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Couples challenge Part 1

You were a Youtuber before you met Josh and Tyler. Your channel was a little bit of a lot. You did makeup, DIYs, challenges, and covers of your favorite songs. One of the songs being Truce by twenty one pilots.
3 years ago just after posting the video your twitter blew up with your fans saying that Tyler Joseph tweeted a link to your video. You looked in your twitter inbox to see that Tyler and you guys became friends.
Fast forward 3 years to where you are now. In your apartment with your boyfriend Josh of 2 and ½ years and your best friends Jenna and Tyler. You were setting up your camera in your living room to make a couples tag with them.
Earlier that day you tweeted you fans asking them to ask you guys some questions. You each chose 3 to answer.
You: “What’s up guys. It’s me Y/N and as you can tell I’m not in my normal filming area. Yes that’s because today I’ll be making the very requested video. The couples challenge.” with that Josh, Tyler, and Jenna sat down with you on the big couch. “Thanks for doing this guys, my viewer really wanted to see this.”
Josh: “No problem Y/N anything for you.”
You: “I was saying thanks to Jenna and Tyler babe. You were doing this with me no matter what.” Tyler and Jenna laughed at you sass while Josh put on an offended face and them kissed you.
You: “Okay so here’s what we’re doing. Everyone has 3 questions they picked off of twitter that you guys wanted to know about our friendships and relationships. Once this video is up I’ll be posting a twitter poll and you can go and vote on who’s your favorite couple. If Josh and I win then Tyler and Jenna have to get a tattoo of Josh and I’s choice and vise versa. So what do you say we get started? Jenna let’s start with you question first.”
Jenna: “Okay so my question is were Jenna and Y/N fans of twenty one pilots before meeting them or did they not know who they were? Well I can say for myself that I didn’t know who they were but once I heard them they were amazing and I fell in love with the music and Tyler.”
You: “Well I heard of a few of their songs through a friend, but I wasn’t a fan at first. Don’t get me wrong the music was and is great I just wasn’t into it right away. But then I did the cover to Truce and Tyler reached out to me saying he wanted to meet me, now look where we are.” You answered the question with a huge smile on your face thinking back to how your friendship with the 3 of them was the best thing ever.
Tyler: “Well I couldn’t help but meet you. Your voice was so amazing, plus Josh couldn’t get his eyes off of the video of you. I even caught him in his bunk watching all of your videos. He was your biggest fan.” Josh began to blush slightly.
Tyler: “Okay my question was how do all of you get along on such a small bus for months at a time? Honestly we’re like best friends. We only ever really fight about if we should get Taco Bell or Chipotle.”
We all laughed realizing how true it was.
Josh: “this question was interesting. What is your favorite song of twenty one pilots’ does live? Mine is probably trees because I love getting to interact with the people in the pit at our shows. Y/N has never told me what her favorite one is so that’s why I chose this question.”
You: “I honestly can’t really choose but I really like Holding on to you because i know every word to that one.”
Tyler: “She’s not kidding, I think she knows it better than me. My favorite is constantly changing but I’m not really looking to get a tattoo that Y/N and Josh pick out so I’m going to say Tear in my Heart because I wrote if for Jenna. Because we’re the better couple. Vote for us.”
Jenna: “My favorite is truce because it reminds me of what brought Y/N here in the first place.” You smiled towards her. She was so sweet and you guys were like sisters.
You: “Next question is when are Josh and Y/N getting married?” You looked at Josh who smiled and then looked into the camera again.
Josh: “Well since everyone is asking I think it’s time we tell them…… we’re not getting married yet. Not until Tyler and Jenna have a baby.”
Jenna: “Woah slow down there Josh we just got married not even 3 months ago. My next question is kind of personal but I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Y/N and Jenna what were your thoughts when you saw your your men pantless in front of people at the Grammy’s. I didn’t know it was even happening until I heard Tyler unzipping his pants as nominations were being called and when they were up there Y/N and I kept laughing at them and people’s reaction to them”
You: “yeah I had no idea about it until Josh was stumbling to get the pants off in the aisle. Jenna and I were trying so hard to pay attention to the speech but it was way to hard to focus on the words when all I could see what Tyler’s name on my boyfriend’s leg.”
