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Thoughts on Cult of Chucky... (SPOILER ALERT)

As a huge fan of Chucky, Tiffany, and the whole crew of iconic characters of the Child’s Play franchise as well as its creator Don Mancini, I’ve naturally been hyped as fuck for Cult Of Chucky to arrive. 

Now that it’s here… I’m left with feelings of awe and confliction. On many counts, this movie was so much of what I wanted it to be and did a good job of following up on the incredible post-credits shocker than Curse ended with. On other counts, I find myself vastly disappointed and bothered due to major consistency issues that are ultimately going to ruin many aspects of this franchise for me in its future. 

I’m going to just point out some of my main issues I’m having below in the form of pros and cons, and would love to hear responses from fellow fans as to how you guys may agree or disagree with me.

- PRO: The Chucky doll looks a MILLION times better in this film than it did in Curse. The doll in Curse was fucking revolting and looked like an overstuffed Cabbage Patch kid with duck lips. Cult’s doll looks very similar to Chucky’s original incarnation in the first three Child’s Play films. It’s great and really works to revive a lot of the original vibe of the franchise.

- PRO: This movie is beautifully filmed for being made on what I’m sure was a low Direct to DVD budget. The asylum setting surrounded by a dull, snowy atmosphere really does create an eerie, trapped feeling that caters well to the film’s overall intention.

- CON: The inconsistencies and poor explanations of why/when/how the Chucky dolls have internal organs and bleed or don’t bleed has gotten completely out of hand and as a major fan of the franchise is driving me nuts. The doll in Curse didn’t bleed at all… his head popped off with no blood splatter whatsoever and when Nica stabbed him all that came out was feathers and stuffing. In this film, somehow, two of the dolls are complete flesh and blood except for one, which for some reason isn’t and when its arm gets torn off to set up Madeline’s death there’s just a plastic stub… WHICH IS ANOTHER INCONSISTENCY IN ITSELF. How the fuck did the doll that Andy randomly had stowed away in his house, that was only awakened minutes before his confrontation with it, turn out to be made entirely of human organs?? It’s literally so confusing that it’s hard to even talk about why it’s confusing. It just breaks so many of the franchise’s own rules regarding what Chucky is capable of, and it’s like Don just picks and chooses when he wants the rules to apply. MADDENING.

- CON: Don stated before the release of this movie that it would be explained how the cop whose throat was slit by Tiffany near the end of Curse is in this movie and very much so alive and well playing a character named Malcolm. However… it wasn’t explained AT FUCKING ALL. It’s like we’re just expected to forget about it and believe that Don picked the same actor for a different role? I don’t fucking know. Messy as fuck.

- CON: Tiffany was supposed to be a much more integral part of this movie than Curse, and I was greatly looking forward to that. However, turns out she’s only in three or four scenes to deliver some forced dialogue that isn’t at all up to par with what we know Jennifer Tilly is capable of delivering. It was made out like she was going to have some big showdown with Andy to try to stop him from getting to Chucky… turns out that “showdown” was nothing more than a lackluster phone call shared between the two in a scene that lasted all of thirty seconds. 

- CON: Don further solidified that Seed of Chucky is canon in the franchise by making it very clear that Tiffany is inside the actress Jennifer Tilly’s body… she openly jokes about it in the movie… however… if you’re going out of your way to make sure die hard fans know everything that happened in Seed actually happened, you can’t just completely ignore the existence of Glen and Glenda. I’m sorry, but you can’t. That’s stupid. At least MENTION them and explain their fate.

- PRO/CON: Andy’s role in this movie was both awesome as well as a total missed opportunity. Not to mention the fact that we’re expected to believe that punching a cop in the face immediately got him committed to the asylum is silly, shitty writing. His character is ultimately wasted because if you think about it, if you remove all his scenes from this movie, it literally wouldn’t change anything at all. It’s like they just threw in his character to have his own separated little side story to poorly and messily try to include as part of the plot. 

- CON: This movie is confusing as fuck even for a dedicated fan who knows the franchise up and down… so I cannot IMAGINE how people who are seeing this movie from a general, perhaps non-fan perspective are going to feel. The plot and explanations (or lack thereof) for why things happen is all over the place. So many times during this movie I felt completely lost and had to go back to re-watch scenes for clarification only to end up MORE confused because the puzzle pieces ultimately just don’t fit together. 

-PRO/CON: The post-credits scene in this movie sees the return of another Child’s Play alumni character: Kyle, from Child’s Play 2, played by the same actress all grown up. However, as exciting as this extra scene is, it contributes even further to the complete lack of sense of this film. Because how the fuck is “main Chucky” now in possession of Nica’s body while ALSO still back at Andy’s house as a mutilated talking head? IT’S ABSOLUTE FUCKING BONKERS. 

Ok so like I had a wicked ass dream that could be a pretty cute movie. Basically, Tiffany from the Chucky films gets a spin off. It might seem like a slight cash grab now but it could work.

The idea I had was it took place in a school where Tiffany, as a doll of course helps a group of popular girls rid their enemies of school, (teachers, coaches, pervy douchie jocks, ect.) Better yet they names all end with the syllable “Nee”. I’d like to imagine it like this…

- Brittany, the obvious petty leader.

- Whitney, the almost evil sidekick bad ass.

- Courtney, the cut throat friend willing to do anything to succeed.

- Stephanie, the shy timid girl just trying to fit in.

- Daphne, the scholastic athlete trying to keep a perfect record.

Anyway, a new girl Janie arrives to school and an entire Mean Girls spoof, is pressured by her new friends to join the clique. Brittany and her minions kill through the school and target Janie, her friends and her former boyfriend. Tiffany uses these girls to take the fall as she tries to find a perfect body to poses and deems Janie the perfect one.

I don’t know, it could be worked but I liked the idea of mixing the Chucky films with a Mean Girls/Heathers genre. C'mon Don Mancini!