jennifer darling


     In the kitchen, Peter is sitting with his girlfriend and her former roommate in the dining area at the table. He attempts to take a small nap while they chat.

Mikayla smiles, “He really does seem like a good guy, Jenn…even if he’s a little bit…much at times,” she tells her friend. Jennifer smiles a bit.

“Yeah..he is,” she says, looking over at him. While watching him doze, her smile fades as she remembers why he’s been so tired lately. Mikayla notices the shift in her expression and she gets up.

“Is..everything, alright?” She asks as she moves to the seat in front of Jennifer and sits.

“Huh..?” She looks back at her friend, “Oh..of course, it’s’s been rough for us these past few weeks..”

“Rough..?” she asks. “That is, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Jennifer gives a suppressed laugh, “Of course’re a good friend and you deserve to know,” she tells her as that small smile returns. “We’ve just had a…a bad luck streak is all.”

“What do you mean..?” Mikayla asks, intrigued. Peter’s eyes flutter open, still tired, but he remains quiet, while listening in unintentionally.

She sighs, “Well..on top of work, Peter’s been having to be more alert to our surroundings because of this..”mole” that’s been giving out information to the enemy,” she lies, believably.

“Oh, yeah, I think Tony’s mentioned something about that before. Y’all still haven’t caught ‘em, yet?” She asks. Peter shifts in his chair, to get a bit more comfortable.

“Unfortunately, no, they haven’t..” He says, lazily. His voice made both of the girls jump. He looks at them, then toward Jennifer, “..but some of us have been too busy with our own issues to think about it..ain’t that right, Jennifer?”

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Bands (that in my opinion) need more recognition from the metal world!

Diabulus In Musica | symphonic metal / gothic metal

Beyond The Black | symphonic metal

Cellar Darling | folk metal

The Charm The Fury | metalcore / groove metal

Dark Sarah | symphonic metal

Kobra And The Lotus | heavy metal

Unleash The Archers | melodic death metal / power metal

End Of The Dream | symphonic metal / gothic metal

Avatarium | doom metal

Temperance | modern metal / power metal


     Mikayla stares at the two of them, still in shock by the information just given to her. Her expression transitions from horrified to sympathetic. She holds her friend’s free hand.

“Oh, Jennifer..I’m so sorry..that, you had to go through that..” She says, showing genuine concern. Jennifer looks at Mikayla, giving her a small smile.

“It’s alright…it’s behind us now,” Jennifer says, assuring her friend. She feels Peter’s hand relax under hers, she looks back at him. He looks over at Mikayla.

“Don’t let her facade fool you, Mikayla..she’s still hurting and..recovering..” He tells her, looking back at his girlfriend, who started to mess with the centerpiece on the table.

Not looking at him, she tells him, “..we both are, Peter. You know that..”

“…I do, do you?” He questions her. She stops and looks at him.

“Of course, I do. Why would you even ask that?” She asks, feeling a tad offended.

“I ask because earlier, you told Mikayla that I was being vigilant because of my job, when that wasn’t the case,” he tells her, his arms crossed. Jennifer grew quiet again and stares at the table.

Confused, Mikayla looks at him and asks, “It wasn’t?” He shakes his head.

“Nope,” he looks at her, “I started to be more…watchful for her and her safety ever since she was..well, assaulted. Which was long before we were informed about this “mole”.”

“Oh..” Mikayla looks back over at her friend, “ could’ve told me, I would’ve understood..”

She sighs, “I know..I’m both of you. I just..I couldn’t bring myself bring..that..up,” she glances at Peter, then back at the table as she wells up with tears, “..especially without Peter..but he’s been so exhausted and…stressed out over this whole thing..I just didn’t want to wake him..” She stutters.

“Shh..” Peter says, soothing her as he wraps his arm around her and pulls her gently to his chest. “It’s alright Jennifer..”

     Peter and Mikayla did their best to comfort Jennifer, from apologizing to snagging a box of issues from the living room. When Mikayla went to get the tissues, Jennifer sat up slowly. She flinches and holds onto her stomach.

