jennifer livingstone


Jennifer Livingstone, a CBS news anchor, retorts to a bully’s accusations about her weight and does so beautifully. I love how she doesn’t apologise for herself nor does she become overly confrontational. This is how all bullying and unnecessary bile should be dealt with and, if I had been wearing one, I would have lifted my hat to you, lady!
Sam Taylor-Johnson, Lisa Cholodenko, Sarah Polley and Other Female Directors on the Movies That Influenced Them
The filmmakers featured in T's Fall Women's Fashion issue reveal the movies that shaped their careers.
By Jeff Oloizia

“In “Flipping the Script,” in the Fall Women’s Fashion issue of T, Lauren Tabach-Bank profiles six fierce female directors who are redefining what it means to be a woman in Hollywood, and whose daring and thought-provoking work sets the standard for a whole new generation of filmmakers. Here, they talk about the films that made them want to direct.”

Top, from left: Sam Taylor-Johnson; Jennifer Yuh Nelson; Ava DuVernay. Bottom, from left: Sarah Polley; Lisa Cholodenko; Lana Wachowski. 

Photographs by Jennifer Livingston 

See the filmmakers’ influences here