remember that John knew the bride was dying before Sherlock figured it out. And TST is all about premonition, the mirrors from TAB. John knows the plan and has to follow it. Mary is to die and John must blame Sherlock. The heart is to be burned out and John knows his part in all this. He knows he’s going to his death but will leave a clue at the end for Sherlock to solve the puzzle. Just like Jennifer Wilson. 

Here we are at the end of this theory. John is in deep, deeper than Sherlock could imagine. John knows how important it is to keep Sherlock from devastation, he knows how much it hurt going two years without a word to put his mind at ease. He knows the game is on and he’s playing his part well. But what about Rosie? What happens to her? John doesn’t have a baby in the books? And John doesn’t have a baby now. He never did. Like the bunny from Baskerville, Mary brought home a baby that wasn’t hers, to complete her game. And John could do nothing but wait, keeping Sherlock at arms length so he couldn’t deduce this too soon. John Watson’s baby was stillborn. Like Jennifer Wilson, that baby is the one word he sends to Sherlock to keep him informed. 



‘Juno’, Jason Reitman (2007)

Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.

So they named the baby Rosamund Mary

They gave the baby the name “Mary” even though they both know it’s a fake name stolen from a dead child. They gave the baby the initials RW, her dad’s being JW. Back in ASIP Jennifer Wilson’s stillborn daughter was Rachel Wilson. There’s nothing new under the sun.

“She knew she was going to her death” – JW planted the phone on the killer because she knew the authorities would catch him after her murder.

John Watson knew he was going to his death so he planted his **heart** on the killer because he knew the authorities would catch her after his relationship/marriage. (Hence the **Forgiveness** scene).

This show is all about completing the mirrors. No one get discouraged by anything you see. The world turns, nothing is ever new.


It didn’t fit very organically in the flow of the last post, but just as a general note on the “John didn’t really have an affair, his memory was just corrupted by TD 12” front…

When E complimented John on his eyes, he thanked her politely but also did an intentional-looking wedding ring flash.

Not that showing your wedding ring actually prevents an affair, of course, but within the framework of this show it is pretty much the direct opposite of what serial adulterer Jennifer Wilson did in A Study in Pink.

John was the man he wanted to be the whole time, he just doesn’t remember right now. 😭

"Four. There's been a fourth. Something's different this time."

“You know how they never leave a note? This one did.”

So the fourth suicide was different than all the rest. Jennifer Wilson, the unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. The amount of pink helped Sherlock realize the mistake. Her real-but-technically-never-alive daughter was Rachel Wilson.

Why do you think the Unaired Pilot had five serial suicides but when A Study in Pink came around they changed it to four? Faulty? Or we’ve been hacked and it’s a message.

Why did Gatiss and Moffat talk in 2011 about the emotional climax to Sherlock happening in series 4? Because this arc has been their plan from the beginning.

So what happened in the fourth series of Sherlock?

What’s different about this one?

John Watson, unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. His real-but-never-technically-alive daughter was Rosamund Watson. The amount of references to A Study in Pink helped the audience realize the mistake.

Once you start noticing the ASIP references, everything you see is Mind Palace.

THAT is the clue.


– Mary shooting Sherlock in The Roland Kerr college from ASIP
– Sherlock descending the steps to Moriarty’s cell were the same as the ones in Brixton in ASIP
– “You’ve been reading John’s blog, the story of how you met”
– “Alternatively” opening montage of TAB has ASIP references sprinkled out of order
– Holmes and Watson recreate their meeting in TAB
– Sherlock and John’s ending Montage in TFP being like Mycroft’s in ASIP when he says “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”
– “Perfectly sound analysis but i was hoping you’d go deeper” / “Too Deep, Sherlock, you’re in too deep” / “I shall have to go deep into myself” / “These are deep waters”
– Sherlock having flashbacks to ASIP in TLD
– Faith recreating Sherlock’s adventure in ASIP
– John rushing to save Sherlock from a serial killer at the last minute
– John’s cane
– John (re)starting Therapy

I’m sure there are many others I’m missing, so feel free to add more if you think of them.

TL;DR: Everything since Sherlock got shot is mind palace. The next piece of footage we get will shoot us back in time to series 3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from two men who also write for Doctor Who.


Female Guitarists

1st Picture (Clockwise) - Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Nancy Wilson (Heart), Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, Kim Deal (The Pixies, The Breeders) 

2nd Picture (Clockwise) - Orianthi, PJ Harvey, Lita Ford (The Runaways), Jennifer Batten, Annie Clark (St Vincent) 


“Our bodies break down, sometimes when we’re 90, sometimes before we’re even born, but it always happens and there’s never any dignity in it. I don’t care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass. It’s always ugly. Always. You can live with dignity, we can’t die with it.”

Im watching series 2 of The Brothers, which is very very good (except everyone keeps being awful to each other and I just want them to get along!). I was looking something up about the show and apparantly it was so popular in the Netherlands (where it was called The Hammonds) that the cast recorded a Christmas album (!) that was only ever released there, for reasons both business and, presumably, personal (I mean, if I were Derek Benfield I’d want this thing hushed up).

