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Every Savior needs a villain

Rumple to Regina, 6x10 Wish You Were Here

Rumple has once again played Regina. He manipulated her to release him and kill Emma’s wish!realm parents. He told her that Emma became the savior because of her; to defeat her (”show her your inner darkness and the savior will be reborn!”.

He was wrong. Well, half-wrong.

As we saw, Emma woke up not when Regina was threatening her family, but when Regina was in danger.


Emma really did become the savior because of Regina, but not to defeat her, but to save her. Regina cast the curse to finally get her Happy Ending, yet she never did. Emma became to savior to get Regina her Happy Ending and thus break the Curse.


Emma came to Storybrooke to save Regina by giving her her Happy Ending: 


Just like Emma said:


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The day she finally does give Regina her Happy Ending (herself and Henry - a family, true happiness; what she craved all those years) is the day Emma FINALLY stops being the Savior.

“Regina and Emma want the same thing. They want love, and they want family, and they want home.” -Eddy. (x)



And that’s MY headcanon.


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