Josh: “I kept looking at Y/N and she was practically falling out of her seat ad later her grandmother called to congratulate us and asked about my tattoo.”
You all laughed looking back on that night. It was the best night you had in a long time with the 3 of them.
Tyler: “Who has Josh and I met that has made you jealous?”
You: “Easy Brendon Urie. I’ve love him for so long and when me and Josh started dating he sent me pictures of them hanging out to rub it in my face and I’ve hated Josh ever since then.” You lightly punched Josh in the arm while you joked around.
Jenna: “Tyler met Y/N before I got to meet her, that made me kind of jealous because I watched her before they even knew about her.”
Josh: “Have you ever read any fanfiction about twenty one pilots? I mean since me and Tyler write most of it yes.” Josh and Tyler joked “No seriously I haven’t, because it scares me what fans actually think were like when we’re not performing.”
Tyler: “I agree some people can go pretty crazy while writing them and some people have a talent for writing so I’m not judging them but seriously calm down guys.”
Jenna: “Oh yeah you guys definitely don’t want to read it. It gets pretty intense sometimes. Y/N and I read it sometimes while we’re at home and you’re on tour. Some of them make you want to cry and others are just psychotic.”
You: “What is one thing you hate that me and Jenna do while we’re on tour with you?”
Josh: “Not that I hate that you two get along so well but you guys hang out more than you hang out with us sometimes.”
Tyler: “True. Sometimes I think you stole my girl from me Y/N.”
You: “Well it’s out now me and Jenna are leaving you for each other bye.” You and Jenna both stood from the couch for a second before sitting back down and laughing with Tyler and Josh.
Jenna: “If you had to describe your girlfriend/boyfriend in one word what would it be?”
Tyler: “Dime-piece wife.”
Jenna: “Tyler that’s more than one word.”
Tyler: “Not if you say it fast.”
You laughed at the two quietly as you thought about how to describe Josh.
Jenna: “Tyler is adorable, he’s like a little kid. That’s another reason we can’t have kids right now. I have to raise Tyler first. Y/N what about Josh?”
You: “Oh god, in one word i have to describe this man.This is tough. How do you describe something you love so much in just one word. I guess Josh is Jishwa. It’s a term not many know the definition to. It means hot, kind, loving, funny, and you have to be Joshua William Dun in order to be called a Jishwa.”
Josh: “Well Y/N is hilarious. She just exaggerated her response to try to persuade you guys in picking us as the better couple.”
Tyler: “So my last question is would you ever have Y/N join you to sing on stage? I’ve offered once before but she said if I ever made her do it she would skin me alive. That’s gone side of her you guys never see. She can be really intimidating, I know she was kidding but still she scares me sometimes.” Josh and Jenna were laughing and you glared at Tyler.
Josh: “It’s good to know that my girlfriend scares people. Okay this question was good if your house was on fire and you could only grab 3 things what would they be? I would grab Y/N, because she’s always with me, Tyler if he’s in my house, and Jenna if she was there too. But if they weren’t there it would be Y/N, Y/N’s camera, and her tripod. She couldn’t live without making videos.”
You: “Good choices. I would grab my blanket, Josh’s drums which would be unrealistic but I’m still trying to win you guys over for that vote, and probably a box of cereal because Josh and I are always hungry.”
Jenna: “I would grab realistic stuff like my phone, shoes, and a jacket.”
Tyler: “my ukulele, Jenna, and my piano.”
You: “This is the last question for this video are you ready? What is your favorite thing on tour to do with everyone? After concerts we get food a lot of the times from these amazing places that fans recommended to us.”
Tyler: “I like the show.”
Josh: “Wow Tyler. I like being able to hang out with Y/N all the time. Especially when she gets hyper and just wants to be like a kid and run around.”
Jenna: “She gets that way sometimes. It’s like someone give her too much sugar and she can run a marathon. I like when Y/N and I get to go shopping and have time away from these annoying people.” She gestured towards Josh and Tyler.
You: “Okay that’s it for today. I’ll post the poll on twitter for you to vote once I post this video. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below. I’ll see you all next time. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” With that you stopped the camera from filming.
“Well who do you think is going to win?”Jenna asked.
“I don’t know. I mean they love you and Tyler but then everyone love Josh. I guess we’ll have to see. I’m going to start editing the video tonight so it will be up tomorrow. May the best couple win.”

