jennifer balgobin

I love Debbie from Repo Man

While she’s unspeakably beautiful, she has very few (if any at all) specifically feminine qualities in her behaviour. Sure, Otto until the end sees her as a rather passive sex object (starting with his first onscreen attempt to have sex with her and ending with his offer to make her a repo wife), and Duke talks to her about settling down and getting a baby, but she does nothing to prove them right. At the same time she’s aggressive, confident, strong, self-sufficient, as indifferent towards morality and emotions as most of the characters (neither more sensitive and sensible nor horribly and shockingly amoral compared to everyone else), and, unlike many female characters in movies who use their sexuality as a means to get something or as a way of interacting with the male characters, is sexy and has sex simply because she likes it and when she likes it.

Well, actually, I love all the women in Repo Man. Just like with Debbie, there’s nothing specifically woman-y about Marlene or Agent Rogersz except the way they look, and Leila, even though her part is more gender specific, is quite fun to watch.