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Graffiti artist Lady Pink photographed by Lisa Kahane wearing a Jenny Holzer T-shirt,1983.

“The ‘Truisms’ (1977- 79) were perhaps an overly ambitious attempt to make an outline of everything that I wanted to do. I’m not sure I knew that at the time I wrote them, but that’s what I’ve come to recognize. I wanted to have almost every subject represented, almost every possible point of view, and then I had to sort out what those sentences should appear on.” - Jenny Holzer

i love rugby

79. Blackpink x Supergirl crossover pt.1

Summary: Jennie Kim didn’t think her first day out in the field as a DEO agent would involve another kryptonian pod crashing and having a beautiful alien pop out. She also didn’t anticipate being tasked with helping you acclimate to life on Earth. With her friends, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose, Jennie will try to help you make Earth your new home.

Note: Sorry I couldn’t find the creator of the gif. Hope you all enjoy this, it was a blast to write! It’s definitely Jennie x Reader but I include the other girls in as much as I can.

Note 2: Just to be clear, Jennie and Lisa work at the DEO. Jisoo works for Catco and Rose for the Daily Planet.

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What if?


Lisa: Unnie what if I don’t exist?

Jennie: Lisa I swear to god if you don’t go to sleep, I will hurt you.

Lisa: What if none of this is real? What if pain is just an illusion?!

*Jennie hits Lisa in the face with a pillow*

Jennie: Look at that, pain is real. You are real. And I am real close to kicking your ass. Go to bed child.

  • *chaennie sitting at the table eating cereal*
  • Rosé [talking about Jisoo]: ohh you like her
  • Jennie: no I don't
  • Rosé: you like her
  • Jennie [stands up with her bowl in her hands]: you know I'm going to bed to think, I'm gonna think in bed
  • Rosé: to think about how you like her
  • Jennie: NO I DON'T
BLACKPINK - Reaction to their s/o being a bookworm.



Just getting home from a stressful day at practice, Jisoo notices you lying on the sofa; A large blanket was wrapped around you and you appeared to have a book in your hands. You were so absorbed in the book that you didn’t notice Jisoo arriving home. Taking a seat next to you and your mountain of blankets, Jisoo would finally break your attention from the book. 

“You like books? I didn’t know this,” She’d question, not judging you, just curious to know more about your interests.


Most of the time, it wouldn’t bother Jennie. In fact, she loves that you have something that you enjoy and can do while she is at practice or promoting. However, when she is home and you happen to read for a few hours, Jennie becomes lonely and bored. At first, she’s a bit hesitant to interfere because she knows how much you love it but she becomes too bored.

“Y/n! I miss you, will you watch a drama with me?” Jennie begged, emphasising the aegyo. How could you resist? Seriously? You’d have to be magic?


Even if Chaeyoung doesn’t know much about the book you’re reading, she’ll listen to you ramble about it for as long as you wish. In between her busy schedule, she tries her hardest to read the books that you’ve recommended to her in your long conversations but of course, she doesn’t get much time if any to read.

“I managed to read the first chapter of that book you recommend to me,” she informed you, “Hopefully, I’ll be able to read more soon.”


There’s no doubt in my mind that Lisa wouldn’t find it the cutest thing in the world. When she comes back from practice and you’re in bed, invested in a book. How can she not find that cute? She’ll always treat you to new books just so she can see you read more or the joy on your face when you get a book. Lisa just finds it cute, okay?

jenny_c: Okay, now send me a message to test it out!!

jenny_c: Rupert??

jenny_c: It shouldn’t take that long to send a test message

giles: why does this computers shift key refuse to work

giles: my sentences are uncomfortably lacking punctuation

giles: this is an incredibly useless contraption

jenny_c: I love you

giles: as i love you

giles: there is absolutely no one else i would do this for

jenny_c: That’s seriously the most romantic thing you could ever say to me

giles: what about what i said in the hospital

giles: where i said how sorry i was and how much i would miss you if you left

giles: i thought that was very eloquent

jenny_c: I mean, that part was kind of pointless

jenny_c: I’m not leaving Sunnydale just because you went drinking with Ethan

jenny_c: You’re really, ridiculously idiotic sometimes, but I don’t ever want to lose you

giles: fljsdflkjfdskj

jenny_c: Rupert?

jenny_c: I heard a lot of stuff knock over downstairs. You okay?

giles: i tried to polish my glasses and knocked a set of dictionaries onto the keyboard

giles: there are a lot of books stacked on this desk

giles: it is something of a hazard

jenny_c: I’m flattered to know I inspire such a reaction.

giles: are we done with the test drive of my internet messaging system

giles: because if we are i would like to come upstairs and kiss you

jenny_c: If it’s only kissing, I want out of this relationship

giles: dsfljkdsfkjlfds

jenny_c: your glasses are fine, babe, come upstairs