jennifer wagstaffe


Headscarf and jewellery for Meg’s Don Juan “gypsy” costume 

Sometimes the headscarf is put on a cap like fundament, and the cap is pinned to the wig. Other times they tie a headscarf directly on the head. It’s usually decorated with gold coins, and typical shades are red or blue, or a mix.

It depends a lot what Meg wears of jewellery. Typical elements are large earrings and necklace, but all Megs doesn’t necessairy wear both. Sometimes they don’t wear any jewellery at all. But the coin theme is often repeated.


From design to costume: decorations on Meg’s Masquerade jacket

This justaucorps like jacket has strong 18th century vibes. With the little veiled tophat it gives further vibes to a riding or hunting outfit of the past. The jacket is closed over a corseted “vest”, and has a small apron drape in front. The sleeves has rich pleated back cuffs and lace engageants, and to contrast the pink, white and black there’s ornamental gold decoration throughout. The gold is usually echoed in the boots and Meg’s blonde wig (though not always).

Here’s a closeup of the design plus some interpretations of it in stage costumes from around the world:

  1. Cat Lane, World Tour,
  2. Heather McFadden, Broadway,
  3. Paloma Garcia Lee, US Tour,
  4. Emma Casey, Essen,
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s design (closeup),
  6. Janet Devenish, West End,
  7. Jennifer Wagstaffe, Copenhagen,
  8. Valeria Migalina, Moscow,
  9. Nicole Cato, West End.

Various jewelry and headgarbs for Meg’s Don Juan “Gypsy Girl” costume:

1. Layla Harrison, West End,
2. Paloma Garcia Lee, US tour,
3. Karin Seyfried, Vienna,
4. Candela Zapata, Buenos Aires,
5. Brianne Kelly Morgan, Los Angeles,
6. Eleanor Waite, World Tour,
7. Sabrina Harper, Hamburg,
8. Hinako Sakuraoka, Hamburg,
9. Jennifer Wagstaffe, Copenhagen.


Meg Giry + Ubaldo Piangi at the end of Prima Donna

  1. Heidi Ann O’Brien and Rohan Tickell, West End
  2. Kara Klein and John Easterlin, Broadway
  3. Jennifer Wagstaffe and Fernando Concha, Copenhagen
  4. Cat Lane and Thabiso Masemene, Johannesburg
  5. Jee Hyun Noh and Marcus Desando, World Tour
  6. Eleanor Waite and Thabiso Masemene, World Tour
  7. Deanna Doyle and Christian Sebek, Broadway
  8. Paula Lange and Marshall Cooper, Hamburg
  9. Brianne Kelly Morgan and Larry Wayne Morbitt, Las Vegas

Angel of Music/Little Lotte/Mirror scene

Teresia Bokor, Tomas Ambt Kofod, Flemming Enevold, Jennifer Wagstaffe and Marie Bo, Det Ny Teater, Copenhagen 2009. 

Some of my favourite details: 
*Christine’s reaction to Meg’s appearance 
*Meg whispering “tell me” after her singing, Christine shaking her head 
*The dance captain counting in French, very audible, in the background 
*Guttural R on all French names. Chhhrrrristine Daaé…. Mmmmmh. 
*Raoul looking at the champagne and looking quite content with it
*Teresia Bokor’s voice 
*How perfect amount of smoke the mirror scene has 

Got to finish the first act of the Copenhagen bootleg today, plus Masquerade. Noticed two unusual details: 

*Raoul (Tomas Ambt Kofod) is about to leave in the rooftop scene. Around “soar” he decides just doesn’t get through to Christine. So he heads to the stairs. Only her mumbly “Those pleading eyes…” makes him turn, and he realize she suffers and goes over to hug her. 

*Meg (Jennifer Wagstaffe) does a slightly different choreography in Masquerade, with some sideways kicks. I don’t think I’ve seen that in other productions? Or maybe it’s just not done in West End.