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that tbh I don’t understand why people would want to ship Colifer anyway. Aside from the fact that it is invasive, weird, and disrespectful, how do people even want more than Colin and Jen’s current relationship/friendship? Legit do people see what I see? Seeing all the videos and gifs of their interactions at today’s panel literally made me emotional. There’s such an evident amount of trust, respect, and genuine care for each other when they interact. The way they speak and joke with each other makes it seem like they’ve been friends for decades! Literally every time I see that gif of them pointing to each other when they were asked who their best friend in the cast was I get so happy. Like how can people want more than that? Their friendship is beautiful and perfect! Especially since Jen is close to Colin’s family and is friends with Helen, it’s honestly so great. People need to realise that romantic relationships aren’t the only meaningful relationships in life and that shipping people in real life is bizarre as hell anyway


Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue attend the Gold Panel Welcome for Creation Entertainment’s San Francisco Once Upon a Time convention on August 19th, 2017 (Part 2)

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Seeing Jen and Colin together again at the con made me realize how much I'm going to miss them together on the show. Like I thought I was coming to terms with Jen leaving but kind of made me sad a little bit. I still plan to watch season 7 because I am excited to watch for Colin but it just won't be the same anymore.

It goes without saying that it won’t be the same anymore.  I understand why you might be feeling sad, but personally I choose to enjoy events like this weekend by focusing on the parts that inspire happiness in me. A few of those things for me are:

  • Jen and Colin and their cute and supportive answers about Captain Swan. Whether it be when Hook first loved Emma, or the quips about the names of CS kids, or Jen’s eloquence when talking about Emma’s happy ending, these two actors clearly enjoy and respect the storyline they were given and they appreciate how much it means to the audience. 
  • Jen and Colin and their happy friendship and collaborative working relationship. From finger pointing about best friends to quips about on-screen wives, they are demonstrably two actors who get along, enjoy each other and have a very real camaraderie and friendship. It’s heartening to see. 

  • Jen and Colin and their willingness to meet the fans, celebrate the good and ignore the nonsense and frankly just to play along. It was very sweet of them to do the head-on-shoulder thing, they didn’t have to, but it’s a tradition they started and it was nice little gift to the fans that didn’t go too far. They always impress with their ability to please, but keep their dignity full intact. 

As I’ve said before, we’ve already won the shipper lottery with Captain Swan. These cons are our chance to celebrate that so my advice is not to let that chance slip by! Celebrate!


Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue attend the Gold Panel Welcome for Creation Entertainment’s San Francisco Once Upon a Time convention on August 19th, 2017 (Part 1)

Once Upon A Time SF 2017

I wanted to make a recap of our weekend at OUATSF ! But first I wanted to give a shout-out to @shipsxahoy for telling me to watch this show !! And just being so awesome 👏🏽!

I will be just recapping the highlights also if you would like a more in depth day to day check out @shipsxahoy tweets and other panel recaps on the webs :) 

My first photo op was with Colin. I was first to go from the first batch of tickets. All I have to comment is that I was not mentally prepared for this photo. I asked him if it was possible to get a bear hug for a photo pose. He was kind enough to agree, and because I am a dork I gave him an extra squeeze. And surprisingly he giggled (hehehe best memory ever) We took the picture and I left telling him we loved him in Dust Storm and he said “thanks, love”

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OUAT Season 6 DVD - Bloopers

(Note: The original videos from this morning were taken down on YT. I personally ripped these from my blu-ray, so they are 1080p. Please credit SBM.)


Colin and I work great together and we’re great friends and I’m close to his whole family. I just had to be honest with myself that it was the right thing for me. And so, as friends, obviously it was bittersweet because we miss working together and at the same time Colin was lovely and supportive as a friend knowing it was the right thing for my life. - Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue at OUATSF on August 19, 2017. x x