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Dear People

The recent Netflix programme ‘Dear White People’ is not intrinsically racist. I’m a white male - which, according to the common SJW logic that permeates the show, is a guiltworthy offense - but I’m not offended by it or it’s dubious title. I should also note that I’m a liberal and, at that, of the centre-left political spectrum.

Having said that, I’m going to explain why DWP is terrible.

As a series of episodes, DWP only appears to be a manifesto of the current ‘social correctness’ trend. This is found among Pepsi & Kendall Jenner adverts, Tumblr blogs and swarms of annoying ‘socially aware’ college kids who call anything that doesn’t fit with their narrow, superfluous version of liberalism intolerant. The social justice warrior ideology is essentially just dumbed-down liberalism for the smart phone era; it’s raison d'etre is genuine and understandable, but past it’s foundational concern (racism, in this case) it’s ethics spiral into bigoted nonsense.

Instead of actually portraying the very urgent racism in Trumps America, the characters of DWP only seem to care about social superficialities they find offensive. These offensive social superficialities range from remarking whether someone is half white or half black (I’ll note that to percieve someone as black or white is a surface observation - you shouldn’t be offended by it unless it’s in a malicious context) and from nasty white Ivy Leaguers dressing up as stereotypical black people. I don’t go to an Ivy League college (I’m white and somehow not a filthy rich racist, imagine!) so I don’t know how their students act. It is tasteless, but I wouldn’t lose my shit over it and equate it to extreme racism.

DWP parades the idea that all white people are automatically responsible for partaking in a racist regime, and should apologize for thus. Like most SJW ideas, there’s some truth here, but it’s a terrible argument. It’s childish discrimination to call someone you don’t know ‘privileged’ based on one surface variable and then demand they say sorry for it. The only leg this logic can stand on is supposing the person in question doesn’t know racism exists.

Here’s the biggest problem however: DWP isn’t illustrating anything new. It’s not easy to watch since it’s facetious and badly written, so I can’t imagine it changing the mind of anyone who does perpetrate racist mechanisms. It’s not going to shake people and provoke them to peacefully co-exist with others regardless of appearance. It’s giving liberal thought a bad name.

Dear White People proclaims itself a comedy while not being funny. Imagine, for example, I write a drama that I know is going to be crap; in order to alleviate any real artistic responsibilities I decide to label it a comedy. If my unfunny comedy is criticized, I’d say something like “it’s supposed to be provocative” and so on.

The reviews are quite fishy. A quick google search shows praise and acclaim, but very few actual people seem to like the show. I’m guessing whether they’re rigged. Someone finding DWP entertaining or clever is hard to imagine.

Anyway, fuck racism and fuck this condescending bullshit of a series. You people should pull yourselves together and do something useful.