Jack Whitehall To Star In Hollywood Film With Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson And Julia Roberts

Talk about going up in the world, eh?

Following the huge, huge, HUGE success of Jack Whitehall’s ‘Bad Education’ feature film, the comic has blagged himself a role in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

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Watch out Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s some fresh posh totty in town.

The British star will appear in ‘Mother’s Day’, a romantic comedy that will also feature - get this - Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudston, and Julia Roberts.

Phwoar, we think that we can work out what tempted Jack to the role, if ya know what we mean.

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The film started shooting earlier this month in Atlanta, and Jack shouldn’t have too much trouble getting into character considering he will be playing a British stand-up comedian.


He will also be the boyfriend of Britt Robertson’s character, Kristin, so he’s probs feeling more than a little bit chuffed about that. 

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Jack is yet to acknowledge his huge career break on his social media channels, but that’s most likely because he is so ruddy busy soaking up the success of ‘Bad Education: The Movie’.

The bigscreen adaptation of Jack’s hit BBC3 sitcom, the comedian plays a school teacher, Mr. Wickers, who takes his class on one last school trip after they’re GCSE exams.

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‘Mother’s Day’ will be released stateside in April, and in the UK shortly after - needless to say, we can’t wait to see Jack in the cinema again; especially if he will be sharing it with such Hollywood royalty.


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