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Criminal Minds 7x23-24 'Hit' and 'Run'


First of all, I have to tell you how happy, relieved but also devastated I am after watching the season finale of CM. It was a mind-blowing pair of episodes with focus on the characters, but also on a very interesting case. Despite all the gap-filling episodes we have seen this and the last season, I am still in love with this series and I hope they won’t cancel it in the near future.

I saw the trailer a few days ago and they said ‘Before this day is over one of these profilers will be gone’. We knew that Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) is about to leave the show (this time for sure, without coming back), so based on my thoughts and some comments I have read, I was sure she is going to die and the writers knew exactly this.

Lets see the double episode itself. The beginning showed how the team is spending their day off. JJ and Will, the cutest couple I have known on CM, had a nice morning together. Hotch and his new girlfriend seem to becoming a family of three with the little Jack, they are adorable. Garcia and Reid went to Sci-Fi Convention (Reid looked amazing in that wig! I haven’t seen the old seasons of Dr. Who, but now I know he was dressed up like the 4th Doctor) and met Garcia’s ex there, but also discovered a secret; Rossi and Strauss have an affair. I can’t see what he likes in her, but I have nothing to do with them, so let'em play! ;) Morgan and Prentiss visited the house she had wanted to buy for herself and as she changed her mind, we could know from here that this season is going to end with the leaving of Emily, but I still wasn’t sure what is going to happen to her.




Then the action started with Will and his partner going to a crime scene with a bank robbery in progress. Partner got killed, Will shot one of the robbers. The police, SWAT and BAU arrived, they soon identified two of the criminals, two brothers, but the third one’s (an extremely BAMF lady wearing leather and making my heart race) identity was still a question. Dead hostages here and there, the lady turned out to be a sadist psychopath who had a partner whose orders she seemed to follow. Prentiss got a call from her former boss at the Interpol, but not only was it about information on the lady, but also the news, that they want her to lead the London office.


Long story short, this robbery was more than just a robbery. The guy asked for the cop who killed his brother, so even if JJ was fighting to keep his love away from them, Will had to go in as they started to shoot more and more hostages. He got shot and this is where the CM fandom probably had their first mini heart attack. All the connection got lost, so the team had no idea if he is still alive, so they decide to go in, too. Reid was the genius again who saved them all, he found out that the lady was preparing an explosion. I was absolutely sure, that Prentiss died this time. But I wasn’t right. She survived, Will and the criminals escaped. They stole a federal SUV and after getting medical help for Will, the guy was soon killed by our lady and one of the hostages(a former marine) joined them as the partner of hers. They drove to the house of JJ and Will’s where the lady (her name was Izzy) stayed with the little Henry why the two men drove away. The team found out, that Izzy and the marine met in Africa and they are reliving the love story every fourth year, killing and blowing up trains, how romantic. While the team rushed to the Union Station, Rossi and JJ drove to her house to save Henry. And then started the most badass girl on girl fight. JJ was kicking ass like a mother tiger, so she could knock out Izzy and save his son. It was amazing. AMAZING.



Morgan started to hunt the marine and was luckily saved by Hotch who shot the guy. BUT Will was not only a tool for them to get inside of the Union, he was carrying the bomb on his body. Prentiss stayed with him (almost dying number two) and tried to deactivate the machine with typing in important dates of the couple and managed to stop the timer.


So, no one died, Will proposed to JJ and Rossi organized them a wedding for the next day. The whole team was dancing in the moonlight, Prentiss danced a farewell with all the colleagues and closed with this sentence:



The closing scene was beautiful and touching. I am so happy no one died, a bit sad about Emily leaving and have that feeling of joining the armed forces again, for the hundredth time. Fuck.


I am sorry for spaming your dash with this bragging and thank you very much for the gifs and pictures to the people who posted them here on tumblr.

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