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Spoilers for 5.4

  • It was just a top quality bit of television wasn’t it? BBC and Heidi and everyone else that makes Call the Midwife just make everything so well and handle all the stories perfectly.
  • I like that there are more scenes with all the midwifes and Delia together, the one on the steps was really good before Trixie got all funny with Barbara. Again like I’ve said each time Delia’s really funny.
  • Patsy and Delia had a good wee bit there when Patsy got home from work, Delia looked so cute with her hair down and everything was lovely. It was clearly a perfect moment for a kiss mind you, but again classic Call the Midwife it’s pretty much lewd if a couple bloody brushes arms.
  • Everyone in our living room was going “Trixie no, stop it!” when we saw her with the baby cham, thank God Tom took it off her before she had any of it.
  • I’m really glad Trixie and Tom were talking and sorted things out between them. I’m not sure if everyone agrees with me but I think Tom and Barbara are great together.
  • Nurse Crane has suddenly become a fast favorite for me. She’s hilarious, mostly accidentally, and she gives quality advice, all of her scenes are the best.
  • You’d think there would be a limited amount of nursing related story-lines to keep everyone interested but apparently not. The Cunningham baby being left in the sluice with the windows wide open was grim. I’m usually not Sister Julienne’s number one fan but I actually really liked her this episode. I feel like she’s usually just there to calm everyone down and to be the voice of reason, also to represent the old way of thinking and to be proved wrong by one of the younger midwifes such as Trixie in 5.1. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was just nice to see her involved in a story-line completely.
  • I also really liked the Bible verse, I believe it’s Isaiah 43:1, that she said as the baby died. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the same one from 4.2 that Tom used at the baby April Bisset’s funeral, I can’t say I’m religious but I just love it.
  • One of my brothers and I thought the boy, Ian, was going to attempt suicide. Another thing I like about Call the Midwife is that they don’t just have characters kill themselves to get the point across that they’re in a horrible situation, they do it excellently without that. They did it in 4.3 with Tony Amos too.
  • Good to see the Turners having some good scenes, and two scenes with top banter from Tim. They haven’t really had anything since 5.1 so I’m very glad. Also I love Tim. Also Angela is cute.
  • I’ll finish with another top quote from Barbara, “Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to get on with these fuzzy felt apostles”. God I love her.

Spoilers for 5.3

  • Patsy’s face when she was rushing home and up the stairs because she knew Delia was home.
  • Just those two together, they’re so cute.
  • Delia being at Nonnatus and it being shown that it’s going to be murder for them to try and stay a secret whilst all living together. Plus Delia being funny about it, she’s actually really funny this series I like her a lot.
  • Saying that, I’m pretty sure Nurse Crane and maybe even to some degree Sister Julienne, know about Patsy and Delia. I don’t think Trixie is too far off the mark either and it’s just a matter of time before Sister Monica Joan says something poetic about it to one of them. 
  • Patsy did more of this last episode but she says a lot of things which are clearly about how she has to hide her relationship/sexuality, she usually says it to someone like Nurse Crane or Trixie as well, someone who is sharp enough to catch on to what she really means.
  • I really like Nurse Crane being involved with all the other midwifes and giving them advice but also having a laugh with them. The scenes when they’re all at Nonnatus talking together are great. She was very good to Trixie about her AA meetings as well.
  • Again I really like Barbara and Tom together, I don’t think Trixie and Tom were right for each other at all.
  • Sister Winifred and Mrs Whitmore’s storyline was excellent, I guessed she was going to go for the coat hanger which was awful when she did. I notice that nobody seems to like her as a character but I quite like Sister Winifred, she can be awfully judgmental at times but she learned from her mistakes this time.
  • Is it bad that I don’t miss Sister Evangelina at all? She made things worse most of the time.
  • The symbolism of Sister Monica Joan planting the weeds with Patsy, I kid you not I’m going to learn how to gif as soon as my prelims are over.
  • Overall the best moment was when Barbara called Nurse Crane a brick. What a good word.
Ashton's best girl friend hates you

background: after he finds out one of his life-long friends doesn’t like you together as a couple, ashton has a decision to make–you, or his friend

a/n: hope this is what the anon was looking for :)

word count: 938


A friend of Ashton’s had his birthday and decided to have a huge party at his house when his parents left for the weekend. He invited the band and probably fifty other people as everyone cramped up in the building. You were sitting back with Ashton on the couch when he suddenly got up to greet a girl.

