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Aesthetics for the Life Is Strange Characters~

Maxine Caulfield - Alexandra Daddario
Chloe Price - Kristen Stewart
Rachel Amber - Jana Molder
Warren Graham - Steven McQueen
Nathan Prescott - Jamie Bell
Kate Marsh - Taylor Swift
Victoria Chase - Jennifer Lawrance


OH: ( • <•) “Well geez, fellas, it’s kind of a long story!
OH: ( • 3•) “When Eric left me in that dead session, me and Butterssprite had to fend for ourselves.”
OH: ( u _u) “We were all alone, but at least Butterssprite knew what to do. He listened to Kyle when he was talking a while back.”
OH: ( ‘• o•) “We ended up on the first planet, but all these mean bad guys kept tryin’ to kill us. We were really sure we were gonna die!”
OH: ( `• n •) “And then, when we got the bomb to surface and got away, Jesus showed up! But he was all green and… and felt-y.”
OH: (  - _-) “We saw that he wasn’t gonna help us in a pinch, but he did inspire something in me. It was like, he made me stop waiting for the big man upstairs to give stuff to me.”
OH: ( • O•) “And boy, did it make me fight better! It just took a big weight off me! And as we went on, Jesus wasn’t the only one who inspired me.”
OH: ( • w•) “There was Sarah Jessica Parker. Her Definition helped me see everything crystal clear. Billy Mays made me feel more confident and audacious. Morgan Freeman helped me figure things out easily.”
OH: ( • O•) “Angelina Jolie made it easier for me to take pain, and Snooki taught me to force back whatever held me down. Larry King showed me how to nitpick things so I could make better decisions.”
OH: ( `•o•’) “Jennifer Lopez taught me how to turn my foes against each other, Michael Jackson taught me how understand how bad something was before it happened, and Kanye West showed me how to be relevant anywhere I wanted to be.
OH: ( • ? •) “Then Lorde showed up, and showed me how I could win by being myself. Paris Hilton… well, I’m not exactly sure what she did, but it had something to do with getting my way. Bill Gates showed me a thing or two about holding onto my goals, and Steve Jobs how to fix up a crappy situation. But it got annoying that they were always trying to outdo each other.”
OH: ( * O*) “And then we got to the 8th planet. There, we met Kim Kardashian! Boy, was she pretty, but… she sure does look different in person. Hairy feet and shortness and…”
OH: (‘• ~•) “Anyway, she helped me just get luckier in general. Enemies got easier, mostly because they kept ending up getting crushed by the environment.”
OH: ( • u•) “After that, my planet was revealed! It was called the Land of Apples and Madness. There were a bunch of apple trees, and every single apple was perfect as can be…”
OH: ( . _.) “And everything else was burning to the ground or screaming.”
OH: ( • O•) “Things were a lot harder here. But I got to ascend to God Tier! Butterssprite disappeared, and that made me sad, but I became a Lord of Hope!”
OH: ( • ∞•) “Then we beat Yaldabaoth pretty easy. With Kanye’s help, we ended up back in your session! I hope Butterssprite… or… I, I guess… didn’t worry you guys.”

This is probably the most effort and the longest amount of time I’ve put into a digital art piece. But I thought of Lord of Hope!Butters and knew it had to be done.

In this episode, we talk about all the winners and the glaring omissions from the 2017 Emmy Awards, before settling in to review the latest Stephen King adaptation, It, and Darren Aronofsky’s return to psychological thrillers, mother!

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Dream Cast for Life Is Strange

Max Caulfield- Grace Phipps
Kate Marsh- Taylor Swift
Chloe Price- Kristen Stewart
Warren Graham- Graham Phillips
Rachel Amber- Jana Molder
Nathan Prescott- Jamie Bell
Mark Jefferson- Ryan Reynolds
Victoria Chase- Jennifer Lawrence