jennie lake

More progress on Unquiet Waters (also known as Women Who Live Underwater and Mostly Want to Kill You).

From left to right, Rán, Jenny Greenteeth, a siren and some facet of the Lady of the Lake, haven’t decided which yet.

Eventually I’ll cut it into four and display it with a little gap between each illustration, but I wanted to give the water a through line.


I went on an impromptu Thanksgiving road trip to Grand Tetons National Park earlier this week. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work so I don’t have pictures of the actual park (insert angry-face emoji), but check out this GORGEOUS lichen: it’s Letharia vulpina, the fluorescent sunflower Koosh-ball lichen. 

It is not yellow. It is Day-Glo, fluorescent, neon yellow–imagine a beautiful mountain lake (Lake Jenny) carpeted with snow and these bright little creatures decorating all the trees…that’s the kind of holiday decorating I like.

Happy Thanksgiving!

EDIT! This is L. columbiana, not L. vulpina. Columbiana forms apothecia while vulpina makes isidia and soredia. Cool!

The “Unquiet Waters” project (aka Women Who Live Underwater and Mostly Want to Kill You) got the professorial go ahead, and so I’m off with the customarily vague instructions about what I should come to class with on Monday. Because clarity is definitely overrated.

This will eventually be a quadriptych of Rán, Jenny Greenteeth, a siren and the Lady of the Lake. But right now it’s just a lot of thumbnails and the beginnings of a background