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Simon Kinberg directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Jessica Chastain is being eyed for the villain role.

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And the returning cast includes Kodi Smitt McPhee, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Jennifer “I can’t stop talking about Josh Hutcherson” Lawrence is one of my favorite things



Namaste, Loser - Jiam highlights throughout 2014

(only a portion of the greatness that is Jen and Liam)

I guess the thing that surprised me is that I would never expect to ever have a man this good-looking ever be my best friend. I just would never assume those things could happen, but he is. He’s the most wonderful, lovable, family-oriented, sweet, hilarious, amazing guy. He actually taught me how to be fair and to stand up for myself. It’s my biggest weakness: negotiating. I’m a wimp about standing up for myself and Liam is always fair. He’s always on time, he’s always doing his job, and he’s good about making sure that things stay fair. He’s teaching me to toughen up a little bit. That was important, I need that. 

—Jennifer Lawrence about Liam Hemsworth (x)

Something I always learned from Jen was to stay in the moment and be honest. Never change for the wrong reasons, just be yourself. That was something so great that I always noticed about Jen; that no matter she was just herself and honest and she enjoyed what she was doing and was happy in the moment. I think that’s why she’s a great actress because she adapts to a situation so easily. 

—Liam Hemsworth on Jennifer Lawrence (x)   

Do You, I Do: Chapter Six

~I am so sorry for the delay everyone, life has gotten in the way. I hope you all enjoy this. Thing will be getting tense from here on out for our newlyweds. ohmyjoshiferr and I hope you enjoy this. Chapter seven will be out soon!!


She figured it was just the hormones again. Josh called her, sounding rushed and out of breath, saying he’ll meet her there because otherwise they would both be late.

Her stomach twisted into knots and she was sure it wasn’t because of the baby.Ever since Josh had started the process for producing this film, Jennifer couldn’t remember the name, he had started acting different. Coming home later, more short tempered.

She tried to understand, she really did. Acting was way different but coming home tired and even a little frustrated was never rare.Jennifer’s thoughts were broken when a nurse called her name. “Mrs. Hutcherson?”

“Hi,” She said with a sweet smile. The nurse smiled back, setting some items on a counter beside her. Only when she was about to begin talking again did Josh rush through the door.“I’m here! I’m here.” He said hurriedly, causing a scene. Jennifer’s gaze fell to the ground in disappointment. Josh tried to lift her chin to place a quick peck to her lips but with her hand flat on his chest she pushed him into the seat next to her. “Sit down. We’ll talk about this later.”“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, resting his hand on her thigh.

Jennifer scowled at him, moving his hand from her leg. The nurse had left the room momentarily, leaving them alone for the first time that morning.Before he even had a chance to speak, Jennifer spoke up. “I don’t want to hear your excuse.”“Jen, you know why.”

“Josh,” She fumed, “I just said I don’t want to talk about this, okay? It’s supposed to be a happy day and I would appreciate it if you didn’t go fucking it up for me.”

His jaw dropped. “For you? Are you forgetting that’s it’s my child too?”

“Oh no, I am very aware. Trust me.” She rolled her eyes and her hands gripped the cushioned bed underneath her harshly. Jennifer cut her eyes to him. “It’s your fault we’re in this mess."His mouth shut tight, his anger more than visible from the clenching of his jaw. "You know what? You’re right. This is supposed to be a happy day and I’m not arguing with you.”

“Good,” Jennifer commented, crossing her arms like a cocky five-year old. “I don’t deserve it.”

Josh scoffed loudly, letting almost turn into a laugh. “The amount of shit I’ve had to-”

His rant was cut off by the sound of the door opening once again.Jennifer’s doctor smiled widely. “Hey, you two! Ready to find out if this is a boy or a girl?"Completely caught off guard, Jennifer’s lips twisted into a tight smile. Josh did the same.

"We’re both excited.” Jennifer lied. It was a cover lie but she really was excited. She just wished they hadn’t gotten into an argument. They had both been looking forward to this moment more than anything.“Alright! Let’s get started!”

