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“Forget stardust—you are iron. Your blood is nothing but ferrous liquid. When you bleed, you reek of rust. It is iron that fills your heart and sits in your veins. And what is iron, really, unless it’s forged? You are iron. And you are strong.”

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Jade: “Effective immediately Nightwing, you’re no longer the team leader of the Outsiders.”
Dick: “Yeah? Then who is? Roy?”
Jade: “No. I am.
↳Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, Jade

First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #25

Who is she? Jennie-Lynn had just been your average girl, in raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with big dreams of being an actress, a famous one! She had a mother and father and everything was pretty dull, but she didn’t mind it that way. The only un-average thing was the strange green birthmark on her hand. It was odd, but she never payed much notice. But then– around her 18th birthday it had suddenly began to glow as she left the shower, turning her entire body green!! Through her confused tears, her parents explain how she was adopted and they don’t know who her ‘real’ parents are– Jenny still loved them regardless of course! She didn’t care! But she would like a little instruction in how and why she had such abilities, maybe if she did a little research… and then bam! A twin brother shows up in her life! Creeping in the shadows, literally, Todd Rice had entered her life and she’d never been happier! Powers, a brother, now just to find her father– who she was beginning to suspect was the original Green Lantern. Of course, the two showed up at the JSA Brownstone just as they were kicking out other kids of the famous group, denying them entry, and the two decided, why not? They left a very confused Alan Scott to ponder his apparently very light history of bedroom activity, completely confused as to where they came from. Together with the other children, they formed Infinity Inc.! Forming close ties, she spent most of her early superhero career with them while living in LA and starting her acting career. Unfortunately, as it goes, the team slowly fell apart as tragedy after tragedy struck, and they all went their separate ways. 

Jenny stuck around LA for a while, bouncing between some jobs, she eventually packed up and heading to New York. With a little persuading, she found her way into Kyle Rayner’s home and life, making herself comfortable. Oh, just dealing with the every day stuff, getting into modeling, having a dorky roommate, fighting an sentient center of chaotic magic for the life of your father, brother, and roommate you may want to date, losing your powers, becoming Green Lantern. Jenny was the first Green Lantern Lady of Earth, and very proud of it. Of course, she got back her natural powers eventually, they just 'fit’ better, and after a falling out with Kyle, she moved on. To the Outsiders. Which she also ran for a time. Before dying. Of course, her death and return wasn’t lauded as much as much as Superman’s, but she did come back fantastically as a White Lantern, and continued her career as Jade on the JLA as their resident will power user, and just, you know, defeated the Starheart (that chaotic magical entity, you know, from earlier) yet again. No big deal. Just the not so normal life of Jen Hayden, and damn she loves everything her life became.

What can she do? Jenny is a natural will-power based life form! She’s magical in nature, and can create light constructs of green energy of anything she can imagine. And, as she is a life form of willpower, she doesn’t need to recharge in any way! Sure she gets tired, but she keeps on trucking! She also inherited control over plant life from her mother, the original Thorn, and can even photosynthesize. Later in life, she absorbed the darker half of the Starheart’s magic, controlling the more chaotic half and turning her flame black.

Jen’s also has the amazing ability of being flat out mean. Jennie-Lynn is without apology, herself and she will express it as bluntly as possible. She’s not down for this coy shit, and if she doesn’t like how you’re treating her, or doesn’t like how things are going, she’ll damn well let you know and do what she wants. She’s flawed in this way, in that sometimes she ends up hurting those she loves, but she’s not without heart to apologize to them. She cares and loves those she holds dear– she’s just a very bold and brash and doesn’t care to be polite to hide it.


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Earth's One and Only Green Lantern Lady

Her name is Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, and she’s all ready for center stage. Lights, camera– kick-ass action.

So! Who is she and why haven’t you heard of her before?

Well, ignoring the reboot, she very cut out of the mythos to start with, and then cut out again during volume 4 of Green Lantern. She is the daughter of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, and while he has wavering connections to the corps in the first place, she inherited her powers from him. She’s a natural willpower based life-form!

Which is why she’s green.

And I sort of think writers and artists forgot she could turn it off…

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Where to start Jade?

Her first appearance was in All-Star Squadron #25

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