jennifer lawrence stumbles

Remembering 2013

Okay guys… so 2013 is now four years ago from now, so Here’s a list of the things that happened in 2013.

#1 Craig McCracken’s newest series “Wander Over Yonder” debuts

#2 Danny “avidan” Sexbang becomes Jontron’s permanent replacement for Game Grumps

#3 Steven Universe makes its debut.

#4 The doge meme

#5 “What does the fox say?”

#6 Breaking Bad’s finale.

#7 The Harlem Shake

#8 Jennifer Lawrence stumbling

#9 the birth of Prince George

#10 Megaman coming to smash Bros 4. (This actually happened in 2014)

#11 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Bewtween Worlds for the 3DS.

#12 Gravity Falls “Gideon Rises”

#13 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

#14 The Smurfs 2

#15 Iron Man 3

#16 The debut of Bob’s Burgers

Jennifer Lawrence stumbling. I love her, she’s my biggest fan and I’m her biggest fan. I just want to see her get out of another car and stumble again, but I think it’s so brilliant in how she recovers with just humor! It’s hysterical. I just adore her. I look forward to seeing anyone who shows up on that carpet, pushing the envelope with a bit of fashion and a sense of humor. I think that is always great. It carries you where money cannot
—  America’s Next Top Model’s Miss J