Her name was Jenny, and Ashton had been friends with her since they were almost toddlers. It shocked you that he didn’t end up dating her, but the friendly bond they had together was one that couldn’t be broken by a relationship. You watched him hug and talk to her as he pointed at you over his shoulder, most likely telling her that he came with you and the boys. She looked over his shoulder and at you before her gaze turned into a glare.

You didn’t hate her. You didn’t like her because of the fact that she thought you were completely wrong for Ashton, but she hadn’t really done anything to you and vice versa. You didn’t know why she disliked you so much.

Jenny whipped around quickly as she strutted off into the crowd of people, and Ashton grimaced and walked back over to you. “Well, that was weird.”

“She hates me so much, it’s unreal,” you said, taking a sip of your drink.

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Warning: Tiny bit of smut.


Chapter 15

You laid in bed playing with a loose sting on the duvet, You couldn’t help but think back to yesterday and the accident you had and how embarrassed you felt. Your phone was with notifications on your social media, You knew it was most likely people talking about the fight at the beach, You reached over to the bed side table and grabbed your phone, turning it off you open the drawer and toss it in, Shutting th drawer.
The bedroom door opened and Calum walked in with a plate of food and a drink in his hands, He sat on the bed next to you and set the plate between the two of you and your drink on the table. 
“I’m not hungry.” You say.
“I don’t care.” he says
“Ashton and Jenny told me you haven’t been eating.” He adds.
“Or sleeping. That’s why you’ve been feeling so ill.” he says
“Thanks Dr. Hood. I wasn’t aware.” You say and he lets out a sigh
Calum climbs on the bed and lays down next to you, Turning the TV, He switches through the channels and takes a sip of your drink.
“Can you please leave?” You ask.
“Nope. Not unless you finish everything on your plate.” He says as he takes another sip of your drink, You felt so irritated with him the only thing you could think to do was grab the cup and tilt it so it spilt all over him.
“Are you insane?!” He yells as she shoots up from the bed.
“Yeah! I must be if i dated you!” You yell as you stand from the bed as well, You walk over to the door, ready to leave but Calum grabs your arm and you yank it out of his grip
“Don’t touch me!” You yell.
“Stop yelling!” He says through gritted teeth as he grabs a hold of your arm again, You try to push him away from you but his grip was too tight, You tried to get him of you but he put you in bear hug, As you tried to push him away one last time you both stumble back against the wall and he holds you there and you just begin to cry.
“I hate you.” You say through your sobs.
“No you don’t.” He says with a shaky voice.
“Yes i do.” You say as you try your best to push him again but he held you even tighter.
“No you don’t.” He whispers as he tries to catch his breath, You can feel it fan over your face, He was so close to you and he kisses your lips and you couldn’t help but kiss him back.

He was like a drug and you were the addict, You missed the rush he gave you when he kissed you, The feeling of his lips on yours made you feel good, and sick at the same time, but you couldn’t help but kiss them. His hands grabbed your face hard as he kissed you even harder, Before you knew it your clothes were off and so was his, He grabbed your legs and propped you up against the wall, He thrust in you and you let out a moan, You missed the way he felt. His lips made there way to your neck and could feel his breath on your skin as he opened his mouth and let out a moan.
“You’re so beautiful.” He says and You began to feel sick again as you the images of the girl and Calum filled your mind.
“Stop!” You say.
“What?” He says.
“I said stop!” You yell again and he lets you go, You grab you clothes and put them on.
“Please leave.” You say.
“What’s wrong?” He says as he slips on his pants.
“Just leave! Please.” You say.
“What did i do?” He asks as he tries to touch you to calm you,.
“Calum please!” You say once more. He stood there for a second and you just stared at the ground until he finally left.
You sat on the bed and began to cry.
You couldn’t even sleep with him without hating him even more.

