jennifer morisson


Don’t get me wrong I’m heartbroken that Jennifer Morisson is leaving Once Upon a Time, which means I won’t get to see anymore new scene of Captain Swan (The Best TV Couple ever!).
But i am excited to see the Captain Cobra adventure we’re hopefully gonna see in Season 7, with the fact Henry all grown up looking a lot more like Killian than Neal (again, Sorry!) but he has a daughter, which means Killian a.k.a Captain Hook has a granddaughter! I definitely didn’t expect to get excited for the S7


Every Captain Swan fan needs to watch this video !!! AMAZING !!!


FRAGMENTS OF A LIFE LESS LIVED - Swan Queen fanfic trailer

Well, here it is guys, a trailer for one of my fav fics. Of course, keep in mind that this can’t be nearly as good as the real fic, but I gave my best and hope you will like it :)

Big thanks to heartsways for writing this amazing story.