I think J Crew is the bees knees. I once relegated the store solely to the preppy kids clique in High School (who wore Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and the like). But as my fashion sense developed I began to explore new horizons and instantly fell in love with  Jenna Lyons effortless casual chic. Ms Lyons’ perfectly executed style (without really seeming to try hard) permeates the ultra cool brand’s pieces. I realized J Crew may have a preppy feel to their clothes but it is not their defining characteristic. J-crews clothes are about celebrating the discerning and uber chic, urbane individual and mixing and matching preppy pieces with bursts of vintage glamour. Lyons summed up the Brand’s eclectic feel : “Luxury isn’t about spending the most money, it’s about having what no one else does.” - Jenna Lyons.

Just look at the photo of Lyons during Fashion week, she is the epitome of urban chic. Shes that girl who you want to take shopping and also want to have in your study group and maybe manage your burgeoning clothing brand. There’s a reason Jenna’s picks became so famous; maybe a little of Jenna’s effortless chic will rub off on us.

Those colorblock  satin cigarette pants make me swoon, and Paired with those blue satin pumps and 90’s denim cropped jacket white oxford shirt and black trench coat Jenna oozes cool. Even her key fob look like a stylish accessory!

#JennaLyons’ selfie master class: 1. Ask the person with the longest arms to take it (that was her) 2. Hold the camera above your head but tilt your head up to avoid shadows (I missed that part) 3. Always crop and edit 4. Don’t be afraid to retake as necessary (at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

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