jenni rhodes

The signs as Gossip Girl characters
  • Aries: Jenny Humphrey
  • Taurus: Lily Rhodes
  • Gemini: Dan Humphrey
  • Cancer: Ivy Dickens
  • Leo: Blair Waldorf
  • Virgo: Serena Van der Woodsen
  • Libra: Nate Archibald
  • Scorpio: Chuck Bass
  • Sagittarius: Carol Rhodes
  • Capricorn: Georgina Sparks
  • Aquarius: Rufus Humphrey
  • Pisces: Eric Van der Woodsen
  • PLUS:
  • Ophiuchus: Vanessa Abrams
Petition for More SPN Women at Creation Cons

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So here’s the thing. I love Creation Entertainment, and I love their conventions. But I really want to see more women there. At BurCon, Felicia and Kim and a bunch of others lived locally but either weren’t invited or couldn’t make the scheduling – and my guess is they didn’t get invites. I love the female characters we get on the show. I love that the writers seem to be listening, and this season giving us more badass, complex women front and center. I want the chance to see the women who portray those characters face to face at cons and tell them how much their work means to me. 

Representation matters. 

Please share and sign.

Eighth Men Bound a Future — A Doctor Who Fanmix

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