jennhoney personal log


Auntmurble: four puppies were abandoned at…

Me: four is about exactly right for me let’s go get ‘em.

Auntmurble: *continues to talk and talk*

Me: less yammer more action. I’ll go warm up the car.

We’re going to take Jazz to the vet today. We couldn’t get an appointment until 3. She had four seizures during the night. She’s had any snack she wants. I’ve been wrestling her out of and away from weird cramped spaces and dangerous scenarios all night. She wedged herself under my desk and knocked my computer over. She suddenly is fascinated with a kitchen cupboard and I keep steering her away from trying to walk into the fireplace. We don’t have any floo powder, Jazz.

Anyway she’s the best and everything is terrible and stupid.

On the 31st of October when we were wandering the aisles of Target I asked if we were going directly home afterwards. Murble gave an open ended ~the world is our oyster~, “Well..?!?” and I was just trying to figure out if it was a good time to get a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream but I said, “I guess we are unencumbered and could go anywhere we want. We should drive to New York and Oregon. not today though. I’m tired and we should hand out some of this candy we are buying.”

I didn’t get ice cream.

A few days later I asked, “are you doing Thanksgiving or can we run away?”

“Oh…We, (the Aunts) did talk about Thanksgiving.”

“What was talked about?”

“like, you bring the green beans, you bring this. I’ll do the turkey.”

“UGH. we could have called my dad to bring UncleDucey a sack of hot sandwiches and been on a train on Thanksgiving. serving no one. a burden to no one. We could have been in a convenience store parking lot feasting on bag pickles and corn nuts!”

“You’re right. I’m sorry I suffer from such a lack of imagination.”

I honestly don’t care about my kindle dying and I’m not in any hurry to replace it. I liked it. It was nice but whatever. It was just a thing that happened to me yesterday so I shared it here.

So this is just another thing that is happening in my day that I don’t really care about but, doesn’t the third paragraph negate the first paragraph?


I stood in the hallway with my coat on for over 10 minutes while Murble sat in the running car. We had several discussions about leaving at 11, and I kept pointing out to her how it was not yet 11 but that didn’t stop her going out to the car. Free shrugs.

Thor was so much fun I loved it so much. And then I decided to walk the 40 minutes to a home store and bookstore and craft store. It’s not a pretty walk and there is heavy traffic and no sidewalks but I need walks. Part of my plan for the day was to trap myself somewhere and see what would happen. I found some stocking stuffers and just before five Murble picked me up and we brought food home. Now it’s time for sad bedroom time.