jennifer donnelly


Madame du Barry, an old courtesan, sits beside me and clasps my hand in hers. I remember her death. All of Paris does. She screamed her head off. Quite literally. Please, she wheedles now, think of apricots, the scent of roses, the pricking of champagne bubbles on the tongue.

The dead are bigger thieves than I ever was. They steal the most precious things from me. The feel of silk. The sound of rain pattering on the cobbles. The smell of snow on the wind. They take these things and leave me with the taste of dirt and ashes.

I think not of apricots, but of guillotines and graves.

She frowns. For those I do not need your help, she says, and flounces off.

–Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution


Books with Sirens or Mermaids

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The first two books in the Waterfire Saga:

I originally picked up this series because just look at how gorgeous those covers are! And they’re about mermaids. I honestly don’t think I’ve read enough mermaids book. I don’t know why though because they’re amazing. Underwater worlds, gorgeous tails, magical powers, sea creatures and a well thought out storyline. 

The storyline in these books is so in depth. Jennifer Donnelly has planned her books out so well, leaving you with cliffhangers just at the right time. She keeps you captivated when your attention is needed most. I did find that this book did have some slow parts. There were chapters that felt like they were only there to fill a blank space. I did however find that when there was action, it was written so well that I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

The books are so descriptive and it gives you a clear image of the world under the sea. The characters, where there are plenty of, stand out against each other and although its confusing at first to remember who is who, the do form into individual people throughout the books.

All in all, I rate both of these books 4/5.