5:00 Am
You laid there in the bed, Contempating on what you were going to do. You didn’t want to be here anymore. There was no point in you being here anymore. You didn’t have Calum anymore, And if you didn’t have Calum you didn’t have the rest of the boys, You had no family, Your friends are grown and have their own life. You have nothing.
You grabbed your bag and slipped on your shows, Grabbed your phone and headed out the door, You made sure to be extra quiet as you snuck passed Calums room and out the front door. You didn’t really know where you were gonna go but you just wanted to walk. Just go anywhere it didn’t matter just as long as it was far from Him.

You sat on the beach and watched as the waves came crashing up by the shore, The air was warm and and the sand was soft and you felt alright for a second and you just wished you could stay in this spot forever, But your mind went back to him and you felt sad again. You couldn’t be here anymore. You grabbed your phone out of your bag and dialed Ashton.
“Hello?” He says in a groggy voice, He must have just woken up.
“I need my ticket back.” You say calmly.
“[Y/N].. Please don’t-” He says.
“Ashton i’m serious. Please can i have it back?” You say, You began to get a bit frustrated and you wanted to cry but you held it in. It was silent for a bit on the other line.
“Fine.” He says with a sigh.
“Where are you?” He asks and you told him, He said he’d be there in just a few, To wait there and he’d meet you.

30 Minutes later
You see someone sit next to you in your peripheral vision and you could tell who it was right away and it wasn’t Ashton.
“What are you doing here?” You ask, Keeping your attention on the ocean in front of you.
“Ashton told me you were here.” He says
“Please don’t go.” He whispers with a shake in his voice, You look over at him and see tears in his eyes. You just shake your head and scoff as you turn your attention back to the water.
“You know what i don’t understand?” You say with a tiny laugh.
“You don’t really know how much i love you.” You say.
“Yes i do.” He says and you look at him and shake your head.
“No. You don’t.” You say.
“I would die for you. I would do anything for you and i have. I dropped everything. School. For you. I left my friends behind so i could travel with you so you could have me closer with you when you were gone because that’s what YOU wanted. I’ve dealt with being called names and being threatened and wouldn’t tell you about it so YOU didn’t worry. You screwed another girl and i said nothing and you didn’t even apologize. I’ve dealt with rumors about YOU. I’ve lied for YOU and i’ve kept things from people. For YOU. You always thought that you loved me more but you really didn’t. Because "i will love you until the world stops” doesnt really mean shit to you because if you really loved me you would put MY feelings first. You wouldn’t put me down for befriending Arzaylea when i wanted to make peace because you wanted to be alfa, You wanted to show me who was boss, ‘YOU can’t be friend with them [[Y/N] if i’m not friends with them.’ 'Don’t do this [Y/N] its not like you.’ 'Don’t talk about that [Y/N] i can’t have people thinking that.’  And i loved you so i didn’t. You can screw a girl and it’s okay but i can’t even look at another man without you freaking out.“ You begin
"I excepted your proposal because i was going to trust you with my life. I was going to commit myself one hundred percent to you,. But you know Calum….. I don’t think i can do that anymore, when you can’t think about committing, Hell, You were scared to even think about having a child with me.” You add.
“Theres a saying Ashton said once when we were in Bali, 'Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’. He said it about Arz and Luke and how he cars too much about her to see that what she does is bad.. But now that i think about it… I think it applies to us. I was just so in love i couldn’t realize how fucked this relationship was.” You say.
Calums was crying now, He wouldn’t even look at you, It hurt to see him cry but you were hurt too. And he didn’t care.
“I do love you. I’ll do anything please!” He says. You look down at the sand and thought about it, You didn’t want to be haarsh anymore but you need to show him what his life was going to be like without you in it.
“Call Ashton and tell him to give me my  ticket.” You say point blank, Calum looks at you for a second and then tilts his head back as he takes in a deep breath, he didn’t want to do it, but he reaches and grabs his phone from his pocket and dials the number and puts it up to his ear.
“Ashton mate.” He says with a sniff as he wipes his nose with the back of his sleeve.
“Yeah, I need you to meet [Y/N] at the beach, She needs-” he starts but he chokes up, he clears his throat and wipes his nose once more.
“She needs her ticket.” He says.
“I’m fine Ash, please?” He adds.
“Thanks mate.” He says as he hangs up the phone. He looks over at you and wipes his face.
“He’ll be here in five.” He says and you nod your head.
“Thank you.” You say,
“I told you i loved you, And i would do anything so i did.” He says as he puts his phone back in his pocket, You look at him and he looks at you for a second, His eyes travel around your fave, really looking at you, His mouth forms in to a tiny sad smirk, He leans over and kisses your cheek.
“Have a safe flight.” He says as he stands up and walks off.