Jennifer gave a weary smile, suddenly more than nervous about all of this happening. She laid back on the cold, hard table as the doctor readied her equipment. Josh stood on the other end of the room watching silently.Her hands gripped at the sides of the bed again, wishing Josh was right next her now.“Alright.” The doctor hummed, before placing her cold hands on Jennifer’s stomach feeling around. The baby within her kicked eagerly.A quiet giggle slipped from her lips at the feeling. The first time she felt a kick she almost fell on the floor. It was more scary than enjoyable but now feeling the baby kick only filled her with endless joy.“Josh,” the doctor quipped, “Are you not going to stand by Jennifer? Usually the two of you are all over each other."The smile dropped from Jennifer’s lips just slightly. Josh locked eyes with her, searching for an answer.

"I just… um I didn’t- I should um,” He rambled and stuttered not quite wanting to tell the doctor what had happened before. The look in Jennifer’s eyes practically pulled him to her though. He set down his jacket and stood directly next to her. She held out her hand immediately for him to hold and he gladly took it in his. The feeling almost felt like everything was okay again.Josh leaned down and rested his forehead on hers. “I’m so sorry.”

She placed a quick peck on his lips, making up for the one she had denied before. “Later,” She whispered.

Josh nodded. “I know.”

He mouthed. The doctor clasped her hands together and grinned. “Okay, Jennifer. I’m gonna put this jelly on your belly, and we’ll see the sex."Jennifer giggled again in excitement, squeezing Josh’s hands just a little bit tighter.

“That rhymed- oh!” She jumped at the cold gel on her skin.The pair watched the screen with anticipation as the doctor moved the camera across Jennifer’s belly.

"Okay, it looks like,” She said narrowing her eyes. “You’re having a girl!"They were both speechless with happiness. Jennifer’s lip quivered just slightly, tears pooling up in her eyes; almost like everything really just hit her for the first time. She looked up at Josh to see his eyes slightly glossed over as well, never batting an eye away from the screen.

"That’s our girl,” Josh said kissing Jennifer’s temple. “You were right all along.”

Her hand covered her mouth in disbelief squeezing his hand impossibly tight.“Oh my god!” Jennifer exclaimed. “She’s so tiny.”

Josh and Jennifer continued to watch the screen as their little one moved.“I know,” He responded in awe.Josh looked over at Jennifer, who had a few tears trickling down her cheeks. “I love you, Jen.”

“I love you so much,” She smiled, her cheeks beginning to hurt from grinning so hard.

“Congratulations you two!” The doctor says after cleaning up Jennifer. “Let me get these printed and you can be on your way. I’ll see you in two weeks.”

As soon as she walked out of the room, Jennifer slipped off the the bed and crushed herself to Josh. Her baby bump got in the way just a bit but he pulled her even closer, leaning his forehead on hers.“Jen, I’m so sorry,” he mumbled. “I know,” She sighed, “But you made it. That’s all that matters."He tried to apologize again, but Jennifer stopped him with her lips. It wasn’t much; just a gentle touch of her lips to his but needed in every way."We’re having a little girl,” She whispered in awe, smiling against his lips.Josh nodded. “No dating till she’s thirty.”

“Relax. We’re not even thirty yet.” She laughed quietly.“Not much longer,” he joked back. It became quiet between the two of them.

“We’re good right?"She nodded wordlessly but it wasn’t a lie. Everything had to be good. She couldn’t imagine going through this without him.


"Josh! Come here! Quick!” Jennifer called from the living room, where she sat on the couch. She could hear his rapid stomps down the stairs, almost laughing at the terrified look on his face as he reached her.

“What? Are you okay? Is the baby coming?"Jennifer held her head back and laughed. "No! But you have got to feel this!” she said, beckoning to him with her arms.“Shit,” He sighed in relief, pausing a minute to catch his breath. “You can’t scare me like that.”

