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Hairspray Live (2016)

Well there’s a blast from the past ! I remember watching the 2007 version and i just can’t believe it has been 10 years since that movie came out ! I can’t even begin to tell you how much i loved that movie so i was so thrilled when i heard that they were making Hairspray Live. I was so blown away by Grease Live that i thought this one will be the same, but i have some issues with it. 

I thought Maddie Baillio (Tracy) did an amazing job, i loved her performance and i can tell that she was so excited to be there ! Garrett Clayton (Link) was very underwhelming though. Nobody can beat Zac Efron ! That role was perfect for him, but Garrett…not so much. Although i liked his performance it just not good enough. Ariana Grande (Penny) did great, but i god some Cat vibes from her and sometimes it didn’t really fit the role of Penny. The funny thing is that when i think what would Penny be like Ariana Grande pops first in my head, but i liked her performance about 90% she needed a little extra push. Dove Cameron (Amber) was amazing, i think she stole she show, i loved her. Derek Hough (Corny Collins) is my baby haha so of course i loved him ! He is so freaking talented ! The parents were awesome. Of course the actors are big, successful Hollywood actors and Jennifer Hudson is an icon so i didn’t expect nothing, but perfection from them as always. 

The movie is about a girl who wants to be on the most popular dancing tv show from her town. She tries to audition, but she’s rejected by one of the producers that happens to be Amber’s mom, Tracy’s (the main character) nemesis. I won’t tell you more about it because i want you to see it first and tell me your opinions. 


Dreamgirls: It’s All Over / And I Am Telling You

I was watching “Star Spangled Banner” performances (I don’t know why, but I decided Whitney is the best, J-Hud is second, and Beyonce is third) and when they announced Jennifer Hudson, they were like “Academy Award winner and 4 time Grammy nominee Jennifer Hudson.”  That’s the thing about winning an Oscar:  once you have one, your name is always preceded by that phrase.  Even knowing that, every time I hear J-Hud introduced, I’m like “dang, I can’t believe she won an Oscar.  Viola Davis doesn’t have one.  Angela Bassett Doesn’t have one.  Cicely Tyson doesn’t have one.  But Jennifer Hudson has an Academy Award?”

But then I re-watch this scene from Dreamgirls and remember how I had had goosebumps the entire time and then stood up in the movie theater and applauded (with everyone else too).  She’s not an amazing actress or anything (still have a soft spot for The Secret Life of Bees though), but she really ate this movie all the way up.   If Beyonce’s people hadn’t been so obnoxious and forced the producers to submit Bey for leading actress consideration during awards season and J-Hud as supporting, Jennifer Hudson would probably have gotten a Best Actress nomination.  

But I guess it all worked out for the best, since there was no way she was about to beat Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep in the same category.
What's Behind The Best Supporting Actress Curse? Plain, Old, Unmagical Sexism
As legend has it, winning that Oscar is a career killer. But film critic Amy Nicholson says it actually has everything to do with the kinds of roles available to women.

As if there’s not enough controversy over the Oscars, there’s also the matter of a curse.

This Hollywood rumor is often said to have started back in 1993, when Marisa Tomei won best supporting actress for My Cousin Vinny. Rather than going on to star in huge movies, as one might expect of a comely and talented Oscar winner, Tomei’s film career fizzled. She appeared in small roles, or small films. Even the legitimacy of her win became an urban legend. Thus the curse: Winning best supporting actress is a career killer.

The A-list, movie-star promise that an Academy Award might suggest never materialized with Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) or Mercedes Ruehl (The Fisher King), either — even though both are extremely accomplished thespians with impressive resumes. And Jennifer Hudson virtually disappeared from the big screen after Dreamgirls.