Spoilers for 5.1

  • Obviously the very sad and very well done thalidomide story.
  • We saw Patsy delivering a baby again which we didn’t see a lot of last series particularly towards the end.
  • Delia got a full bill of health and she’s living at Nonnatus! I’m delighted we get to see more of her and particularly more of her and Patsy although they’ll have to be more careful with everyone around, what are the chances of Trixie or maybe even someone else catching them or at least a very very close call. Exciting but also terrifying. Also, those two have really good chemistry. 
  • Obviously this program has always been about women but this took it to a new level. A lot about women being amazing and powerful and beautiful. Very feminist, I remember Patsy telling Rhoda that women should run the country and Trixie saying that owning a women’s body should be a joy, also Sister Julienne saying they treasure their young women or words to that effect. Particularly liked this aspect of the program and I’m getting the strong impression it’s going to continue. 
  • At the risk of sounding a wee bit like a hypocrite (because of the last point), all the midwifes looked incredible in their leotards and underwear. My gay is showing.
  • Predicted this ages ago: Barbara and Tom like each other big style but there is going to be drama regarding Trixie.
  • Nice bits between Sister Winifred and Sister Mary Cynthia, I think it’s good for Sister Winifred to have someone her own age in her own position.
  • Never been a huge turnadette fan, I know shoot me now, but they are great aren’t they? Especially Shelagh, nice to see her delivering a baby.
  • Everyone was super funny tonight, maybe because I haven’t seen a new episode in a while aside from Christmas but it was hilarious.
  • They’ve really made Call the Midwife even better this series. I’ll stop now.
You Meet Him At A Concert (Ashton/4)

Request: Can you make an ashton one where he meets you at a concert?



“Are you ready?” Your best friend, Jenny calls

“Yeah! I’m just getting my ticket!” You shout back

Tonight, you are going to see one of your favourite bands, All Time Low. You booked the tickets ages ago and now the night has finally arrived. You’re so excited!

You rush downstairs and say goodbye to your parents, “Dad are you still picking us up?”

“Yes, I’m still picking you up. Now go on, go have fun” He smiles

You and Jenny make your way out to the bus stop just down the road.

“Hey, I’m really excited” Jenny beams when you reach the stop.

“I know so am I! I’ve just got this feeling that it’s going to be the best night ever!”


“Well I’m gonna go to the bar, you want anything?” You announce when the two of you have found your place

“Erm, just a coke!” Jenny smiles

“Coming up” You reply, before going to find the bar.

You eventually find it back at the front of the venue, and you wait in the growing crowd of people. You’re being pushed around by people in front of you, beside you and behind you. You’re about to give up on buying drinks, as this is just getting ridiculous. But as you stand there, determined to stay where you are, you’re pushed by someone in front of you and your head smacks off the person behind you.

“Ow!” both you and the person behind you exclaim in unison

You turn around, “I’m so sorry! I got pushed by someone in front of me, I’m really, really sorry!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it” the young guy smiles at you, and you instantly recognise him. But you don’t want to seem creepy and mention it, so you play it cool.

“It’s so crowded here” You state

“Yeah” he laughs “You can say that again”

You don’t quite know what to say after that so you go to turn back around, but he speaks up, “So, you a big All Time Low fan?”

