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JLaw and Josh Hutcherson’s 13 Best-Ever Joshifer Moments
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have the best friendship ever, and here's the proof.
By Victoria McNally

Just a reminder that MTV was one of the biggest Joshifer fans out there and gave us great articles like this one. Here are some of my favorites from this article:

“Yup, DEFINITELY not the end of Joshifer. 

The best moments at last nights Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence falls before the show even started and then Ellen brings her tripping background

Brad Pitt chopping down on some pizza

Ellen organizing the ultimate celebrity selfie of all times

And what a result

Sadly, Liza Minnelli didn’t made the final cut

Pharrell performed “Happy” and got Lupita off her seat…

…and Amy Adams…

…and Meryl Streep.

Kerry Washington eager to eat pizza if Ellen ordered.

Ellen followed with the pizza coming in and BRAD DISTRIBUTING THE PLATES!!

Ellen came up as Glinda.

And Whoopi came out wearing her ruby slippers.

Jared being a good son all night, even sacrificing his pizza for mom.

Leo kissing Matthew.

Ellen’s selfie with Liza Minnelli.

And then collected money for the pizza man in Pharrells giant Smokey-the-bear hat.