Concerned, Peter asked, “Jenn..are you alright?”

“I-I don’t..I don’t know..” She responded, flinching.

“If you’re not feeling well, we can leave-” She interrupts him.

“No, no…” She says, feeling a bit better, “..I’m fine, maybe..I’m just hungry..”

He tells her, not entirely convinced, “..If you say so..but I’m keeping my eyes on you though.”

“Don’t you always?” she says, with a faint smile following.

We All Fall Down - Twenty

“I’ve gotta ask. If you like children so much, why did you abort my brother’s baby?”

You stared at your sister in law, wondering if you’d heard her correctly.


“Oh don’t play dumb Y/N, Spencer told me about the abortion. Why did you do it, why did you get rid of his baby?”

“I didn’t.”

“So you’re calling my brother a liar now? You didn’t have an abortion?”

“No. I did have one, not that it is ANY of your business.” She hated you anyway, why not tell her the truth? “But it wasn’t Spencer’s baby.”

She sat wide eyed for a moment before her lips spread into a cruel smile. “So you had an affair then as well. God, you really are a bitch. How he hasn’t he divorced you yet I don’t know.”

“Well I’ve asked him to and he won’t so perhaps you should take that up with him. And you know what? I know I’m a fucking awful person, I don’t need you to tell me that. But he isn’t that much better. You think your darling twin is so perfect? What the hell was he doing sleeping with one of his students in the first place? What the hell was he doing convincing that student to marry him when all she wanted was help with a termination? He begged me to marry him Jennifer! Begged me! And I had nothing alright, I had nothing left and no one to turn to so I said yes! You’ve judged me since day one yet you know absolutely nothing about me or how I came to end up married to your brother, aside from the pretty little story he’s spun for you. And think about this? Spencer can’t have kids naturally, you all know that! How did you think I was suddenly pregnant?”

“I just… I just… I thought you’d had IVF. He told me he’d frozen samples, so I just assumed that you’d…”

“Yeah you assumed. Just like you assumed when you met me that I was the one trapping him. I heard you talking to him about me. I heard the things you said about me. You know nothing about this Jennifer, nothing. Your darling brother is not everything he makes himself out to be.”

Jennifer sat there looking shocked at your outburst and quite frankly you were too. It seemed that perhaps you were finally finding your feet again, finally finding some of your backbone that had gone missing years ago. Jennifer thought for a moment, her mouth opening and closing a few times before she finally spoke again.

“So tell me then Y/N. If I know nothing, if what Spencer has been telling me, what he’s been telling my family, is wrong, tell me the truth. Tell me YOUR truth.”

You were conflicted. On one hand, why should you tell her everything? She had you pinned down as a money grabbing, baby killing bitch already, was your story really going to change her mind? But on the other, what if it did?

So for what felt like the hundredth time in the last two week’s, you opened up. You told her pretty much everything you had told Emily and Tara, your voice cracking in some places but you remained composed. You watched her face change from curious, to perplexed, to downright confused, regret and then finally concern. For who you wondered? It seemed somewhat amusing to you that for someone who had closed them self off for years, you were now telling anyone who asked it seemed. And really, you shouldn’t have been saying half the things you were saying to your husband’s twin, but yet you were and you found that you didn’t care. Spencer clearly already hated you already, so so what if she ran and told him of your conversation, of the things you’d told her. What was he doing to do? Nothing. There was nothing else that he could do.

By the time you had finished her face was paled and she lowered her head into her arms momentarily. You waited, unsure whether she was going to blow up at you or not. Finally she spoke, looking you directly in your eyes.

“I am so sorry. Everything makes so much sense now.”

“Does it?” you asked, unsure exactly what made sense to her.

She nodded. “I never got the impression that you loved my brother. My mother told me I was wrong and to give you a chance but I knew what I sensed from you. I just…. I thought it was you that had trapped him, not the other way around.”

Wait. “So you believe me?”

“I shouldn’t, because you’re contradicting almost everything Spencer had told me. But yes, I do. How withdrawn you were at your wedding, it should have been the happiest day of your life but it was a means to an end. You married him because of what he could give you… ”

“You’re saying I used him?”

