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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter One

A/N: Well, here it is! The infamous “TWAAL” I’ve been referring to for the longest time in my tags, has finally arrived. You may recognize it from an earlier version, but this here is the real deal; the new and improved lol! I was originally going to post this later, but I decided to surprise you all with its release.

Now then. Before I go any further with disclaimers and acknowledgements and what not, I’d like to point out that this is my first full length/chapter story….ever. A little over a year of writing, and I have not once attempted such a feat. This is new territory for me! So with that being said, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am so thankful to be in such a sweet and talented fandom, so your words inspire me, truly.

And I would like to give a huge thank you to catching-dandelions. She has essentially been my muse in this. Spitting ideas back and forth with me in the early hours of the morning, reading over my chapters, motivating me. A giant help over all; wouldn’t have been able to do this without her.

Alright. Enough of me rambling; a few disclaimers, and then we’ll get this show on the road!

Disclaimer #1: I do not claim to know any of the people depicted in this work, nor how they would react in the situations portrayed.

Disclaimer #2: Though this fanfiction is centered closely around real events, it is fictional. It runs from May 2014 to December 2014. Some dates may be a little different, and some events may be altered, all for the benefit of the story.

Disclaimer #3: This story does indeed have mentions of Nick, Claudia, and Chris. I apologize if any portrayal of them upsets you; again, merely fictional.

Disclaimer #4: Maturity wise, this story will contain language, domestic abuse, and sexual content.

And with that, I present to you…

The quietness of my hotel room provides me with two things:freedom, while at the same time, imprisonment.

It feels wonderful to be back, safe and sound with the rest of the cast in Berlin. But at the same time, I feel like there is a large crushing weight upon my shoulders.

Sighing loudly, I kick off my shoes, setting my travel bag down by the door. I don’t bother with unpacking, or showering, or anything productive. I just make a beeline straight for the bed.

Flopping down upon it, I throw the blankets over me, allowing them to encase me in their warmth; to hide me away from the rest of the world.

I just need some time to think, to catch up with myself. The past few days were probably harder than they needed to be.

I meant to erase all the toxicity in my life, to escape away from the source of my problems.

Break ups are never easy though.

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The best thing about Josh are his little tirades.  He gets very passionate and he’s very smart, which depending on my personal mood, can be very worst thing about Josh.
—  Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson behind the scenes on The Hunger Games (1/ ??)