Jennifer pouted. “This is important.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

He walked over to her, her body sprawled across the couch and reaching her arms out for Josh.Jennifer grabbed his hand and pressed it to her stomach. “Wait for it."As soon as his hand was pressed firmly against her skin, he could feel the fluttering of light kicks. His heart grew about ten sizes.

"Someone’s excited,” He smiled, sliding next to her to put his lips against her stomach instead. He still felt every little kick.“Yeah, well I’m excited to get her out,” Jennifer groaned yet she couldn’t keep the grin off her face. It was such a weird feeling but she couldn’t get enough of it. “Only three more months.” ’ Josh thought, but that isn’t what his mouth said. He didn’t want to let Jennifer know that he alone was also irritable.It was a lot for them to handle so there was no doubt there would be unnecessary arguments but sometimes it really did feel like too much.

But then moments like this contradicted every bad thought.“What do you think about Lillian?” Jennifer said, breaking his thoughts.

“I think I like it."Jennifer grinned, resting her hands on her bulging belly. "You pick the middle name.”

“I think we have to go abstract like the rest.“

"Josh, I swear-”

“What?” He asked with an amused smirk.

“If you suggest any color, fruit, or direction to name our child I’m kicking you out."Josh laughed.

"What about Apple?” He asked, just to see her reaction. She slapped his arm and rolled her eyes. “Oh god, stop it.”

“Don’t you think Lillian Apple Hutcherson sounds good?” Josh asked, laughing.

“It’s sounds like a damn Yankee-candle scent.”

Josh raised an eyebrow. “Yankee-candle?”

“Yes, Yankee-candle. Point is we’re giving our child a normal name.”

“Normal?” Josh quipped. “Like, Lillian Julia Hutcherson?"Her expression softened, her lips in something of a sad smile.

"Josh, that’s so pretty.” She began to bite down on her lip to stop the unnecessary tears that were ready to flow.He groaned.

“Don’t cry, Jen."She immediately scowled and wiped her tears. "Shut up. It’s not my fault."Josh rolled his eyes.

"I know, I know, Jen. It’s my fault. I am the one who knocked you up.”

“That’s not what I said.”

“But that’s what you meant.” Josh deadpanned. She turned to lock eyes with him. She didn’t know where this sudden tension came from but she wouldn’t let it go unresolved.“What the hell just happened?” Jennifer asked, raising up to face Josh.

“You tell me.”

“No,” She stated, “I’m supposed to be the moody pregnant one. Not you.”

Josh sighed, resting his head in his hands. “I’m sorry. I’ve been really worked up lately about this movie and I’m taking it out on you; which is wrong. We start casting tomorrow and filming location is in Sacramento.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened. Sacramento? “That’s over five hours away, Josh."His expression softened, casually brushing his fingers across her shoulders to get her to relax.

"I know but it’s not my decision. It was the best option we had without going too far out of the way.

"Jennifer pouted, her lip quivering. "But what if something happens and you’re not here?"He slid down on the couch so he fit snugly into her side. Normally it was the other way around but the baby had switched things up between them. Josh rested a hand upon her baby bump, gently tracing invisible designs upon it. He could feel the baby start to kick again and it brought a smile to his face. He couldn’t believe they had even made it this far.

"Nothing is going to happen,” He promised, “I swear it."She looked up at him, tears brimming her eyes.

"You don’t know that.”

“Don’t think that way, baby,” He whispered, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Jennifer couldn’t explain how she felt, but something inside her made her stomach twist.

Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence Teaming with James Cameron on ‘The Dive’

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and her “Hunger Games” director Francis Lawrence are reteaming on “The Dive,” which is being produced by James Cameron, TheWrap has learned.

Representatives for Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

“The Dive” tells the tragic true story of freedivers Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre, who competed to travel as deep as possible underwater on a single breath of air.

Lawrence will play Mestre, who died during an attempt to beat her own world record of 557.7 feet. Ferraras paid tribute to his late wife by diving to the same depth in an attempt that was filmed by Cameron.