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  • Jennifer: I have plenty of friends.
  • Edward: Why don't you ever have them over to the house?
  • Jennifer: I don't ever have them over to the house because of what you did the last time I had my friends over to the house.
  • Edward: And what was that, Jennifer?
  • Haytham: Jenny, stop! It's not worth it.
  • Jennifer: Oh! Last time my friends were over we were all sitting here watching a movie, you came downstairs completely nude, covered head to toe in salsa and screamed "Who wants Huevos Rancheros now, bitches" THAT'S WHY

AU (modern or nah) where Edward lives to a ripe old age and he, Haytham, Connor, and Jennifer are all in the same room at a family gathering and Edward’s got a glass of some alcoholic beverage (probably not his first of the night) in his hand and looks around at his family and says, “Everybody in this room is alive thanks to my cock.”

Cue chagrined reactions.

We are arguing over who’s “right” and who’s “better” while ignoring the victims of the Assassin and Templars war, the people. Their so called war for “a better future” is the main cause of the deaths/slaughter of innocents all over the world all the time since the war is never ending. The entire fight is one big ideological disagreement between two extremist orders killing for their creed with most members being fanatics. It can easily be talked out and they could unite… If they pulled their own heads out of their own arces. Both are fighting for peace while causing deaths of countless innocents and destruction of more or less everything they get involved in. How can any of them be “good” as long they are at war? Sure both orders have saved or could have saved nations and people from time to time but the people still pay with their blood in the war of theirs. Their war is the perfect example of what they want to prevent.
“Innocence dies and innocents die- this is what happens in a war… and the conflict between Templars and Assassins is no different.”
― Jennifer Scott, 1788.


The Doll-Bambola-Domya Creed

Pt.1 / Pt. 2 

“Safety and Peace to you brothers! (and sisters!)”


“Let us not forget why we are assassins- to achieve peace throughout the world, but also with our inner selves.”

“I believe, mio fratello!”

“Aye, you speak words of truth!”

“Remember fellow assassins;

Nothing is true, everything is permit- GHSHK!!”

One of the most reasonable people in this series is Jennifer Scott, at first she was jealous of her brother being trained to become an Assassin but as she was kidnapped the day her father was killed she was shown how cruel the Assassin/Templar war is, so she changed her mind. After years of service she’s saved by Haytham and she get to kill Birch. After that she stayed in touch with Haytham but never become a Templar. However she was disappointed Haytham stayed one and was sad when she learned of her brother’s death at the hands of his son. When Élise visited under a false identity to steal Haytham’s letters on the regards of unity between the orders Jennifer found out of her true identity and gave her the letters hoping for Élise would gain visdom and try to unite the orders. But they left on bad terms as she didn’t want to take part in the war as it already have claimed the life of her father and brother, with the latter being killed by his own son, an Assassin. Wanting unity and not to be part of the war makes her that. I like that, she’s a better outsider to the war than was Edward in Black Flag by not being in either side.

I am 18 today. I am adult in the eyes of the law…

I am legally responsible for my own actions from now until the day I die…

Yeah I’m all good…


“Happy” Father’s Day!

Haytham Kenway: “Still. I'm proud of you in a way. You have shown great conviction. Strength. Courage. All noble qualities”…
Connor Kenway: “Goodbye. Father”!

Jennifer Scott: “Hm! And what about Pirates? Will I see Pirates”?
Edward Kenway: “No. There is not much chance of that, I think”…

Haytham Kenway: “Won’t your arms tire”?
Edward Kenway: “I’m not so old as that”!

Well, after doing this, I’m kinda emotional now… T T

Yesterday I went to ACBC and got to meet the very adorable Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig! As a birthday present two of my friends got me the double photo op with them! I knew what I wanted to do and like usual I wanted to run it by the two of them to make sure that they were game! 

I went to Elizabeth first and told her the idea of how I wanted to do a photo of Me as Emma and Georgina linking hands deflecting magic and then her behind us bracing herself for whatever was coming. She was really excited about it and said of course! When I went to Georgina she had the same reaction, after she was done playing with my little Elsa doll that she took and started making her dance across her table while going lalalala… yup they are this adorable!

When it was my turn for the photo I had brought with me extra Yellow ribbon that I had mine on (I should have switched the hands) and but the other on Georgina. As the three of us were arranging ourselves I could hear Elizabeth saying, “Oh we got this, time to turn on the acting!” and then this was the result!

Both of them wanted to see it so I took it by their booths after! Elizabeth was so excited how it turned out she said that I needed to find a way to send a copy to her so she could show her mom (Hopefully she sees I tweeted it to her!) Georgina meanwhile kidnapped it, ran behind her table where i couldn’t go and then came back out and gave it back to me with it saying at the bottom “We’ll save Emma!” with her signature!

But really… I had a lot of fun with this one and the story behind it will always be fun to remember so THANK YOU GUYS!!!

I think there should be a DLC/Game devoted entirely to Haytham’s life which is based on the book ‘Forsaken’ because there are people who only know Haytham from Assassin’s Creed 3 and Rogue and don’t know most of his life, like what he went to go through to Jenny and one of his friends being turned into a eunuch and killing himself.