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the office ( 2005 - 2013 )
— ❝I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you actually left them❞

In The Husbands of River Song, the Doctor spends most of the episode comically and with increasing irritation and sadness trying to get River to realize he’s the Doctor. But it’s only at the climax of the plot that she finally does. 

What if this Christmas it’s flipped? The Doctor spends most of the episode running around saving the universe with a woman who keeps making odd remarks to him and teasing him but he doesn’t understand why or why she is becoming minutely more devastated as the episode goes on until finally he does get it and he says


BMC Characters as things said in my theatre class

Jeremy: “Im gonna take a nap during the vocal warm-ups since I’m not popular.”

Michael: “Lets go right the heck now, blep war between the whole class, winners have to kiss. Unless I and a female win then I’m calling a rematch to kiss a dude.”

Jake: “I know I’m late but listen, there was a dog in the hallway so I got really sidetracked.”

Rich: “Hey can we do a muppet musical where I’m the one guy in the trash can because I’m short enough to pull that off.”

Christine: “Comparatively, I think I’m better than Shakespeare but then again so are cats so I’m not sure where I stand here.”

Chloe: “I forgot I signed up for this class and now I’m second guessing my entire sense of humor.”

Brooke: “Hey if I payed you ten bucks would you order me a pizza? I don’t want to order it because I just ordered one but like I want two.”

Jenna: “If we do sword fighting and use real swords can I video it to put on Youtube because someone’s death is usually a good way to get views.”

The Squip: “Kinkshaming is a valid profession and I won’t take this kind of kinkshaming shaming anymore.”

Tyler's instagram live (in case you missed it)

- he’s proud of us
- Jenna had to show him how to use the live video
- he was in his woods, he goes there a lot, and even though it’s his personal space, he “let us in there for a little bit” (not exact quote, but close enough)
- he’s proud of us
- he bought a leafblower and thanked us for it
- he’s proud of us
- he never had to buy a leafblower before, because he never had his own place where leaves could fall, so he never needed one. but now he does, because of us
- he’s proud of us
- he and Josh didn’t go to the Billboard awards because it would have been hard to organise it (and also he didn’t really want to go either)
- he doesn’t really like music awards
- when he was younger, he had to show his music to house guests whenever someone was over. he never wanted to, but sometimes he still showed them his music. every time he did, he was happier afterwards.
- he feels like they wouldn’t be here now without us giving them a little nudge to keep doing there music
(- also I think he might have said something like he wouldn’t even be here at all, but I didn’t fully understand that sentence)
- he’s proud of us
- he’s asking us to be patient with them, they are working on new music (!!!)
- he saw a deer walking by, he went to find it
- he had a bit trouble with turning off the live stream, but eventually did it