S8E5- The Good Earth

JJ looked back into the bullpen as Penelope walked Henry back to the car. “You coming, Spence?”

With no small amount of enthusiasm, the young agent bounded towards the mother, looking forward to the night’s trick-or-treating.

What’s Mine Is Yours

Prompt: Simmvez headcannon where Luke and Matt share clothes? Like if they mix their backpacks up it doesn’t matter because they sometimes they wear each other’s clothes because it’s a couple thing to do and they do this all the time but the team don’t realise until they are on a case and they rush to get ready and wear the each other’s clothes from the day before the team notices and they out their relationship.

Word Count: 505

A/N: This turned into more of a Drabble than an actual fic which is probably going to be a common theme because I’m lazy as heck and type everything up on my phone. Xx

Neither of them really knew when they’d started wearing the others clothes. It was sometime between Luke climbing out his bedroom window in order not to be seen by the landlord, claiming that going shirtless made him more ‘aerodynamic’ and the Hispanic mans slightly amused smile when Matt showed up to work the next day in that same shirt.

Ever since it was no big deal if they accidentally (or in Matt’s case on purpose) mixed up their backpacks, they almost felt more comfortable in the others clothes at this point than they did their own and surprisingly despite working with the best profilers in the country, no one had noticed yet. Not until today.

Their morning had been rushed, they were on a case in Indiana no one had left the station until early hours of the morning and Emily had wanted them back at 8. Neither had realised as they’d rushed out the door of Luke’s hotel room (Matt’s forgotten down the hall) that they weren’t just wearing each other clothes but the exact outfit the other was wearing the day before. Everything was going smoothly as usual no one was paying attention to their outfits because they all had more important tasks ahead but once the killer had been apprehended and they were back on the jet, JJ was the first one to comment.

“You know, I take Wills shirts with me on cases too. Makes me feel closer to him when we’re away for long periods of time.” She smirked across the aisle at Matt who raised an eyebrow at her.

“Come again sorry?” He asked, unsure when they’d gotten to her bringing her husbands clothes.

“You’re wearing each other’s clothes.” She pointed out quietly. “And I’m sure the rest of the teams noticed to. It’s a sure fire way to out yourselves, Matt.” She chuckled watching as he blushed briefly glancing over to Luke who was obviously having a similar conversation with Emily by the Look in his eye. Well, obviously no one cared and they all knew now anyway.

“It really is about time that one of you noticed.” He spoke louder so that the rest of the team heard him as well. “You call yourselves the best profilers in the country and you hadn’t even noticed two of your own were together.” He smirked slightly at the shocked look on his boyfriends face, hoping this didn’t back fire.

“How long?” Emily asked with a slightly amused smile and a raised eyebrow. “Just so I know what to put in my fraternisation report.” She joked.

“About a year.” Matt said softly as his boyfriend finally seemed to come back to himself clearing his throat slightly as he stood up, grabbing Matt’s hand.

“Exactly a year actually.” The shorter of the two murmured as he pulled Matt into the makeshift kitchen at the back of the jet and kissed him hard, glad he was finally able to show his love for his partner openly.

“Happy Anniversary, Luke.”

“Happy Anniversary, Matt.”