jennifer ellis

why am seeing posts hating on jlaw saying “don’t riot” and then comparing that to the fact that she played katniss in the hunger games??


she’s right??? rioting isn’t going to do anything??? all rioting is going to do is make white men think that black/lgbtq/minority people are thugs who do illegal things when theyre angry??? and that is NOT the impression you wanna give????

and before any of you try to stay that “in the hunger games” blah blah lemme tell you that there were only a two riots (in the films) that happened before war was declared

district 11 in katniss’s first games which the civilians did not win which led to tighter rescritions and district 11 becoming a shitty place where people are shot for whistling

and district 12, which eventually led to the entire district being bombed


katniss even told gale she didn’t want people to fight in riots

am i missing something here


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