jennifer lawrence fall

“I always laugh when I think about when I did Jennifer Lawrence for the Oscars [in 2013] and she fell going up the stairs. Later that night, when I went to touch her up, I was like, ‘That was the best hair shot of my entire career.’ The second she fell, every camera zoomed in and saw the back of her head. We don’t ever get to see the back of the head on the red carpet. It was a very simple bun with a few twists in there, but it was like the hair shot heard around the world.” – Mark Townsend, hair stylist 

  • Aries: Miley Cyrus' twerking craze.
  • Taurus: Justin Bieber leaving his pet monkey in Germany and peeing in a mop bucket.
  • Gemini: Lindsey Lohan's falling down during the 2000's.
  • Cancer: Brittany Spears' umbrella-swinging and bald-headed meltdown.
  • Leo: Jennifer Lawrence falling during the oscars.
  • Virgo: Justin Bieber throwing up during a performance.
  • Libra: Kayne West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech.
  • Scorpio: Everything about Amanda Bynes.
  • Sagittarius: Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men downfall.
  • Capricorn: The Paula Deen scandal.
  • Aquarius: Nicki Minaj calling Miley Cyrus out during the VMA's.
  • Pisces: Beyonce's hair gets stuck in a fan.