All Heart

Jennifer Korsen. 

Mandela by West Grand, Oakland, Ca

This slimetime piece by LA based Jennifer Korsen is on the same building as the heart at American Steel on Mandela in West Oakland. The 3rd piece she painted is just down the street from this. The Days of Wine and Roses mural by unknown artist has been on this wall since 2014.

She is known for her anatomically incorrect hearts. This is from an interview she did with LA Independent Creatives. “The Heart is a symbol of life and death, power and vulnerability. The heart is like the gatekeeper, it’s the first sign of life they look for when you are expecting, and it is the last sign of life they check for when you die. Your heart keeps working non-stop until you die, that’s amazing! We all have these electromagnetic fields stemming from the heart that communicate with everything that’s alive. The heartmath concepts are really interesting because they show how we are all connected and affect each other whether we intend to or not. I think a lot of this stuff is too complicated for us to be able to break down and understand, and we don’t have to, we are all alive and sharing space, and having really individual experiences all at the same time. We all have hearts that power us; it makes sense that some kind of unconscious communication is happening there.That is totally something worth making art about.”