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A/N: This seems intriguing so why not go for it? I’ve done a lot of Spencer fics lately so I decided to do one with the whole team for this one. And thanks once again to Pinterest. There are some great prompts on there if you just search them up. Once I get my board created with enough pins of prompts. So good! Love it!



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The fire crackled by the bonfire. The team was sitting in a circle around the fire pit. You invited them over to your parents home for a nice dinner and s’mores. Your parents were at Hamptons celebrating a family friend’s wedding anniversary. They opened the house to you so why not seize the opportunity to have a small gathering. Perfect excuse to wind down for a while before the team gets called back out on a case.

“JJ, pass me the graham crackers.” Emily said reaching her hand out for the box of crackers.

“Reid, isn’t that you’re fifth s’mores?” Tara said raising an eyebrow at him.

“So?” He spoke through a mouth full of s’mores. “It’s like I’ll gain anything from it.”

“Oh shut up.” You say punching his shoulder playfully. He only laughs before munching again in his current s’more.

“So, (Y/N)..” Tara spoke up looking at you through the flames of the fire. “We know what everyone looked like a kid. But we have yet to see what little miss perfect looked like as a kid.”

“Not the least bit random.” Luke said chuckling.

“She has a point.” JJ chimed in. “We hardly know anything about you. Besides knowing your parents, we don’t know anything else.”

“You don’t want to see me as a kid. It’ll make you guys more jealous of me for being perfect.” You say earning a slap on the back of your head from Emily. you couldn’t but laugh. “Alright, alright.” You say holding your hands up in surrender. You stood up from the chair tossing your blanket in your spot. “I think my parents might still have my photo albums under their bed. I’ll be back.” You retreat inside the house closing the patio door behind you. Climbing the stairs to the second floor to your parents bedroom you flick on the lights as you open the bedroom door. You hadn’t been inside their bedroom since the day before you moved out for your freshman year of college. Getting down on your knees you lifted the skirt of the bed sheets and peered underneath the bed. There was box with your name written on in sharpie tucked nicely in a small place underneath the bed. Reaching for the box you pull it out and sit down placing the box between your legs.

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You get hurt while they’re across the country (Criminal Minds):

David Rossi: Immediately gets on a plane and goes home. He doesn’t care if you try and say it’s nothing serious; it’s serious to him. Rossi has lost a lot because he put work before those he cares about. He isn’t going to make the same mistake. Sure, the team calls him to get his opinion on the case, but he definitely goes home to you

Emily Prentiss: She’d want very much to go home and make sure you’re okay. But now that she’s in charge of the team, she doesn’t feel like she should. Everyone is still getting used to the new leadership; Emily wouldn’t want to abandon them. If you say that you’re okay, then she’ll take your word for it. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be calling all the time.

Spencer Reid: Feels so guilty about going home, but he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. Spencer doesn’t like to feel useless. So knowing you’re in pain, while simultaneously not being the best he can for his team, the only other option is to go home and make sure you’re okay. Secretly, he’d be really happy that he’s able to go home.

JJ: Much like Spencer, JJ wouldn’t be able to concentrate on her job, knowing you got hurt while she was away. If it’s possible, she will go home. But if she can’t, then she’ll enlist Garcia to go and make sure you’re okay. JJ trusts that Penelope would be honest with her and take good care of you. And when she does get home, be prepared for Nurse JJ.

Luke Alvez: Gets a little angry at himself because he’s so far away and can’t do anything to make this better. Depending on just how hurt you are, Luke may or may not go home. He’s very mission-oriented. so if he feels like he has to go home to ensure you’re okay, then he will. And once he gets there, he’s scolding you while he’s taking care of you.

Penelope Garcia: Gets so so so so so worried. She hates when her babies are all the way across the country, doing dangerous things and she isn’t there with them. And it’s only worse when it’s you who hurt. She calls you all the time, and she’s always scolding you about how you should have been more careful. But then she always ends the call with saying ‘get well.’