Once Upon a Time 5x12 “Souls of the Departed”
The quest to save Hook begins as the town of Storybrooke becomes The Underworld. Once Upon a Time Season 5 returns Sunday March 6th on ABC

anonymous asked:

Well at least you're being more open about your Lana hatred these days. And is your JMo obsession because you believe she's gay? I don't think she'd be so terrified that she wouldn't be able play a role. But whatever rings your bell. Lana and Jennifer do not like each other. I know that fans hate to think the biggest reason we'll never get Swan Queen is that simple. But when the show is over and they come clean About it you'll still probably be here Lana bashing.

Lana bashing as opposed to…that blowup doll you keep in your tickle trunk with a fuzzy photocopy of Lana’s face glued to it? Uhm, sorry to break it to you, but we’re not delusional whack jobs who think that we know either of these actresses. We don’t pretend to know more than what we know. And what we know is that both are in the same shitty show and therefore the same shitty boat. Does Lana face more barriers in terms of hiring for future projects? Very likely, yes. Has she been able to keep her long-term fans (read: Swan Queen fans) on side in far more effective ways? She sure has. Has she also revealed cracks in the veneer, fatigue with courting fans her bosses basically fucking loathe? She’s done that also. Our sympathies go out to her, but we can’t be dishonest about how terribly those fans have been treated by OUaT as a whole, inclusive of both actresses but, why, why blame them when we could blame the men involved? Why let Colin and Dipshit SMeag off the hook (hahaha) so easily? Because they’re ‘nice guys’?  Really?

We also can’t say that JMo’s obvious issues with the fame game don’t also evoke sympathy. Child actors in the U.S. don’t tend to enjoy life to the fucking fullest as they reach adulthood, and her quirks are fairly well explained by looking at that phenomenon. So no, we don’t hate Lana. We don’t hate JMo (much to your chagrin) either. We might hate the thing–not the people, but the thing–that leads people to remain so deluded as to imagine that they know these distant, famous-ish people. Actually, SMeag(ol) has been our most honest audience. He and Coleman straight up told SQ fans that they were hated. They both got promoted as a result. What does that tell you about the people you REALLY should be going after?

Get some therapy, Anon. Then rejoin the real world and make out with real people. We are. It’s much more rewarding than those rubbery blow up dolls.