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Hey, Jenna! I'm almost 16 and write my fiction in a journal, but some months ago, my mom decided to go through my journal multiple times. Each time, she got angry about the content she felt was "inappropriate", and she won't listen to how I feel. I have not been able to bring myself to continue writing, and therefore, I've been pretty stressed for some time. I'm really nervous she'll go looking through it again, and I don't want to use anything digital for my writing... Any advice?

You’ve already nixed the easiest, most obvious solution - use something digital. Why don’t you want to do that? It would solve the whole issue. Easy protection, easy privacy, easy writing, but you don’t want to do it because…reasons? Sounds like a wasted opportunity. 

hello :-)

hi i’m jenna and i’m from seoul, south korea but i’m living in the san francisco bay area! I’m @jennna-studies​ but I follow from @bts9795​ 

i’ve taken ap english language and composition, ap chem, ap calc ab, and ap us history. i plan to take ap bio, ap english literature, ap stats, ap gov and ap macroecon this year! i think i’m planning to go into biochem but i also love computer programming and astronomy

my native language is korean (i can help anyone w it if they need!!) but i’m also fluent in english and i’m learning mandarin chinese. 

in my spare time i like eating french fries, taking photos of flowers, petting dogs, and creating horribly sarcastic drawings on microsoft paint. i used to be into a lot of different kpop groups but i got kind of busy so now i’m just really into bts!

let’s be friends :-)

Lookin’ for a Date?

Double J Productions (aka myself and Julie, @cocohook38) wanted to do something special for you, so we collabed on your birthday gift, which includes a smutty ficlet and accompanying art. I just needed to see Deputy Jones with the badge, and this idea came to mind. I hope you love it just as much as we love you! And also thanks to our Mulan, @shipsxahoy, for betaing as well. WE LOVE YOU KAIT!!! 

Deputy Killian Jones turned the corner onto Main Street in his vintage black Firebird just as the sun was setting over the horizon. It had been a few years since he had taken up the position and he was taking to it like the Jolly Roger in smooth waters. He never imagined working with his best mate (and father-in-law) would be easy—after all, Killian did murder David’s father in cold blood. But, David understood that Killian was no longer that man anymore, and forgave him, much to Killian’s surprise.

Killian was cruising down the street, listening to Christina Perri over the radio, when a flash of gold blinded him momentarily. When his eyesight adjusted, Killian looked towards the source of the light, which was right in front of Grann’s. He soon realized that the setting sun’s rays were reflecting off of a necklace, and the jewelry was being worn by the most captivating woman he had ever seen in his over 300 year existence.

Her flaxen hair was piled high on her head, with tiny tendrils falling from her temple, framing her face. Her hair being up exposed her long, graceful neck. She wore minimal makeup, but she didn’t need it, her face one of classic beauty. He could see her emerald-green eyes from down the street; they were like two jewels gleaming in twilight. Her toned arms and sculpted legs were on full display in a tiny red sheath dress that looked as if it had been painted on her. And the red peek-a-boo sandal heels on her feet gave her backside extra perkiness.

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trans bandom who sometimes fuck up w each other!! like bigender pete who often messes up people's names/pronouns but is super apologetic about it and makes a huge effort to try and remember better; or trans boy alex who wonders if gendervoid jenna using 'it' pronouns is kind of 'dehumanising' but listens to its explanations and tries to accept them; or genderfluid william who doesn't always realise how his qpps demienby gabe and pangender travie's races/cultures affect their identities

(cont.) basically i think it’s really important to acknowledge that trans ppl can fuck up too but then learn from our mistakes and become better because of them

this!!! this is so important!!! like this goes beyond the headcanon ok friends? sometimes you’re gonna mess up, but all you’ve gotta do is admit you messed up, apologise, and be on your merry way as a fabulous, new-improved trans/nb person!


Pll final theory - Wren and Jenna

all the crow/pie references in the last ep got me thinking
There’s an old English nursery rhyme about crows being baked into a pie called sing a song of sixpence
Looked up and lyrics and one line says ‘a blackbird pecked off her nose’ this could relate to a physical or mentally injury??
It also says ‘they sent for the kings doctor’ what English doctors do we know?👀

And finally at the end of the poem it says 'little JENNY WREN flew down to the garden and put it back again’ !!!! Jenny = Jenna Wren = WREN

I’m sure somebody else can add to this and make it better/ more comprehensive but it’s just a thought I had

Cred to abi and Ellie they’re clever gals

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the first time i watched your videos i was high af and i started creating characters for my story, without realizing it i created a chick named jenna who looked exactly like you. the next day i went on youtube your videos were suggested to me and i was like "that's crazy, she looks exactly like the girl from my story, her name is jenna too." i'm an idiot, your videos are mad helpful though.

You should know I read this out loud to my family (we’re hosting Father’s Day at my house) and everyone loved it 😂

hello! i’m starting university in september so i thought i’d finally create a studyblr for myself. my main blog is @eredluinin​.

basic info:

  • my name is jenna 
  • i’m twenty years old
  • i live in finland
  • i speak finnish (native) and english (fluent?)
  • i study cultural anthropology and archaeology


  • i have an anxiety disorder which sometimes makes studying and life in general really hard but i’ve learned to deal with it relatively well
  • i love writing and hope to become an author one day
  • i’m a full-time procrastinator
  • check out my about page for more useless information

i currently follow @studyart@caffeinebrain, @polcry, @ghiblischolar and @athenastudying. these blogs are wonderful and have inspired me so much 

if you have any questions etc. my inbox is always open!

I compulsively started a new fic in which Jeremy Heere is scared of girls and I haven’t had this much fun in months, so here’s a snippet for everybody while I’m happy.

Jenna pats his hand. “It’s because you’re cute. You have a distinct vibe. Like a hamster.”

“Like a what, now.”

“Like a prey animal,” she clarifies. “Totally easy kill for a girl who knows what she wants.” She pauses. “Or a boy.”

“Oh my god,” Jeremy wheezes.

“Michael was worried during physics class. He probably thought she’d eaten you up during sex like some grotesque praying mantis deal.” Jenna takes a bite of her corndog. “You should reassure him that your chastity and head are still intact.”