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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 7

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Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: First day of school! So excited! Too much excited. I forgot my mission. I change the future again.

Word count: 2632

In the end I was so stressed, I didn’t close my eyes for the rest of the night. I didn’t want to fall asleep and make a nightmare again, and the excitement of going to school the next day kept my eyes wide open until morning. And it was Scott who knocked at my door to tell me I had to get ready, all while giving me an empty school bag.

“You’ll have to go to the director’s office, he’ll give you your schedule and also the textbooks you’ll need. The sheriff made it with the school management to have the same schedule as me. ”

I nodded as I ran my hand through my hair. I needed a good shower.

When I was washed, dressed, and combed as best I could, I put my bandage on my ankle and the splint on my hand before taking my crutch and heading for the stairs. Scott was waiting for me downstairs, a shy smile on the corners of his lips. He also had my school bag in one hand, and in the other he was holding a motorcycle helmet.

I stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Do we have to go by motorcycle?” I asked him, already knowing the answer.

“My mother is still at work, she had several emergencies. It’s not as bad as it looks,” he tried to reassure me. Then I remembered the reason why Melissa was still at work in episode 1 of season 3. The motorcycle accident with Isaac and Braeden, pursued by the twins. I hesitated. Should I tell him? But I was going to suffer if I spoke and if he rushed to the hospital, the future would change again. And then I remembered that in any case he would go there later in the day. I had to let this happen. So I went downstairs and took the helmet from Scott’s hands.

“How do we do for my crutches?”

In the end, the motorcycle ride wasn’t that bad. Scott had tied my crutches to the back and I had been able to take advantage of the position to hold him by the waist. Riding a motorcycle behind Scott Mccall. Little fantasy of many fans.

I tried all the way to recognize my surrounding, but the streets and houses I saw didn’t remind me anything. It was true that we didn’t really see the roads in the show. Finally, after a few minutes, I recognized the school and my heart rate accelerated. The facade, the many students who smiled and walked to their future. Everything was so unreal, I was like in a dream. I forgot my responsibilities and my mission so much I was amazed.

Finally Scott parked his bike in the parking lot and I pulled out my helmet looking around. Yellow buses, school, students. Then, aside from us, I saw two black motorcycles, which made me lose my smile.

Twin’s bikes. Problems.

In front of me I also saw the smile of Scott fall. He was so proud of his motorcycle, so seeing these engines before him, he was probably thinking his vehicle looked ridiculous.

“I prefer your bike,” I said shyly in order to cheer him up.

“Thank you …” He mumbled, smiling, then went down and helped me do the same. Then he gave me my crutches and headed for the school.

“I have to meet Stiles in front of our lockers,” Scott started, which made me stick to the sound of the name of my favorite character. Scott continued to move forward and noticed that I wasn’t following him. He turned around and my heart accelerated automatically.

“Something’s wrong?” He asked me worried as he put a gentle hand on my shoulder. I couldn’t tell him that the idea of ​​meeting Stiles was the reason of my nervousness!

“N-no, everything’s fine,” I lied even though I knew he would notice it. I had to find an excuse. A reason. I wasn’t ready to meet Stiles, not yet! It was one of my fantasies, a dream, I dreamed of it literally, I had a ton of images of him in my cell phone (which I still wanted to recover).

“I’ll go to the director’s office right away. See you in class?” I stammered quickly before taking my bag from his hands and putting it on my shoulder. Then I walked as fast as I could with my crutches toward the school, lowering my head, hoping not to meet anyone known. My heart was beating so fast and my head turning as a hundred pace. I no longer looked where I was going, so of course I rushed into something brutally. Or was it was the thing that rushed into me? Anyway, I fell on the ground shouting in surprise and pain at the same time. I had fallen on my wounded hand.

"Oh god, I’m sorry I didn’t see you, I’m so sorry! I’m very clumsy, are you okay?”

This voice.

Did I really have to fall on him the moment I ran away?

I froze automatically as I heard him picking up his things clumsily. He helped me get up and I let myself go, still paralyzed, eyes wide open and probably drool on the chin. I didn’t dare look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. His hands were on me. His big hands I had always found beautiful. His smell was around me as he was right beside me. An indescribable mixture that made my head spun. He handed me my crutches, which I took a moment to grab, my head still lowered to look at the floor. I mustn’t look at him.

