jennifer rose horton

Catching up on Days and some non-Paulson thoughts…

The Claire/Theo sex scene gave me hives. Belle, please come back and claim this annoying child.

Jennifer Rose is very likeable these days. Having a job and a love interest will do that I guess. I was excited about her and Eric when he first returned, but I’m already bored lol. I was into it when he was the angsty woodsman, but he’s already back to being do-gooder Eric, and they’re do-gooding together, and it’s already exactly why I didn’t want them together in the first place. Boring.

I adore Kate and Andre and their friendship, but I’m gonna have a hard time believing he’s, um, into her if that’s where they’re going lol.

In the Chabby vs. Chabi debacle… I’m Team Not-Gabi. Not because I care about Chabby, but because Gabi/Happiness is my NOtp. Watching the show re-write Gabi and Chad’s history is maddening, particularly when I took such joy for all those years watching Chad give no fucks about her.

I continue to give no fucks about the Hernandi, period.