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The mysterious tale of June and Jennifer Gibbons–otherwise known as the Silent Twins–is one that continues to send chills down spines to this very day. The identical twin sisters were born on April 11, 1963, and grew up in Wales. The duo earned the moniker ‘’Silent Twins’’ due to the fact that they refused to talk to anyone but each other, and even then it was in their own secret twin language–otherwise known as cryptophasia. Growing up, the sisters had a very complex love-hate relationship with each other. On the one hand, they were best friends, joined at the hip–but on the other, there was an intense rivalry that brewed between them, resulting in multiple occasions where one had tried to murder the other. Once, Jennifer attempted to strangle June with an electrical cord. In another instance, June pushed Jennifer off a bridge, causing her to nearly drown. When they were 14, in an attempt to break their isolation, their parents sent them to separate boarding schools. But it did them no good–the twins became withdrawn and catatonic until their parents reunited them. 

In their teen years, the twins turned to a life of delinquency and crime. After the twins burned down a local store together, they were committed to a high-security mental health hospital, where they spent fourteen years of their lives. The twins reasoned that one of the twins would have to die in order for the other to speak and lead a normal life. After much discussion, it was agreed upon that Jennifer would be the sacrifice. Sure enough, Jennifer died at the age of 29 of a rare heart condition that was never truly explained. After Jennifer’s mysterious passing, June remarked, “I’m free at last, liberated, and at last Jennifer has given up her life for me.’’ With her sister now dead, June made a complete recovery and was since released, now leading a semi-normal life. However, she is said to move with a deliberate slowness–she still has trouble navigating a world that doesn’t involve her sister walking beside or around her. 


June and Jennifer Gibbons are also known as ‘the Silent Twins’ due to the fact that, as they grew older, they became increasingly isolated to the point that they only communicated with each other. The pair developed their own language in their childhood, a phenomenon known as ‘cryptophasia’ which can occur in up to 50% of young twins. 

The twins experienced a difficult upbringing on account of the extensive bullying that they experienced at their school, which may have contributed to their increased isolation during their youth. When they were both 14 they commenced counselling in an attempt to improve their communication, but this was largely unsuccessful. Whenever they were separated they would both slip into a state of catatonia. 

As they grew older they began to exhibit antisocial behaviour, including fire setting. Following convictions for arson the pair were detained at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, a high secure forensic hospital, where they remained for 14 years. They attributed the length of their stay to their selective mutism, as opposed to the risk they posed to the public, with June stating “Juvenile delinquents get two years in prison… We got 12 years of hell because we didn’t speak… We lost hope, really. I wrote a letter to the Queen, asking her to get us out. But we were trapped.“. Both girls were placed on high doses of antipsychotic medication, with Jennifer developing the debilitating condition ‘tardive dyskinesia’ as a result of this treatment. Tardive dyskinesia is a movement disorder characterised by repetitive involuntary movements, typically in the face.

It is reported that the girls realised that for one of them to live a normal life the other had to die, and that Jennifer was the one who wanted to make the sacrifice. In spite of this Jennifer’s death did not appear to be self inflicted. June reported that Jennifer was behaving strangely the day before their transfer out of Broadmoor to Caswell Clinic, that she was slurring her speech and said she felt she was dying. She died in transit, with her head in her sister’s lap. The post-mortem examination revealed that Jennifer had died from acute myocarditis and that there was no evidence of poisoning or an overdose. Myocarditis is, in fact, a rare but fatal side effect to a number of antipsychotic medications. Jennifer had already had poor reactions to antipsychotic medication in the past, another adverse reaction to a drug would be a plausible explanation for her death.

The Silent Twins

Born in 1963, twins June and Jennifer Gibbons became known as ‘The Silent Twins’ as they refused to speak to anyone but each other. The twins created their own secret language through which they communicated.

In an attempt to get them to socialise with others, the twins were kept apart at school. Later, at age fourteen, they were sent to therapists, and separate boarding schools. These attempts, however, backfired, as the girls became even more withdrawn from society.

After their reunion, the twins spent the next few years shut away in their room where they performed plays for one another, wrote in their diaries, and inflicted harm on each other. Their diaries would later reveal an extremely dark side to their bond. They both loved, and hated each other.

One excerpt from June’s diary reads, “Nobody suffers the way I do, not with a sister; with a husband, yes; with a wife, yes; with a child, yes, but this sister of mine, a dark shadow robbing me of sunlight, is my one and only torment.”

Jennifer, born ten minutes later than June, saw her sister as better than her and grew extremely jealous. Sensing this envy, June wrote in her diary, “She wants us to be equal. There is a murderous gleam in her eye. Dear lord, I am scared of her. She is not normal … someone is driving her insane. It is me.”

After awhile the twins began committing crimes like petty theft and arson. It was this criminal mischief, combined with their severe social disorders that landed them in Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security mental facility.

The doctors at Broadmoor found the twins to be deeply disturbed and even dangerous. During a relocation to another facility, Jennifer, the younger twin, placed her head on her sibling’s shoulder, took her last breath, and said, “At long last, we’re out.” Doctors rushed her to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead. The cause of death was determined to be a sudden, lethal inflammation of the heart. However, during an autopsy, doctors did not find any drug or poison in her body and her death still remains a mystery.

June, the surviving twin later revealed that they had made a pact at Broadmoor: One of them had to die, so the other could live a normal life.

Barzum and Baizli Theory

have you guys ever heard of june and jennifer gibbons, the silent twins? no? then, allow me to elucidate! 

june and jennifer gibbons were known as the “silent twins” due to the fact that they only spoke to each other and in a language that they made up themselves (aka cryptophasia). while the soleil twins do speak to others besides themselves, they can also canonically communicate with each other telepathically, and with seemingly unintelligible or very vague words or voices, as the MC notes their inability to understand them.

(trigger warnings ahead: mentions of murder, suicide, conspiracy theories, mental institutions, and other controversial topics. please let me know if you would like anything to be tagged)

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a life
our life
always together, forever
drawing strength from one another
two beds, two heads, one mind
locked in
locked up
creating stories
inventing life
you and me
you are me
I want to find a part of me
that doesn’t belong to you
a poisoned mind
this is our game
virgins on the dole
tried a little witchcraft
trying to be invisible
someone is driving you insane. it’s me
stares and signals
my perception. your perception. clashing
you are me
you and me
you are me
a passing breeze across the sky
burning inside
this is our war
this is our life
who will give in
you or me
a division within and between
only one should lose
I was missing from the world
you gave my life back to me
this is our life
this is our game
we once were two
we two made one
we no more two
through life be one