BMEotD #40: But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

Poor Megan! All she wants to do is think about girls. She believes it’s a perfectly natural thing. Too bad her parents and friends do not agree.  Along with her pompoms, Megan is shipped off to a place called “True Directions”, where the boys wear blue and the girls wear pink. The guys are taught how to be macho and the girls learn how to be homemakers. I mean, hey, that’s what prays the gay away.

Soon after, Megan falls for Graham who is a complete badass. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea for Director Mary to put all the girls in the same room, or all the boys for that matter. Wait, I don’t wanna ruin it for ya. But I’m a Cheerleader truly exudes satirical brilliance. One of my fave gay/lesbian flicks of all time.



BMEotD #116: Double Dare (2004)

While watching shows like Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman, I always thought that Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner were total bad asses.  I mean they are legendary in their own way, but they had a lot of  help. Jeannie Epper was the stunt double for both actresses.  So in the episodes with dangerous action situations, Epper is the one to take the hit. Along with this talented female, the documentary Double Dare, also highlights Zoe Bell, the stunt double for fellow Kiwi native Lucy Lawless a.k.a Xena: Warrior Princess. It’s extremely interesting following the careers of these women. You always want to know more.

By the way, I am not an oblivious person by any means.  It’s just that I wanted to be able to say “oh man Xena kicks ass” or “oh look Wonder Woman just kicked that guy’s ass."  Even before watching this informative documentary, I always knew it wasn’t the actress all the time. I mean, look closely at the screen.  Some of it’s down right obvious.  I just felt the need to give a shout out to the women who made these characters superhuman and oh dare say it, "the sh*t”



BMEotD #129: Silk Stalkings (1991-1999)

In 1991, Rita Lance and Chris Lorenzo were the hottest detectives to hit late night cable. Airing on the USA network at 11 pm or some insane hour like that, Mitzi Kapture and Rob Estes were sexy, steamy, and flashy and the audience ate them up. I know I did.

Being partners and best friends, these two enveloped you into their lives. They called one another “Sam” named after golf pro Sam Snead. It was sweet and the chemistry was there every step of the way. As a sucker for romance, I was always waiting for a kiss or and “I love you” that was more than just friendly.

Although the cases weren’t the best and they re-cycled certain actors for different episodes (I noticed because I’m a nerd) I really enjoyed watching these two heat up on screen. Oh and even though the show officially ended in 1999, I considered the show over when Kapture and Estes departed in 1995…(even more of a nerd)