I’ve never been more excited to own something terrible (I am ordering this from discogs asap).

Bonus: Doctor Who fans, this features Colin Baker singing White Christmas (not to mention a duet of Good King Wenceslas with Pat O'Connell)


Yes, the literal infant.

Sherlock is John’s “baby” in BBC canon, First explicitly stated at the end of TSoT and then in the Stephen Colbert clip with John, Sherlock, and Greg about John being a daddy.

No. She will not shoot Sherlock in S4. She’s done that. Didn’t work. Sort of did. Mary will poison Sherlock this time, and stab John (dishonorably discharged Colonel Moran will stab 3 soldiers = Bainbridge, Sholto, Watson).

Psycho Mary shooting Sherlock is merely foreshadowing that she will shoot a literal infant, Rosamund Mary Watson.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be stillborn, since she is named after not 1 but 2 stillborn babies – the REAL Mary Morstan buried in Chiswick Cemetery since October 1972 and RW-Rachel Wilson, Jennifer Wilson’s stillborn daughter in ASiP.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be John’s biological daughter since Mary is cheating on her husband with her ex David and more likely with Charles Augustus Magnussen. “You should put that on a T-shirt.” Remember the 2 characters who love bullshitting John with this line.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be AGRA’s daughter at all, since Rosamund Marriott Watson = poetry, Rosamund Mary Watson = poetry, baby = poetry, poetry =/= truth, baby =/= truth.

But they will show us a baby in S4 regardless of parentage.

Mary will shoot this baby.

Mary bakes her own bread. A bread in the oven means a baby in the womb. But Psychopath will not shoot the bread while it is still inside the oven, but once it is outside.

Now you may argue that this means she’s going to shoot Baker Street, i.e., Sherlock or John or Mrs. Hudson. After all, she is the 4th assassin stalking them in TRF who had “moved within spitting distance of 221B” as Mycroft so eloquently put it. She has killed every single hit man who saved Sherlock’s life when he was on the run from Scotland Yard. She is also the sniper who had her laser sight on Sherlock.

But if she’s going to shoot into Baker Street, why did The Abominable Bride not target people or well, the street? What she specifically fired into – and it was zoomed in via cinematography – was the bread itself getting shot.

Excuse me? Did you say Murderer Monster Mary Morstan is NOT the Abominable Bride? Because that sure looks like a familiar wedding gown style and color. As if it reminds you of a wedding gown in TSoT.

Here is the Episode Title Card where Mary combines her assassin outfit in HLV where she kills Sherlock and her wedding gown.

I didn’t type in the title. The BBC really flashes and enlarges within 2 seconds the all caps title THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE right on Mary as Sherlock literally sheds light on her by drawing the curtain.

But “No!” you say. “Sherlock deduced that Mary is a guardian. Whatever she may have done, she would never hurt a child! Especially her own! Mothers always want the best for their child! No mother wants her child to come to harm! Women have a natural protective maternal instinct.”

Tell that to the Hansel & Gretel kids who were abducted, poisoned, starved, and psychologically hijacked when Mary AGRA Moran sent Sherlock this.

Tell that to the little kid who was blindfolded and sense-deprived and forced to count down to his own death in TGG fake Dutch painting scene.

Tell that to the children in the block of flats that were blown up when the blind old lady started describing Moriarty’s voice. Moriarty doesn’t get his hands dirty in both ACD and BBC. Mary AGRA Moran his personal dark John Watson is doing his dirty work.

Oh look another bread. Wonder who baked this, hmm… And since Mary is in her trademark red flaming coat, was lurking by the fireplace in TAB, Moriarty threatened to burn Sherlock, every single villain in the entire show using fire or explosives, wonder who sent Sherlock and John a “burnt to a crisp” gingerbread man.

All of them have said S4 will be much darker. Everyone will be pushed to their limits. If they’ve done abduction, poisoning, starvation, sense-deprivation, and traumatizing children in multiple instances; murdering another child off-screen Carl Powers; blowing up a blind old lady and the rest of the people in her block of flats; Magnussen blackmailing and licking a woman’s face on-screen, flicking his secretary’s face off-screen and forcing her to keep her eyes open, and sexually assaulting a drugged Sherlock in his hospital room; Janine tampering with a bullet-injured Sherlock’s morphine drip in his hospital room; Mary threatening a drugged Sherlock in his hospital room; Mary on the verge of laughing when she forced Sherlock to bend to pick up the coin because he’s still bleeding from the bullet wound she inflicted on him; Mary Morstan will not think twice of using that baby for leverage. Even if it is John’s daughter. Especially if it is John’s daughter.

She exists on the show purely to hurt Sherlock. She is not there to make heart eyes at John or win his love. She is aggressively asshole-y to John. She makes sure she gets to keep John because that is what would hurt Sherlock the most. She said so herself: She’s going to lose John but she will not let that happen. Gee, I wonder what lengths she will go to.