jennifer horton deveraux

Days 9/22/17

Did Eric just quit? Marlena is gonna be super pissed at Brady when she finds out why her son left town.

Yes, Brady, she loves her job. That’s been established 1000 times over.

Chad writes his vows. They’re kinda cliche, but okay lol.

BF’s eyes are insanely blue today.

This is like your third time seeing Abby in a wedding dress, Jenny.

Wow, it’s weird seeing FS & CM together onscreen again lol.

One question, why are Wilson in Paulson’s Martin House bed? Like Days couldn’t put them in a different bedroom set? Or at least change the bedding?

I do appreciate that they aren’t wearing matching tank tops like Paulson tho lol.

LOL great dream, Sonny!! Will on one side and Paul on the other! Hahaha

Paul wakes Sonny up and asks about his dream. Yikes…

Jennifer is gonna throw Abby a bachelorette party. Woohoo lol.


Sonny, it’s not polite to lie to your fiancé.

Paul is right; they really need to talk about Will, etc.

Yep, Eric quit. :(

I’m confused…is Paulson’s bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion or the Martin House?

Brady’s throwing Paul a bachelor party…Sonny feels left out…yep, you & Will had a joint bachelor party. This is all a big heavy handed and should’ve happened before.

I like Jennifer and Abby reminiscing about the stripper at Hope’s bachelorette party. LOL. Remember when we thought he might be a Sonny recast?

Chad & Andre hugging is weird and nice all at the same time haha.

Sonny, try and be less squirrelly.

Paul to Brady: Did you ever talk to your other brother?
Omg, that line is so awkward lol

I’m happy that we’re getting this Jeneric scene.

Of course, Eric wrote Nicole a letter LOL.

Is Brady staging a coup for Titan CEO? Sonny might not be the greatest CEO ever, but at least he’s not in a alcohol-soaked, angry downward spiral, Brady.

I’m with Jenny; Eric is running away.

No annulment for Abby!

Aww, Paul speaks to his mother on the phone. I loved her! Oh, no, his grandfather is in the hospital…so she’s not coming to the wedding. :(

Thank you, Paul, for not letting the Will shaped elephant in the room drop.

Jennifer & Nicole run into each other. Jennifer: “You’re too late.”

And Eric is back at his cabin. Okay, not really a cliffhanger, but not a terrible ending.