jennifer deveraux

Days 2/8/17

Okay, Abby, or more like MM, needs to take it down a notch lol.

Chad even loses fights against doors.

I’d be totally fine with Gabi dying in this room lmao.

Raines fired a warning shot into the air…lame lol.

Yeah, no way did Stefano just kidnap Marlena. Sorry, but no.

More Jennifer & Drew today! His wife is safe, yay!

Sooooo, the virus will work and destroy The Orwell? Good job, Drew lol. ETA: Too bad Drew can’t get past the Titan firewalls to implant the virus. :/

Hope outran Raines LMAO

And apparently, Hope transported herself back to Eric’s place lol. Where the heck is he living?

Marlena is with Austin. Her looks very handsome. :)

LMAO @ Marlena’s apology.

Omg, CB needs to go away. She’s always terrible, but extra yikes to her crying sans tears over the possibility of Ari growing up without her.

Austin is here to prevent Anna from showing up again with her gun…and Tony lmao.

Omg, Eric needs to go home and be around other people.

Nooo, Andre don’t be upset with your new bestie Abby lol.

Chad…shut up. You’re so naive if you think you can take on Deimos alone and win. And stop reminiscing about being locked in your panic room together.

Yeah, this isn’t a meat locker lol.

Andre gets out of the hospital and his first stop is TBD to see Eddie lol.

Sooo Eddie doesn’t want to team up because Andre is out of the hospital and Dario isn’t? That’s fucking stupid.

Jennifer looks so great today!

Drew needs a Titan laptop. Jennifer might have “a contact” that has access to the mansion. Sooo Adrienne lol.

Rafe, are you seriously yelling at your superior officer rn?

Where did Paulson sneak off to?

Aww, Stayla wedding talk! 💛

Oh, there’s Paulson! Aww, they danced to this song in their hotel room after a big win. Can the shut up and dance to it now in public????? Nope, wtf?????

Rafe tells Austin that Hope is “The One.” Days, this is so damn pathetic.

Well, that lights out/Stefano reveal was lame lol.

I appreciate Days for continuing the tradition of Chad losing literally every fight he’s in lmao.

Soooo, Steve & Rafe found Stefano?

Yikes, Hope finds a picture of Jennifer under Eric’s bed.

Finally, Abby’s telling Jennifer about the war, etc. AND ABBY SAID THE MAGIC WORDS “THE KEY!”

Andre & Eddie agree to work together against Deimos…as if they had any other choice lol.


They’re all soooo happy they caught Stefano. Don’t celebrate too much, kids lol.

Do the Paulson scenes frustrate anyone else? Their scenes are very sweet, but there needs to be something more. A proper storyline might help, instead of just these disjointed scenes. Also, WHY DIDNT THEY DANCE????