“Hey, are you okay?” He snapped his fingers in front of my face and for a split second I looked up at him. Only a fraction of a second, but I saw his face.

His honey brown eyes. His hair now longer than in the previous season. His moles. His lips. His eyebrows. Perfect perfection.

My heart was about to explode.

“Y / N! I saw you fall, are you all right? ”

Scott was running towards us. Now that I had seen his face, my eyes didn’t want to detach from Stiles. He was so beautiful and real, so good, precious, heroic, altruistic, intelligent. I still couldn’t move.

“You know her? She’s frozen like that since we’ve ran in each other. ”

“Y / N?” Scott said softly, putting his hand on my arm, which made me get out of my torpor.

"Ahhhh !! You’ve seen the time!” I shouted leaving as fast as I could from the two boys. They really had to find me weird. I was stupid. Dumb. What had taken me? Pull yourself back together, Y / N!

I wasn’t very far from them when I heard Stiles speak. And when Stiles speaks, I always listen.

"Who is it? ”

“It’s … my sister-in-law … she’s amnesic,” Scott replied, which made me stop again in the middle of the hallway under the curious glances of the students.

“Seriously, didn’t find better?” I mumbled before remembering that Scott could still hear me. Shit. I went back to the director’s office without further delay.

I was just outside the door when I saw two sheets on the bulletin board that stopped me again. Notices of research for missing person.

For Boyd and Erica.

Sadness invaded my heart. I was so excited by school, the new world. Stiles. I had forgotten my mission. I had to save everyone, but unfortunately it was too late for Erica. She was already dead. Tears rose to my eyes and I had to lean against the wall for a moment to catch my breath. It was real, the world and the characters, and it also meant that the pain and the dead were so. That suffering would stay if I couldn’t save the victims. Once my breathing calmed down, I entered the director office, whom held a long sword in his hands, a surprised, intrigued but also totally outdated expression on the face.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is that?” He asked another man who shrugged his shoulder as an answer. Then he saw me and hurried to hide Gerard’s sword.

“What can I do for you, miss?”

The time it took to sign papers again, receive my schedule and my textbooks made me 20 minutes late in my first class. The director insisted on coming with me to guide me but I politely refused his offer and went off in search of my class. I found it in the end and hesitated a moment before knocking at the door that was facing me. Was I ready to go inside? Starting my new life as a high school student?

I had no choice. The teacher came to open me, a radiant smile on her face.

But for my part, I froze, stopping to breathe, eyes widened by fright.

“You must be Y / N, we were waiting for you. ”

I couldn’t move. She was there. I have forgotten about her.

Jennifer Blake.

The Darrach.

She noticed my frightened look and advanced towards me, placing a delicate hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid, I am aware of your situation and I promise you that I will be there to help and guide you throughout this hard moment you’re living.”

And I’ll be there to stop you from killing, I thought forcing a smile.

Her sweet and gentle appearance hid the snake sleeping in her. Jennifer Blake. Anger and determination took the place of fear and I limped back with my crutches to face the class.

“Here’s Y / N,” Jennifer began. “Be welcoming with her.”

Among the thirty peers of eyes that scanned me I recognized only three who succeeded in restoring me the stress of this morning.

Stiles, Lydia and Allison.

But I couldn’t see Scott.

“You can take the seat behind Allison, Scott just left, he had an emergency,” said the teacher. I nodded, avoiding crossing Stiles’ gaze and sat behind Allison, who raised her head to me when I sat, my crutches beside me. Allison turned to give me a comforting smile. She wanted to help me, thinking that I was probably very lonely because Scott wasn’t there and that he probably told the whole pack that I was his amnesic half-sister or something. Whatever the reason, I appreciated Allison’s attention. She was very nice and kind.

“Hey, Scott’s half-sister!” A voice murmured to my left. I lowered my head as I felt the red rising to my cheeks. Stiles remembered me. Obviously … I had made the worst first impression in the world. He would remember me as the strange and amnesic half-sister of his best friend.

“I didn’t know Scott had a half-sister.”

That was Lydia’s voice sitting on Stiles’ left. But I didn’t dare look up at her, I was already very intimidated by the number of characters I met simultaneously.