Sway Recap Part 1

So, I have no clue how long this is going to be.  I’m just gonna start, go as long as I can, finish the rest later if I have to.

When Sway was first announced months ago, I really wanted to go, but knew Meryl wouldn’t be there, even though she wanted to be.  But I had a little dream.  A thought in the back of my head…maybe they’ll do it again… maybe Meryl will be in it next time…maybe if I play my cards JUST right, I’ll be able to go.

So, when SWDOI tickets went on sale, I declined, still holding out for my dream.  Then my birthday rolled around I told my husband I didn’t want a thing, because I was holding out for Sway.  Then they announce Sway was happening again, Tricia bought tickets, giving me the perfect push I needed to just decide, I’m going!  Then, the best news of all, Meryl was going to be there!  More tickets and a definite plan!! 

Plans can be complicated when you’re a “grown up”.  I had to bite the bullet and do something I don’t ever do…ask my mom for a favor.  I needed her to drive the 10 hours from her home in Louisiana to come stay with my boys because my husband’s job prevents him from either dropping them off or picking them up from school.  Luckily, my mom will do anything to get to spend time with my boys, so that was an easy ask.

Next, plane tickets.  I searched a million times for these tickets and was told to wait until a specific time to search again because the prices fluctuate and are cheaper on (I think it was) tuesday nights.  So, in the middle of the night, I do my million and first search and find considerable cheaper fares.  I’m stoked!  Augusta, USA to Newark, NJ (notice, nowhere does it say MAINE!!)  

Day 1- Tuesday 12/16/14

Fast forward to 5:30 am on Tuesday and my cheaper fare leads to an embarrassing interaction with a ticketing agent and an hour long phone call to get new tickets. I have to leave the airport and go home for a few hours because now I don’t fly out until the afternoon.  

I’m terribly embarrassed and upset and my face feels so hot!  I flip down the mirror and am horrified to see how red my face is!  Is it hives?  Is it embarrassment?  I get home and my mom’s eyes nearly bug out of her head!  This is not normal…..I start with a cool rag and quickly graduate to ice packs.  My face is so red that there are small patches that are nearly purple.  This day is not starting well.  But Tricia laughed it off and my saint of a husband never even got upset, just told me to book the new tickets and have fun!  I have nothing to complain about so I lie down with my ice packs and try to take care of my face.

Second trip to the airport of the day and the GPS goes a little wonky on us and I reach deep to stay calm.  We make it in plenty of time and one of the agents that I spoke with earlier in the day stops me to ask how everything turned out and is very nice. Overall, it’s just money, all is well.  After a slight delay on the first flight I am officially on my way to NY!!

Second flight is also delayed and I can tell Tricia is fading fast in the Cell phone lot.  Her cold is getting worse by the minute.  I will the plane to go faster, continue to hold cold water bottles to my face and take some “Merylesque” airplane shots.  Which I never had time to post!

Sorry, I had to!

I thought my luck had totally changed when I finally made it to the airport.  I got to the baggage claim and not 30 seconds later had my bag in hand and was outside waiting for Tricia.  She shows up within moments, big hugs, bag in the car, on our way!!  

(trying to hide my red face!)

