If you want to live a good life, go live in a place called Naga City.  A place where complexity meets stillness and simplicity. A place wherein modernity is balanced by pilgrims’ devotions and rich traditions. A great place, but lost and unknown. A place for the great, the lost and the unknown. And a place where you can find me :)

Nothing special about this post. I have this stock photos of Naga (taken ages ago) and I don’t know where to use them so why not in tumblr. And now I just announced where am I (well not really. not exactly) and I want to take it back but I can’t, coz’ I can’t think of a better and un-cheesier way to end the paragraph above (hahaha) Well I just hope sex offenders won’t read this post coz’ I will surely be damned. I promise better posts and hopefully better photos next time :)