“Not in the way it sounds. Y/N, I know how persuasive my brother can be when he wants something, he offered you security for you and your baby. And if everything you’re saying about your family is true, and considering no one from your side of the family was at the wedding so I have no reason to doubt that, then…. well I know many people that if they were in the same position, they would have done the same thing.”

You couldn’t quite believe how easily she was accepting this all and how she wasn’t turning into a screaming banshee. Had she heard it all correctly?

“Jennifer, I had an affair. I cheated on your brother.” If anything was going to rile her back up, it was that.

Except, she just shrugged. “You had an affair with the man who broke your heart when you were 19. The man that pretty much pushed you into Spencer’s arms. Pretty stupid yes, but heartbreak does stupid things to people. And…. you probably did the right thing in terms of ending that pregnancy too.”

You were dumbfounded, unable to understand the complete 180 in her attitude towards you.

“I terminated that pregnancy out of spite. Derek didn’t want me, he just wanted the baby and I didn’t want Spencer to have it, to hold it over me forever.” Your voice was cruel and it was almost like you wanted her to hate you still.

“No you didn’t Y/N.”

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Yes I did!”

“No. You didn’t. Nobody as good with kids as you are would end a pregnancy out of spite. With everything you’ve just confessed to me, it’s quite clear that you ended it because you didn’t want to raise a child in what would inevitably be an unhappy home. You didn’t want to put a child though the same sort of heartache you went through.”

Her voice was soft and her words hit somewhere deep inside of you and without even realising it, you began to sob. Huge, racking sobs that left your throat raw and your eyes puffy. You don’t know how long you cried for but what you do know is that Jennifer Joy LaMontagne, the sister in law that up until today had hated you, moved from her seat and wrapped her arms around you, smoothing your hair and whispering soothing words to you, exactly how you imagined she would do to Henry.

When you were finished, you pulled away from her embarrassed and she sensed it, moving to the counter and pouring you a glass of water. You gulped it down thirstily, not meeting her eyes.

“I’ve got a good mind to go and have a long chat with my brother.”

“No! Jennifer, please…”

She sat back down at the table, not responding to your plea but asking a question. “Are you sure you’re okay with Tara and Emily?”

You nodded, praying she wasn’t going to suggest you come here instead. Luckily, she didn’t. You suddenly had a thought, a question you wondered if she could answer for you.

“Jennifer, do you know what was in that shoebox? What was so important to him? I know it was letters to your dad, but I don’t know what about.”

She shook her head sadly. “I wish I did. Spencer was… he was a lot closer to our dad than I was. I know my father loved me and I loved him dearly, but he and Spencer just seemed to have this extra special bond that wasn’t there for me. Maybe it was the creativity thing, the writer genes. But then, I’m closer to mom so it never really bothered me that much. If I knew what was in there that caused such a reaction, I’d tell you, I honestly would.”

You sat in contemplative silence for a few minutes before you glanced up at the time, realising how late it was. Your sister in law followed your eyes, jolting with surprise herself.

“I should get some dinner on the go and check on Henry. Do you…. would you like to stay?”

You thanked her but told her no. You wanted to get back to Tara and Emily’s. She asked if you’d be available tomorrow if it wasn’t too much trouble to watch Henry again. She didn’t want to send him to school with a tummy bug, just in case. You assured her it was fine, agreeing on a time for you to be there with her walking you to the door.

“I am really sorry for how I’ve treated you Y/N. It was really uncalled for, especially the remarks I made at dinner the other night. And for what it’s worth, I hope you and my brother can somehow work things out. I know my mother really likes you, as do Will and Henry. And I think that maybe…. maybe now I’m not acting as the wicked sister in law, maybe we could be friends too.”

“Thanks Jennifer. That would be nice.”

“Please… Call me JJ.”

After an extremely long conversation with her husband, where some harsh words were exchanged but ultimately she understood why he hadn’t said anything to her and had forgiven him, JJ found herself taking a longer than normal lunch break and taking a trip to the university campus where her brother worked. Spencer looked extremely suprised to find his twin sitting in his office when his classes ended.

