jennifer maeve klandt


There is a quantum effect to the immediacy of the exponential bombardment humans receive of visual, aural and informative stimuli in this epoch that allows for them to crack open their closed minded, obsolete, decaying and erroneous belief systems and grab from their internal and external environments, both visible and invisible, in order to piece together back into wholeness, who they are as a species, as a collective consciousness of physical and metaphysical existence. Their sense of self is to be found in these seemingly antagonistic elements. The information need not come linearly, for all things simultaneously exist and happen over, under and throughout each other in order to meld into a cohesive, uniquely aspected micro and macro cosmic component structure, like alchemy.

Since the Age of Enlightenment, there has been a growing emphasis on the external which has ricocheted into an epidemic of New Age internality, when in truth neither have any place in a world whose boundaries are merely chicanery, a cosmic trompe l'oeil. What you see is not what you see. And you sort of get what you see and don’t really get what you don’t see. So, where do we go from here? I think it’s time we all got more selfish, that we are self serving in the sense of service to self. These terms need to be de-stigmatized and redefined. How can humanity be of service to their planet and to each other as a species when they skim past the first and most vital step in the process, that of acute self perception? We must know how we function and dysfunction in a global and universal system whose premise is that of structured chaos.


Behind the Curtain is Benno and my latest creation, our first commissioned art film. 


This is the story of a walk-in.

Life on Earth in 2012 suffers from countless apocalyptic crises, one being that of the extinction of natural human beauty. If true beauty disappears from the gene pool, it will catastrophically affect the delicate macrocosmic tapestry of Creation. One female is chosen to house the blueprint of original beauty in her body. 


Here are Benno’s initial thoughts on her. ‘Lady Marmalada…She’s the watcher. She watches you - The Guardian of Truth. She’s behind the curtain (hence where we got the title from), always watching you. She sees you. She sees right through you. She’s like a tree. She can see you to your roots. She’s a wolf tracker. You can’t even see her, she is invisible to your eyes because she is so connected to nature that she becomes the curtain. Throughout the film, she realizes that everything is just light and shadow so there is no need for judgment.’

And my thoughts… 'In the end, all life compresses and stretches into infinitesimal infinitude so everything negates itself by its very existence. Where is the need to value beauty in a world that cannot recognize it in its original state? Beauty must be redefined and transformed into something almost unrecognizable, we must see behind its facade to where it makes us feel uncomfortable. Beauty must be distilled from its representational form in order to be examined with fresh understanding so new definitions and discerning tastes can be established.' 


I never know until I look behind the curtain. I see deep inside, right through me, to my roots. Grounding upward to expose only me. I face myself but I get stuck between the lines. I feel the weight of gravity push me down. Deeper into me I go.

When I open my eyes, I am immersed in nothing but myself and I begin to remember who I am, surrounded by everything that ever was and ever will be. Flowing through space and time.

Drenched in divine treasures beyond measure.

With the gentlest touch, I can make the world turn. The choice was mine to make. I snuck inside a tunnel from before and carved a shape out for myself. Shrouded in sweat and skin, time let me in. A secret I remain. My beauty is not in vain. 

Never is there an end. So, in the beginning, to Earth I descend. 

My cradle rocked as I wept in a midnight cave, shoved between heaven’s gates.

Covered in the heavy silk of silence, my face cannot hide my soul, as much as I want it to, I will always be a bleached tiger with pollinated ebony lips and dead white hot enamel eyes. In the shadows of my plastered, alabaster pallor of sulphur on celluloid, intrepid is the lush dark velvet of the lunar night.

I am a porcelain pierrot, the doyenne of the harlequins, the jester of jest. It’s the song of the jongleur I sing, for I am the master of ceremonies. The sting of your kirlian kiss makes me glow from within. With the grandeur of allegory, chiaroscuro is all I’m left with.

So I looked behind the curtain and I saw the future. My roots shoot through every universe. Through my crystal ball I see hieroglyphs flow through my body. Dizzied with my myth of truth, the Light of Knowing speaks to me. I am a programmed totem. I dance the dance of density with metallic curtained memories. Won’t you come and dance with me?

I almost lose my grip. Lost in a lonesome land. One level below Zero. 

Sometimes, I just feel screwed. Stuck in caverns of fake desire, I get scorched by the torches of electric fire. 

Through me the Blue Light shines. Seismic blueprints shrink to match the thermophile.

Now I know my feelings are superimposed. Let me not forget it was me whom they chose. Some may mistake me for an impassive beauty. But what they see pales in comparison to what I know to be me.

Again I begin picking up the shards of my shattered self. Sparks of light ignite my life.

They beam through me only for a moment. Then they’re gone.

Applause. Aplomb. I fall through the cracks. Contortion. Refraction. 

Dripping with hope diamonds of infinite facets.

Eons of time pass in a blink. Cycles of life start and end faster than we think.

Alas, I touch the iron curtain and it melts in my hands. 

What an illusion to think it could forever separate alien lands. 

I see right through it all. I see down to the bones.

Did you ever notice that time seems to loop and overlap? Time can be cut with a knife, or else  you’ll lose your way and fall back into its trap.


Filmed at Scalaria Event Resort in St. Wolfgang Austria.