jennie skeletons

Tucker: And THEN I blasted that ghost!
Danny: Um, are you the one with the ghost powers here..?

Hitting the pool tomorrow with @skeleton-jenny ‘s birthday party! Happy Birthday btw!
Also fun fact, Danny is wearing my swim trunks haha i love wearing them so much. Why are guys clothing so comfortable?Didnt really use a referance so i hope they came out good color wise (or character design wise never drew sam or tucker ha) Anyways have a good night!

The forest was slightly eerie in places, like most parts of the Scottish Highlands, and Algy was not quite sure what he might find around the next corner… There were dark, mysterious passages leading into the unknown heart of the forest, and here and there he found the pale skeleton of a tree that had passed on to another world. But as long as the sun was still shining and the robin was singing, Algy was not afraid :)

Algy says stay out of the dark shadows, and have a lovely weekend, everyone xoxo