Jenna/Jake headcanons

(Oh boy, another rare pair to love.)

Jenna was the one to make the first move - kissing him excitedly after the events of the play - but Jake was the one to ask her out.

-She played it all cool and accepted his invite, but once she got home she feel onto her bed with butterflies in her stomach.

-Jake wasn’t able to hide his feelings that well. Once she said “yes” and parted ways, his face was a bright red. Rich asked what was up, and that made him turn even brighter.

-”Aww, I know that look. Th’omebody’s in love!”

-”Rich, shut up.”

-When he got home all he could think about was her.

-They both fell for each other hard. After the first few dates, Jake asked her to be his girlfriend. She practically screamed “yes” into his ear.

-Chloe was the first one to find out they were a thing; Jenna told her over text.

-”Omg, Chlo. Jake hooked up with this girl!”



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