The class continued as usual, as if I had never been there, but I wasn’t listening. We had to read some book I didn’t know about, but I couldn’t concentrate. I knew that Stiles was just beside me and a burning urge to look at him was stinging my stomach since I entered the classroom. I could not think of anything else.

“Hey, Lydia, What is that?” Stiles whispered next to me. I tensed up immediately and listen to their conversation.

“Prada bit me.”

“Your dog?” “

"No, my designer handbag. Yes, my dog. ”

“You should not keep it if it gets aggressive.”

“Prada never bit me before.”

“There’s a beginning for everything. ”

I began to panic. It wasn’t the discussion they were supposed to have. They should have talked about the accident with the deer, the correlations, never two without three. But they hadn’t had the accident. And after this discussion, after…

My heart missed a beat as I turned to the window and got up my seat.

“Y / N, sit down please, the class is not over,” Jennifer told me.

“Boom,” I said, and two seconds later a crow crashed into the window, startling everyone.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through my body as Jennifer walked over to the window, too absorbed by the phenomenon (caused by her, FYI), to tell the students to run.

“Everybody out! Get out of class now!” I shouted as I pointed the door. "They’re coming, everybody out!” I repeated, but nobody moved. Everyone was frozen by the black cloud that was flying towards the classroom.

“Damn, move!” I repeated again, hearing some students stand up. "Now! ”

Other birds darkened towards the windows when the students finally rushed to the door. Many succeeded in going out, but not everyone.

Then a crow broke the window and everything happened very quickly.

I grabbed Stiles by the shirt, which was near Lydia to protect her and pushed them to the door without saying anything. I did the same with other students who managed to get out of class. The rest of them were hiding under the desks, and I had a little satisfaction when I saw Jennifer being attacked by the black birds. I looked at the door frame to see Lydia and Allison safe. New feeling of satisfaction. But this feeling soon came down when I noticed that Stiles was no longer with them.

However, I was in the middle of the class, uncovered. Soon the crows melted towards me and I was attacked by dozens of mad birds that grafted and lacerated my skin. I fell to the ground trying to protect myself as best I could and felt a weight against me, someone protecting me with his body, but I couldn’t see who it was.

After long minutes of anxiety and fear, silence fell into the classroom. A grim silence where the hidden students came out from under the desk and where those who had left the class came in to observe the mess. The person on me drew back and I finally knew his identity.


“You’re okay?” He asked me, blood flowing on his forehead. I gave him a blow on his arm, feeling the red rise to my cheeks, and he looked at me without understanding.

"You were supposed to go out with the others!” I shouted after him, frustrated, the adrenaline still running my body at a crazy speed. I had done everything to protect them, protect Stiles. And I hadn’t even succeeded in completing this simple task.

He helped me get up and I lost myself again in his amber-colored eyes.

"How did you know what was going to happen …” He asked me, now suspicious.

I opened my mouth to respond when I felt an icy and shivering breeze passed in my back and a voice whispering in my ear as if it were behind me. But I knew that even if I turned to check, there would be no one.

“You shouldn’t have.”

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“You’ll regret it later.”

No, I didn’t say anything! I had said nothing, I hadn’t spoken!

“But you did something.”

“You changed the future.”

“It’s now too late for you.”

“Y / N? Hey, why are you crying? ”

I shook my head as I returned to reality. I hadn’t noticed that I had begun to cry and wiped the tears on my cheeks.

“I didn’t want to blame you …” Stiles apologized, holding out a hesitant hand toward me, thinking it was his fault I was crying.

I sat on the nearest chair and put my head in my hands. I had changed the future, again, and the voice’s words weren’t reassuring at all.

It was too late for me.

In the next chapter : Scott is at the hospital to save Isaac from one of the member of the Alpha Pack. But I know someone at school that needs to be saved as well. However, I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that I’m stuck with Stiles. 

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I wasn’t supposed to end up like one of those depressed girls you see in the movies. You know, the ones who sit around staring out windows silently as the months pass by? I never knew it was even possible to feel that…empty. But now that she’s gone, I kind of understand that feeling. It’s like I’m missing something. Like the world which she made so colorful is’s just black and white now and I don’t know what to do.