I really felt like doing another design comparison so this time I did one for one of my first/favorite OCs!

Jenna Fisher was originally made as a sort of self insert some time around 2004, and the first image reflects the very first design she ever had, which was p much a Flannery recolor. She was 16 to start with, so I compared that design to my current version of 16-year-old Jenna.

Another important age in Jenna’s story has always been 21-ish, and I first started using her around that age somewhere around 2007. She was a lot angstier back then. The present design for the same age is much more similar to her 16-year-old self, because she’s meant to remain very child-like well into adulthood and she’s still very similar to how she was when she was 16. Before, 16 year old Jenna (who looked mostly like my present version in 2007, just a bit meaner) grew up into something drastically different, darker, and edgier, and that’s p lame.

Idk what was up with me and tube tops but I’m glad I cut that out lmao

You can tell from the images that her personality evolved a LOT as well, even more so than her design, but there is wayyy too much to describe of that, so I’ll leave it at face value.