jennifer avery


“I didn’t know what to say, but my heart was racing as he slid his hands down to mine. He placed them on his chest, right above his heart. “I have hope,” he said, his gaze never leaving mine. “I have hope because I love you-I’ve been in love with you, Avery. Probably before I even realized that I was.”

“You loved me?” Cam dropped his forehead to mine and his chest rose sharply under my hands. “I love you.” My heart stuttered.

“You love me?” “Yes, sweetheart.” Wait for You,  Jennifer L. Armentrout

  • Cameron Hamilton: I have cookies.
  • Avery Morgansten: Cookies?
  • Cameron Hamilton: Yeah, and I made them. I’m quite the baker.
  • Avery Morgensten: You baked cookies?
  • Cameron Hamilton: I bake a lot of things, and I’m sure you’re dying to know all about those things. But tonight, it was chocolate and walnut cookies. They are the shit if I do say so myself.

Fictional Contemporary Couples 8/?: YA, NA and Romance novels


Endless list of ships: Cam & Avery {Wait For You by J.Lynn}

“Guess what, Avery?“
"What?” I wondered if he could see how fast my heart was beating beneath my shirt.
“Remember how you just said you were having a good time?” Cam lowered his head so that our mouths were scant inches apart. “It’s about to get better.”
“Is it?”
He shifted his head and his nose grazed mine. “Oh, yeah.”
“Are you not going to kiss me again?”
His lips tipped up. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”