You nod, “Yeah, I am! Take it you are too”

He nods, “Always have been and now…err…I don’t want to brag or anything, but now they’re good friends of mine…you know who…”

You nod, “I do, don’t worry. You’re not bragging. You’re friends with them, I know you are”

He giggles anxiously, “Yeah sorry, I just never know if people recognise me or not, I kinda never know what to expect”

You laugh, “It’s okay. I recognised you straight away but I guessed you didn’t want a big fuss so I didn’t say anything”

He smiles at you, thankfully “Thanks. I’m sorry but I don’t even know your name…”

“(Y/N)” You announce

“Hi, err, I’m Ashton” He says biting his lip

“Yeah, I know” You state

Her nervously giggles, scratching the back of his neck at the same time.

After that, the two of you do nothing but talk. You talk about All Time Low, you talk about other bands, his band, you, him…you talk about pretty much everything. You actually find that the two of you have a lot on common, and it’s almost as if you’re not talking to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer…you’re just talking to some guy you bumped into. Which, you suppose, is what it is.

“What can I get you two?” The guy at the bar says as the two of you approach it

“Oh, err” he stutters “She’s first, not me”

“Oh no, you go first” You insist

“You were in front of me, you go” He smirks

You smile, “Thanks Ashton”

“Can I have two cokes please?” You ask the bartender

He smiles and nods before proceeding to bring you your drinks.

“You’re here with a friend?” Ashton asks you

“Yeah, she’s called Jenny. She’s waiting at our spot” You explain

He nods, “Cool”

The bartender gives you your drinks and you pay him. Once you’re done, Ashton orders his drink and you decide to wait for him.

A minute later and you’re squeezing out the crowd of people to get to an empty spot.

“Where are you and your friend tonight?” Ashton asks you

“We’re over there” You say, gesturing over to where you had left Jenny.

“Right well, give me that drink and I’ll carry it there for you” He suggests

“I can’t ask you to do that” You object

“No, seriously, I err, I want to” He blushes

“Well if you insist”

You lead him to where Jenny is and you have to warn her with your eyes not to freak out. She loves 5sos. You hand her the drink you carried, and Ash hands you your coke.

“Jenny this is Ashton, I bumped into him in the crowd for the bar. Pretty much head-butted him in the chin. Ashton this is Jenny” You introduce

“Hi Jenny” Ashton says politely

“Oh my god hi” Jenny pretty much squeals

“Hey (Y/N)?” Ashton begins


“I mean, I know we’ve only just met but I’ve really enjoyed spending this short time together. So I was just wondering if I could have your number?” He asks, anxiously

You blush, “Erm, yeah sure. Pass me your phone”

He takes his phone out of his pocket and hands you it, and you enter your number and save it to his phone, “There you go. Text me anytime!”

“I will, thanks (Y/N)” He grins “I should get back to the boys, but it was nice meeting you two”

“Wait! The other boys are here?” Jenny questions.

You want to face-palm at her eagerness.

Ashton laughs, “Yeah, yeah. They’re all backstage with the guys from All Time Low”

Jenny’s eyes nearly fall from her sockets, “That’s so cool!”

Ashton bursts out laughing, “See you two later!”

“Bye!” we call together

“Oh my god, look at you two getting on well together!” Jenny exclaims once Ashton has walked away

Before you can reply, the lights go off and the intro begins to play. It’s time for you to see one of your favourite bands for the very first time. Except, you’re even more hyped than you were before. You just gave Ashton Irwin your number because he actually asked for it. How cool is that?


“Was it good?” Your dad asks as you and Jenny climb into the car once you exit the venue

“Yeah, it was so good!” You call

“Honestly, Jack Barakat must be some kind of God. Gosh, I love that man!” Jenny continues

You laugh, “I don’t know, Mr Gaskarth was looking pretty fine tonight”

“So did Zack. And Rian” Jenny adds “….just, all of them! All of them are fine to the bones!”

You and Jenny laugh as your dad rolls his eyes. He still hasn’t got used to the whole teenage-daughter-crushing-on-band-members thing yet. You don’t expect he ever will.

Your phone beeps and you just expect it to be your mum asking if you’re on your way back yet, but your heart skips a beat when you realise it’s from an unknown number. There’s only really one logical person it can be.

Hi (y/n) it’s Ashton here. So, did you enjoy yourself tonight? They were insane! :)



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