I’m so excited to finally be there and to meet Tricia and everything is roses.  The room is perfect, the Chinese food gets there quickly, everything is awesome…..then my face starts to really burn.  I had a glass of ice water and I was literally pressing it one cheek for a few seconds and then the other, over and over and over.  Even my forehead and chin, which had been unaffected before, started to get redder, ACK!! 

I have never been to an ER in my life except for the time I was in a car accident and I’m not one to go to a doctor unless I really need to go.  But, I was afraid my face was about to blister, It was that hot and hurt that bad.  I knew if it blistered it would be the end of my chance to go to Sway, so off to the ER we went.  I felt especially bad because Tricia was already sick and not feeling well. As you already know from Tricia’s recap, the doctor was of no help, wouldn’t even write a prescription for anything, but wanted to start an IV?!?  I should have just gone to the drug store to begin with!  I think the worst part of the night might have been getting lost going back to the hotel.  We were both so exhausted.  The simple fact that we made it through without getting into a fight was a miracle!  All I can say is Tricia is Awesome!! Friendship hurdle #1, cleared with flying colors!  ;)

We both dose ourselves up with all kinds of meds and fall into our beds at about 3.

Wednesday 12/17/14

Today is the big day!  Thankfully, the hydrocortisone cream and the benadryl pills have had some effect and my face is not WORSE, but not really better either.  I continue my treatments and hope for the best.

We had such a great time meeting dreamertobeliever, we see her off to her matinee and wait impatiently for her to return.  We spend a fun afternoon looking a photos and talking to her about her experience.  My face, miraculously, starts to calm down quite a bit.  It’s still very red (as you can see in Meet and Greet photos) but there are no more purple patches, so I am grateful and just go with it!  

Tricia’s too sick for the group dinner so we skip that and just make our way to the theatre (after passing the Davis’ and friends in the lobby).  I’m so excited when we get there that I barely even feel the cold.  We get inside and immediately start meeting the nicest people.  "Are you Karla?“ "Are you Tricia?”,“Are you Tricia and Karla?”.  It was a full-on Tumblr convention and my only regret is that most of the interactions were over too soon. It was fun to see a lot of the familiar faces from the SM photos we’ve been seeing over these months.  I didn’t kiss Eugene Livshits full on the mouth when I saw him for posting that awesome family dinner shot, but I wanted to!  (I decided to just flirt with him a tiny bit when he teased me about my name being wrong on the Meet and greet list.) But I’m getting ahead of myself, back to the show.  

We go into the theatre itself and it’s smaller than I thought it would be and we’re sitting so much closer than I thought! (awesome).  The floor plan diagram that you purchase your tickets from is a little misleading.  We sit down, flip our coin to see who gets the aisle seat (Tricia for tonight) and settle in.  Meryl’s parents are two rows ahead of us and their friends directly in front of us (unfortunately, the gentleman in question is Very Tall, I spend a lot of the night shifting left to right trying to see!)

I am so very glad that we will be seeing the show again tomorrow.  I’m trying to pay attention and enjoy the show, but there is a part of me that is distracted by the thought of getting to see Meryl and Maks dance together and I am not always giving my full and undivided attention.  But, overall impressions are:  OMG Sharna is more awesome than I even thought!  All of the dancers are so good.  The production is running smoothly and I love it all!  here’s my favorite lift:


We get through the intermission.  Come back to our seats to see Papa C “holding court” with Meryl’s parents and their friends.  We don’t bother them, but it’s fun to see them interact.  A little like a summit meeting!  Val’s awesome segment with Jenna continues them comes to an end (I was able to appreciate it more fully the next night), then Maks’ section begins!

