I’m writing this post from the couch, under a blanket, with my wife and our two dogs, in our apartment in Vancouver, BC, sipping a tepid coffee listening to Victims (Swedish hardcore at its finest). It’s a pretty fucking sweet spot to be in.

This is the first week of my trip, and even though it sucks to not be working (too much bureaucratic horseshit to get a work visa on such short notice), I’m really glad I get to spend this quality time with my family. The relaxation is much needed, especially with the amount of discipline and focus I will need to exhibit in the forthcoming months of travel to achieve my financial goals for immigration (I have a bit of a Fred Perry addiction).

Even though I’m here for another week, one of us has to work :( , so that falls soley on Jenna. But I’m making the most of my alone-time, as anyone would in my position. I’ve been having a lot of fun here in BC, exploring, cycling, and I’ve even gotten to see friends from the states\other provinces! (Winnipeg\Lompoc\Long Beach Connection!).

No matter where I go, you can’t keep me out of high quality piercing studios, even if I’m on “vacation”, so I had to go visit my friends at Adorned Precision Body Arts. The studio is in a gorgeous space, and Rick Gilmour is certainly a name you should learn if you’re not already familiar with his work. (Photo from my last visit)

Jenna and I did get to do some domestic bologne together, like go to Ikea and purchase furniture that will fall apart in a year, and have a taco date with our friend Corey (thanks for everything, especially the company.).

This week hasn’t been too exciting, but I cherish it none the less! Thank you for reading! If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to obtain some work from me, I’ll be at Deep Roots Feb 14-March 13! Hope to see you there!

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trans bandom who sometimes fuck up w each other!! like bigender pete who often messes up people's names/pronouns but is super apologetic about it and makes a huge effort to try and remember better; or trans boy alex who wonders if gendervoid jenna using 'it' pronouns is kind of 'dehumanising' but listens to its explanations and tries to accept them; or genderfluid william who doesn't always realise how his qpps demienby gabe and pangender travie's races/cultures affect their identities

(cont.) basically i think it’s really important to acknowledge that trans ppl can fuck up too but then learn from our mistakes and become better because of them

this!!! this is so important!!! like this goes beyond the headcanon ok friends? sometimes you’re gonna mess up, but all you’ve gotta do is admit you messed up, apologise, and be on your merry way as a fabulous, new-improved trans/nb person!


A Submission from Jenna M. - 09/30/2014

I found your blog the other day. I like a good creepy story and I thought that they would be worth a read. That night I wasn’t able to sleep a wink; I couldn’t stop thinking about cinnamon. All those stories, it was always cinnamon. A memory that had long since been forgotten had crawled itself back into my mind.

We were kids, my friend and I. She was visiting some distant relative that lived in the middle of nowhere and she dragged me along with her. It was in the winter. The house we were staying at had a big frozen lake in front of it and endless deep woods behind it. We spent the whole day forced to sit through boring old people talk that by the time everyone had gone to bed we were itching to get away. We snuck out and went exploring. I still remember the moon was hanging low in the sky, touching the tops of the pines, and was bigger than I had ever seen it before. It was bright orange like a basketball. The ice on the lake groaned loudly, if my friend hadn’t explained to me that ice made that sound as it refroze, I would have thought there was something out there. Still, it sent shivers up my spine.

We walked for a bit on the outskirts of the woods. We were the only ones around; it was so late by then. We found an old church. The white paint was almost chipped away and it so small that it couldn’t have held that many people. Behind it we found a small path into the woods that led to a graveyard in a clearing. It was so eerie, but I must have been feeling particularly brave that night. The graves were all old, none from our century.

Near the edge of the clearing, we found a grave that was smaller than all the others. It belonged to a young boy that didn’t make it to his first birthday. He had died a long time ago, but for some reason I remember it making me very sad. As we stood before the small grave, the air around us grew thick, that damn cinnamon smell. I spoke the name written on the grave, James, and immediately afterwards we heard a loud snap coming from the woods beside us. At that point any bravery that existed within us had vanished and we had sprinted out of there faster than we had ever run before. I remember having a hard time falling asleep one we got back to the house, it felt like the woods were watching me through the window.

Now I hadn’t thought about this in a very long time, but now it’s all that’s on my mind. I sent that friend a message asking her about it, we hadn’t spoken in years. She told me that she doesn’t remember any of this and that any relatives she has live pretty close to the city, not in any strange wooded areas. I guess it could have all been a dream, but that cinnamon smell has burned itself into my memory.

They’re all just stories right?


Excuse me, but from what I’ve seen of her (and I’ve seen a lot, conciedering I’m subscribed to her chanel) she IS such a strong, awesome, inteligent and funny FEMINIST!

In her own way, she has taught me not only that having big breast doesn’t matter, but also that slutshaming is awful and that being blond and funny doesn’t mean having no brain.

These comments above are from the DailyGrace video in yt: Jenna Marbles Vs Good Morning America.

If any of you has something else to say about this bullshit please do it.