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Graffiti artist Lady Pink photographed by Lisa Kahane wearing a Jenny Holzer T-shirt,1983.

“The ‘Truisms’ (1977- 79) were perhaps an overly ambitious attempt to make an outline of everything that I wanted to do. I’m not sure I knew that at the time I wrote them, but that’s what I’ve come to recognize. I wanted to have almost every subject represented, almost every possible point of view, and then I had to sort out what those sentences should appear on.” - Jenny Holzer

I can’t believe her own fans completely ignored her at her first fanmeet. Even if you aren’t a fan of her the ?? least ?? you could do is give her the respect she deserves as a hardworking member of the group you’ve paid to attend the fanmeet of. I feel like this really says something about kpop fandom culture lmao but that’s none of my business ☕

EDIT: the fans were not ignoring her, but were being manhandled by the guards who directed them to other members so not many got to her at all. It’s still really upsetting that she was so sad at her very first fanmeet, imo. No matter whether it was a fan or guard, no one deserves to feel excluded like that :(( Here is the full fancam:

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My Wedding Date

Well, the plan was that chase, his girlfriend and I would attend his sister’s wedding down south. It was a weekend long and we could do whatever we wanted, and we planned to spend it partying. So I didn’t have to go alone, chase’s friend Jenny would be my date. I had only spoken to Jenny for a total of 30 minutes before the trip, and had no idea what she was like.
We made our way to the bottom of the state, got ready, and then attended the ceremony. I hadn’t seen Jenny at all that day, except for a few glances during the ceremony, and I could already tell I had this an carnal magnetism toward her. It wasn’t until the reception that we actually got to sit down and talk. She was wearing this black lace dress that was driving me absolutely insane. Our chairs moved closer and closer together as our conversation carried on, and then our topic started to take a more intimate turn. I tried to remain a gentleman and refrain from taking her off somewhere private . It was so tempting to when she would make comments like “I’m glad you like my dress……my panties match you know….”. She made it so difficult but I prevailed. It wasn’t until we were in the back of the car heading to the house that I gave in. My hand dropped to her thigh and moved up and down as we started passionately kissing in the backseat. Chase and his girlfriend Brandy were already distracted with Brandy’s drunkenness and their own dirty talk. When we got back to the house we were the only four there. It was at that point that Chase explained to me that there were only two bedrooms, so Jenny and I had to share. I knew I was a goner. There was no way that I could get through the night without making a move on this girl. Chase and Brandy shuffled off to their own bedroom, and Jenny and I retreated to ours. The second we got inside and close the door, Jenny asked me to unzip the back of her dress. Once I did, she turned around and begin helping me out of my clothes. It wasn’t long before we were both lustfully stripping each other down, kicking our shoes across the room, and me laying her down gently on the bed. Are kissing continued, our tongues becoming intwined as our hands roamed over each other’s warm bodies. Afterwhile I can’t take it anymore. I took both of her hands forcefully and placed them above her head saying, “don’t you dare move these”. I then released my grip from her wrists and started kissing all the way down her body until I was kissing down the inside of her thighs. She quietly gasped every time my lips came in contact. I then worked my way back up, and started swirling my tongue are her clit. Her body began to respond. I couldn’t help but glance up as I watched her sexy hips arch, and her body gently rock and twist. I kept going and going, changing patterns, speeds, pressures. Making her edge and orgasm. In my mind I gave out an evil chuckle, seeing the power I had over her body. But it’s quickly silenced by the thought that she has the same effect on my body. A wave of lust and craving washes over me. I want this girl to be weak when I’m done with her. I want her legs to be shaking, her breathing ragged. I won’t stop until I’m satisfied. So I continue, also using my fingers to gently rub against her G spot. Her hips rock and writhe even more. Good, That’s what I like to see. My hands go to her legs and I have her bed her knees more and place her feet flat on the bed. Then I spread her legs wider. “ you won’t move your legs either”, I say. I don’t expect her to comply, seeing how she is fighting herself to not move her hands. My tongue rubs harder and the strokes of my finger against her g spot become longer and more firm as she begins to orgasm. Her legs shake and her hips buck as she moans out loud.

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“Did you hear? Shawn’s supposed to be taking a year off to come to school.” Your best friend asked you as you were unpacking all of the boxes in your shared apartment.

You roll your eyes at the mention of his name. “Yeah, Jenny, I heard. Don’t have to remind me.” You mutter back. Shawn is a sore spot for you, but Jenny continuously insisted on bringing him up every chance you got.

You and Shawn dated your senior year of high school, but then he caught his big break and walked away without ever looking back. It’s not good for my image to have a girlfriend, he told you the day before he left for his big tour. You understand, right?

Except you didn’t understand. You never could understand why he didn’t want to continue your relationship, even if it were to be a secret.

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[TWITTER] 170705 KBSHONGKIRA: Cute, pretty, lovely, great at singing, bursting with excitement, swag, they’re all smiles. They have it all, don’t they? They do 👍 #Rosé and #Lisa who transformed into Woongie Daddy because they lost the game and the still excited #Jisoo and #Jennie. BeulPing… aren’t they so lovable.. 💕  #BLACKPINK #HONGKIRA #SavedInOurHearts #LeeHongkisKissTheRadio 

Translator’s Note: Woongie Daddy is a popular Korean comedy character from 2008.
Trans: black2dpink824

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Blackpink reaction to your morning/sleepy voice!

{ Rosé }

“Oh really, explain!”

Rosé would find your morning voice one of the many attractive traits about you. Sometimes you would wake up from an eventful dream, or even a nightmare, and she would never get bored of hearing you ramble on. 

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{ Jisoo }

“Omg that’s so cute”

Jisoo hadn’t got used to your morning voice so when you told her “Good morning babe” it caught her off guard- but in the best way possible. You would get embarrassed but she would reassure you that it was adorable.

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{ Jennie }

“I just can’t get enough of that voice damn”

Jennie would be infatuated with your morning voice, she can’t start the day without it. Similar to Rosé, she would listen to your voice for hours on end but would definitely let you know that she loves it.

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{ Lisa }

“Say that again? Haha!”

Lisa would find your morning voice cute but for the most part, funny. She would tease you and you would have to avoid it by tickling her to death. It would be incredibly innocent though, she would tease you because she loved you.

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