I’m holding my breath waiting to see if he’s gonna pick Tricia!  SO CLOSE! He picks Norway anon, who was right behind Tricia.  I’m happy for her and snap a few pictures.  She is excited and out of breath when Maks moves on.  Tricia and I quietly congratulate her and I tell her I got pictures and will send them to her.  We turn in our seats and Mak’s dancing segments begin.  I got one cool shot:

I honestly don’t remember much until I see the silhouette of Meryl walk onto the stage.  Tricia and I grab onto each other for dear life, our eyes riveted to the stage.  When the lights come up, everyone cheers their heads off and the Argentine Tango begins.  I told myself I wouldn’t take any photos, that I would only watch and experience it, but I can’t help myself and take just a few.  They are terrible of course, but I’ll post one just to give you an idea of my perspective.  I’m sure you’re a very nice man, but I could have cut your head off that night!!

You see that head right in my way!!!  Gah!! I hate being so short!

The dance itself was HOT.  They sucked all of the air out of the theatre.  It was over so quickly!!  I wish it could have gone on longer.  It was one of my favorite dances that they did on DWTS, to see it in person was so special to me.  Something I will never forget.

There was more dancing in between, I’m sure.  Peta was gorgeous in person and danced beautifully but I was living for that next dance with Meryl.  It was finally time for the rumba.  Again, my shots are terrible, but I have to post two just because I got to see it and it was amazing!

This moment, took my breath away!  The crazy mistake with my ticket, the trip to the ER, all worth it!  The passion in these two dances was off the charts.  

Again, the dance was over too soon.  I loved the little moment of Cheryl’s friend grabbing her shoulders and giving her an excited shake, then a hug!  Everyone was effected by what they had just seen.  Meryl and Maks dancing together is just magical.  On a whole different level than his dancing with anyone else.

The show continues with more excellent dancing. Which I was now able to enjoy just a little more.  The final curtain call came and my eyes were riveted on Meryl and Maks.  I knew someone would video it in all the confusion so I left my phone on my seat and just watched.  As you have all seen, Maks comes out with Meryl, presents her to the crowd, motions to her to get her hand back, dances with her, puts his arm around her, whispers to her, in nearly constant contact the whole time.  I am beyond happy, I have seen the love and passion that I was hoping to see. The whole crowd is on it’s feet for a standing ovation.  It could not have been better!

After the lights come up we chat with Norway anon and I quickly get her information to send her the photos or I know I will forget.  We make our way to the meet and greet room and we get to meet even more Tumblr folks.  I was so excited to get to chat with Debbie debbi77, whom I’ve texted with so many times.  And to visit with salacaminar and meet new people whom I’ve never interacted with like Cheryl tinkerbell1172.  And so many others.  

When the cast came in Maks was leading Meryl by the hand, followed my Merv who didn’t get more that a few steps from Meryl for the rest of the meet and greet.  I never even got to see the whole cast even thought I was right there, too short (even in my 3inch heels!).  When Maks announced that they were splitting up for the rest of the meet and greet, I was a little disappointed.  I really wanted to see him and Meryl interact like others had at the Vera Bradley meet and greet, but I’m not one to dwell on disappointments.  I knew I would get to see whatever I needed to see, so I relaxed and went with the flow.  

Maks positioned himself so that he could keep eyes on Meryl up front and started meeting fans.  We started out with Serge who was such a sweetheart (and Yes, I do think he recognized you, Tricia!).

I’ll be honest here.  I didn’t really like the set-up for the ladies in the front.  The crowd kept pushing forward and Merv would have to tell everyone to step back.  I sort of stood off to the side by the wall and waited to see what would happen.  I think Merv appreciated Tricia and I not pushing forward and he called us up to take our photo.  I went to Meryl first and introduced myself.  I told her how much I enjoyed the performance and she said thank you and that she had such a great time doing it.  She wasn’t really making eye contact and I immediately noticed how much hotter it was under those big lights.  I barely got to throw a “hi” toward Sharna, then turned to Peta and Jenna, again introducing myself and telling them what a great job they had done.  As I told you guys before, Peta said, “oh, we’ve met before, I know you.” and I say, “no we’ve never met”.  To which she replies, “no, I know your face, I know we’ve met before”.  So I just say, “okay” and turn and smile for the two pictures.  After the photos the crowd starts to push in again and Merv is moving them back so there is a moment that we are “stuck” so I mention to Peta and Jenna that I’m sorry things are so crazy up at the front and I ask them if it bothers them.  Peta replies that it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so hot and she just needs something to drink.  Someone catches her eye and she asks for some water, then we are on our way.  She was pretty friendly and open.  

