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Inside Vanity Fair’s 2017 Oscars After Party


Female Guitarists

1st Picture (Clockwise) - Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Nancy Wilson (Heart), Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, Kim Deal (The Pixies, The Breeders) 

2nd Picture (Clockwise) - Orianthi, PJ Harvey, Lita Ford (The Runaways), Jennifer Batten, Annie Clark (St Vincent) 

You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Elizabeth? She’s an ace. Ronon is my king up my sleeve. Jennifer Keller is my old maid. Teyla is my queen. Aiden is the instruction card you throw away. Beckett is a solid seven. Rodney is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  John Sheppard

Watch the attached video to see Joel and 17 other actors wistfully and/or ruefully describe their first or worst jobs.  :-)  

See if you can guess who netted up “millions and millions of dead fish,” who worked at a shop’s gift-wrapping desk, who was a brick mason’s assistant, who baked Pup Tarts and Pupcake doggy treats, who “got quite pudgy” working in an ice cream shop, who worked security for an Elvis impersonator, and the half dozen who labored in various fast food emporiums….

The Oscars

Part 4

Kate Bosworth in J. Mendel

Allison Williams in Miu Miu

Miranda Kerr in Miu Miu

Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo Couture

Lily Collins in Elie Saab Couture

Jennifer Aniston in Atelier Versace

Amy Adams in Tom Ford

Sarah Paulson in Ronald van der Kemp Couture

Ruth Negga in Oscar de la Renta

Isabelle Huppert in Armani Prive

Teresa Palmer in Vivienne Westwood Couture

Emma Roberts in Armani Prive

Juliette Lewis in Christian Siriano

Zoe Kravitz in Armani Privé 

Love Cornelia! 

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SGA Characters sorted into Hogwarts Houses

Gryffindors are passionate about their beliefs, and standing up for what they believe in and who they believe in. They care enough about justice to get into a fight -even if that fight involves an argument with a friend. They want to seek the unknown, but less out of a desire for intellectual discovery and much more because of a thirst for adventure. A willingness to confront the darkness, to fight for the outsider, to explore and defend. Gryffindors want to be heroes. -(John, Ronon & Aiden)
Ravenclaws values knowledge, wit, intelligence (not necessarily school-smarts, but a passion for knowledge/learning), an open mind, and a desire to achieve.They revel in pure knowledge for knowledge’s sake and are extremely individualistic. Ravenclaws are readers- they love books. They don’t mind being alone- with their books, thoughts and imagination, but when they want to talk, they’ll be upset if no one listens. Ravenclaws are the most conflict-averse of all the Houses. -(Jennifer & Radek)-
Slytherins values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. They’ll go for experiences that Ravenclaws are too afraid to touch. They’ll cheat in a fight if they can get away with it. Slytherins are the most focused on the past and tradition of all the Houses. Slytherins are loyal, but only to those they deems worth the loyalty. They tend to be strong leaders and achievement-oriented, but not being defined by how others see them - and not caring. -(Rodney & Elizabeth)-
Hufflepuffs values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. They’re the least likely to care about individual achievement and most likely to focus on their relationships to others rather than things they personally have done. They’re not risk-takers by nature and prefer to learn practical skills over something that might be cool but less frequently used. Hufflepuffs value tradition and the past. They are tolerant, humble, decent, thoughtful, kind, and caring. -(Teyla & Carson)-

Obviously- you can disagree with the sorting. This is based on my opinion.


Tom Ford Fall 2015 Front Row
The Pack - ashinae, jay_linden - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne, Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller, Aiden Ford/John Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Aiden Ford, Ronon Dex, Elizabeth Weir, Carson Beckett, Jennifer Keller, Richard Woolsey, Sam Carter, Acastus Kolya, Jeannie Miller
Additional Tags: Community: au_bigbang, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Werewolf

When Major John Sheppard shoots Colonel Sumner, he thinks of only one thing: keep the creature feeding on him from learning their secrets. He doesn’t think that with that one act, he’ll become Alpha of the pack in the Atlantis expedition.

That alone is weird enough, but John still has to navigate his new werewolf pack, military politics, witches, evil space vampires, Genii, and Replicators. There’s the bonus complication of the grief, joy, wonder, and terror that is life in the Pegasus Galaxy. Add to that his frustration with–and maybe even feelings for–Dr Rodney McKay, and now the lone-wolf life John once enjoyed is even further behind him than it was the moment he stepped through the stargate and emerged in the city of Atlantis.