jennifer lawrence pic

anonymous asked:

Is that seriously the first pic of them together?? WTF happened at the premieres, interviews and comic cons?

I think so yes, there are of course pics of nick with james, or jennifer with michael, or james and michael with Nick but the four… I don’t remember, and I am not counting group pics of the whole xmen cast.


“She came up to me [at SAG Awards] and said — ‘When I was in New York City, and I was starting to act, I wasn’t booking a lot of stuff, and my mom and I were talking about going back to Kentucky and maybe trying again when I was older. But I was really determined to not give up on acting, and I saw you in a newspaper as a boy from Kentucky who was making it in Hollywood. And I took it to my mom, and I was like, Look, he can do this. I can do this, too.’ — He pauses, smiling at the memory. — So she’s nominated for an Academy Award and she’s telling me that I inspired her to keep going. It really took me back.”

- Josh Hutcherson, Nylon Magazine, March 2012