As you know from Tricia’s recap, getting to talk to Maks was a very difficult thing.  I’m not really that good at the wait and push scenario, so after a few minutes, I was feeling so hot that I decided to head toward an open side door.  As I got near I could feel a cool breeze blowing in and it felt like heaven!  I asked the lady by the door if she minded sharing her breeze with me and she laughed and invited me to join them and cool off.  These two nice ladies were Cheryl Davis’ friends who had also travelled from Michigan to see the show.  We had a nice chat about the show and how great it was and where we are all from, etc.  After a few minutes I could see Tricia looking around for me so I excused myself and rejoined her at Maks’ station.  I think this was around the time that Maks and his Grandmother were having a kiss fest (which was the cutest thing ever, by the way).  

We met lots of the cast and they were all so nice, but I was getting overheated once again and my face was starting to burn so I headed back for my “happy place” which was the cool breeze door.  My new buddies welcomed me back and introduced me to Cheryl Davis, who is a lovely woman.  We had a nice chat.  I expressed my concern about the heat and the people and she assured my that Meryl loves it and would not be there unless she really wanted to be.  She had nothing but nice things to say about Maks and his whole family.   We were still chatting when Meryl and Maks made their way through the crowd and came in our direction.  Cherly introduced my to Meryl and Meryl and I took a quick picture, then Maks collected her again.

Shortly after this Meryl and Maks were saying their goodbyes to Cheryl and Paul.  Hugs and kisses for both from Meryl and hug for Paul, hug and kiss for Cheryl from Maks.  All of the hugs were one-armed, though because Meryl and Maks never took their arms from around each other during the whole interaction.  If anything, Meryl tucked herself in even closer to Maks.

I think I may have swiped someone’s photo here.  My camera was messing up at this point, hence the dark screen you see there on the bottom left.  There were so many others taking photos, that again, I decided to just observe.  I think this picture might belong to tinkerbell1172. But this was all I needed to see.  It wasn’t all I did see, but it was all I needed to see.  

To me, this is a couple talking to the “girls” parents.  These are parents who appear very happy with the situation. Maks was very comfortable with them, no tension in his shoulders or back, no hesitations or awkward moments.  I think they must have been around each other more than we know of.

I’ve gotten a lot of asks about “what did you see”, “why do you think they’re a couple”.  All you have to do is look at the pictures and videos of the meet and greet.  If you could be in the same room with them, you would know.  

After this, Maks and Meryl took a few more pictures with fans, but they just kept asking, Maks could hear the hesitation in Meryl’s voice when yet another fan asked, she said “uhhh…..” and Maks let go of her hand to grab her around the waist and just pulled her away.  I think that was right before he and she hugged his mom, then they left.

I was a happy and satisfied person at this point.  I said my goodbyes to the Davis’ and friends and Tricia and I took those great pictures with Val:

and got to chat with Alex, who was really nice

Then we and salacaminar headed out.  Saying goodbye to Henry at the side door as we walked to our car.  We gave salacaminar a ride back to her hotel and went back to ours and had some coffee in the lobby to unwind a chat more with dreamertobeliever, followed by a very late night rehashing everything up in our room (sorry dreamertobeliever’s hubby!).  It was a great night and I enjoyed every minute of it.  So glad that all of my new friends were there with me.  It would not have been half as much fun without them.

The rest of my recap will have to wait until later.  It is time to pack and I’m sure you’re wondering, “when is this girl gonna shut up!?”. So, second viewing of Sway and adventures in the big city in a another installment.