“JJ!” he frowned when her saw that she did not look happy. “Is something wrong?”

“Not with me, no. You however, you my darling brother, are a different kettle of fish altogether.”


“You need to sort your sham of a marriage out.”

He looked affronted, his eyes darting quickly around the room.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You can fool mom, Spencer. You even had me fooled. Buuut, Henry is ill. And you know who I had to call yesterday to help me out?”

Spencer closed his eyes slowly and opened them again, knowing exactly who she was going to say.


“Yup, that’s right. And we had quite the heart the heart. How dare you Spencer! How dare you make me believe that that girl aborted your baby?”

“I…. I….”

“Don’t even try Spence. She told me everything. From how you met, from her asking you for the money for a termination and you begging her, pleading with her for her to marry you. She told me about the affair as well and while yes, she’s less than innocent there I can understand why she did it. She told me she asked you for a divorce to and you refused. Why? You two clearly aren’t compatible? Let her go.”

“I can’t! I can’t alright!” Spencer threw his hands up in the air before slumping down into his chair.

“Why not? If she wants it….”

“I still love her okay! And I don’t want a divorce, I don’t want to have a failed marriage under my belt, especially not when I can’t have children naturally with anyone else.”

JJ shook her head in despair. “She doesn’t love you, you know that right?”

“Of course I know that. I’ve known that since I met her and she reminds me often enough. It doesn’t matter though, she’s everything I wanted in a wife, or at least she was. But I’m not throwing that away yet.”

“Yet you threw her out? What was in the box Spencer? What was so important to you that you threw out the woman you claim to love so much?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me,” Jennifer implored of her brother, unable to see where his head was at right now, unable to see where it had been for all these years. She thought she knew him but she was beginning to doubt herself.

“I… I can’t. No. I can’t… I won’t tell you.”

“Then tell her. You claim to love her but your words clearly say to me that you just don’t want to start over again.” Spencer went to protest but she held up her hand, continuing. “But if you really do think that you’re still in love with her, and you really so want to save this, tell her what it was. Beg her forgiveness, and fix this mess you’ve created for yourself one way or another. And if you can’t fix it, let her go.”

“If she really wanted to leave, she could leave. She’s halfway there anyway, she’s out of the house and she’s not taking my calls or my messages.”

“You threw her out remember! And she can’t divorce you, how the hell would she pay for the lawyers, although at the minute I’ve got a half a mind to give her the money myself.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes at his twin. “You wouldn’t.”

“You don’t know me as well you think you do just like I clearly don’t know you as well as I thought I did.”

His jaw dropped and he looked momentarily concerned. “You…. JJ, you wouldn’t. I’m your brother.”

“And you’re stuck in a marriage that is toxic for the both of you, why can’t you see that!!! Either fix your marriage, or end it permanently and give the girl her freedom. Or I will help her, and that will cause a rift between me and you. And do you really think mom needs that??? Her two children, the only thing she has left, no longer speaking to each other? Do you really think mom needs to know everything Y/N told me? Everything Will told me…. about Elle Greenaway, about dad covering your mistakes up at the college?”

Spencer’s eyes widened as his twin sister who had always, always had his back, walked to the door, turning back to look at him like he was stranger.

“Fix it.”


Fake Family Photos: Absolutely Fabulous

Mummy & “Sweetie Darling” (Actual name: Saffron) through the years. And you thought your mum was the worst…


OUAT AU: In which Captain Hook and Wendy are sucked into Storybrooke by Regina’s curse and become father and daughter. When Emma comes to Storybrooke, she and Killian get closer but being with her makes the curse begin to break for him and his memories start bleeding through. When he tries to tell her who he is she doesn’t believe him. Eventually, Emma breaks the curse entirely and seeing him as his fairytale alterego, hook and all, scares her. Wendy decides that despite the curse making her think Hook was her father that he’s the only true family she has left and she won’t leave him and Emma eventually decides to give him a chance despite his reputation.